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Stella_Book Illustration

By KariNeko
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This is just an illustration for a Freelance project that I've become a part of recently.

I won't go into details except that I'm doing illustrations for a book and the character Stella (the author) is sooo much fun to draw! :'D

Artwork by KariNeko
Illustration (C) Stella

P.S. If you want me to keep posting on DA leave me a comment!
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© 2009 - 2021 KariNeko
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I think I love you.
(And your work)
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Keep postinggg!
It looks so funky and retro =) she's got a cute face too.
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Thanks! Unfortunately I'm slammed at work AND with Freelance that I can't really post online. :( Otherwise I'd be all over DA like I used to be!
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Ohhh... beautiful!
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The "Do Not Color This Image" makes me sad D:
But I see the project authors have chosen the right person to do their art.
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The main reason being that this is a freelance piece and I don't think the person that paid for the illustration would appreciate people coloring it and then posting it. ESPECIALLY since it's copyrighted and will be in a published book. :/

I'm very glad you like it though! :3
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Amazing :heart: I really would appreciate it if you continued to post here :) It seems that she would be a very fun character to draw~
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Awesome, my dear! She's fantastic :clap:
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Thank you!

I wasn't sure if you had gotten the email I sent you... :3
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I have received it but am trying to finish other things before I reply. Thanks for the patience.
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No problem at all! I just wanted to make sure you got it is all. :3
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I did get it and am trying to vainly finish e-mail replies to everyone now.
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i love the retro look, especially the trippy swirls.
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very nicely done! I really like your new style
[well, I guess it's probably not that new, but it's different from when you were last posting on here frequently]
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I like to think that I've gotten a wee bit better...I think it's much more my own style now. :3
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