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Chibi Sorbet +Mascot+

By KariNeko
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Whew! I've been so busy lately that I don't even know what to do anymore... between work, commissions, freelance, as well as TRYING to have a personal life I feel like I have no time to do what I want! :(

ANYHOO, my boyfriend has agreed to make me a personal website when we both have a chance and I decided I wanted to use Sorbet as a mascot for myself. I also thought that I'd love to have her as a chibi cat girl since those are "soooo me" as he puts it... Plus, I love drawing her this way since it takes up less time (which I don't have any to spare). I only wanted to post a quick headshot until the site is up! ;3 I may or may not post more of her on DA depending on how it goes here...

Hope you like it!

Sorbet (c) KariNeko
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did u make up that character for ur mascot? cause im tryin to get one made in a vexel art form of my girlfriends face for her makeup and hair business, but not realy sure where to go but ask people on here. well any info would help, thanx and keep up the work
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G'luck with your site ^_^ I'm glad you still make time to post some work on here occasionally for us. :nod:
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This is super cute. :)
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Sweet. ^^
A chibi Sorbet is a great idea for your mascot.
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Thank you! X3
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nuuuu...what if I never hear from you again? That would make me sad... I love how adorable Sorbet is in this though...<3
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Thanks very much! ;D I'd of course still be on DA but I could post more of my portfolio/offical/Freelance artwork on a personal site!
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hey! OMG we didnt talk in a while! Whats up with you? Nice picture! I can relate to the too busy topic here lol. Tho I love my job I wish I could have more free time. Hold on! :) *hug* <3
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Thank you very much! <3 Hold on yourself hun!
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Ha ha, I find this kinda funny. :3
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Thank you! ;D
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Anytime, Kari. ;]
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Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks! X3
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I love the colour choices.
And I'm always pleased with Sorbet's name, its just so cute.
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Thank you very much! X3
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how cute
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Thank you so much! :)
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she's adorable!!
i loooove the colours!!! >w<
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