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Are Calling Me Darling?

By KariNeko
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Because it's almost V-Day, I wanted to draw Sorbet again, It's been a while since I used the color pink, it's been forever since I drew a holiday picture BEFORE said the holiday, AND I've been listening to The Ting Tings a LOT today (especially "That's Not My Name"). :3 You can say I'm pretty darn "tickled pink" about how this pic turned out. *ba-da-dum-ching*

Happy Valentines Day (in advance)! :heart:

Sorbet (c) KariNeko

P.S. If you'd like me to keep posting, PLEASE comment! I'm going through a slump right now so I need all the motivation I can get!
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Hey, would you like to join my group TheTingTingsFanClub? I would love if you submitted this deviation to my group!
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This is great, it should totally be an ad for a phone sex line (and if you would want it to be used for that? Let me know. I know some people ;)!

Muy sexy, for real.
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it's been a long time since I've been fascinated by your stuff and this is why I keep coming back for more! I absolutely love Sorbet, regardless how much or little she shows!!

You have to keep posting!!!!!!!!!!!
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Awesome! O.O You used Illustrator,right?
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Indeed I did! Actually, about 99% of my art is done start to finish in Illustrator. :3
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love the lips!!
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I really like this! And I love that song!
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lolol. I really like the smoothness to this, and how you did her lips!
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Now I'm sticky... X3

Thank you so much! :aww:
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>: o

Aw, it's no problem!
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XD Thank you! :hug:
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I love it! The text goes perfectly in the composition and the curves and colour reminds me of the 60s for some reason (which is a good thing.) Hope you get your inspiration back, I love your art~ :heart:
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Thank you sooo much! :3
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Oh! I love the Thingh Things! And this is an really awesome picture ^^!! So cool! Happy Valentines Day!
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*throws motivation at kari* thar......

but really, it looks really nice<3 i like it
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I really love the composition, though I loathe the color xD you used it well, anway. [I'm just not a pink fan lol]
Happy to see something from you again!
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Thank you! XD I still like pink (every once in a while) and it seemed the best choice for this pic. ;3
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I agree with you there x3
I'm trying to at least somewhat get over my pink prejudice, because it's just ridiculous sometimes xD
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I'm very particular about my shades of pink. I HATE baby pink (that's slightly blue) but I like salmon pink (with a hint of orange)! XD
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salmon pink's alright, but, like you said, it's more on the orange side.
I dunno, I think I have a childhood seeded hatred connected to pink.

I'm alergic [sort of] to peppermint, and I had some Pepto-Bismol [SP!?!] once and... well, I gave it right back. And since then I've dispised pink in all it's forms xD
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