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fanart of ~SilentEve's character.
Took her totally in my direction.. But Jane didn't mind so it's all m'key :halfliquid:

some of ~SilentEve's original art with this character:
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i feel like cosplaying this character in reallive o.o
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Love your stuff <3
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Really cool love the colors and the eyes.
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Beautiful work.
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I am in love with this. Passionately. She looks great in your style, very edgy. I want, no NEED to see someone dress up as her now! That make-up would be insanely fun to do, not to mention it would be an excellent excuse to splurge on the most awesome wig ever. D:
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I love your style, it's electric, it has some pulse !
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gorgeous stuff! I love how your style resonates, even when you are doing someone else's character
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Wow. This just gorgeous, glowy and magnetic.
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just...keen... so very keen...
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Looks amazing! Soft yet somehow electric! :D
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your artwork is unreal. i love it.
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This reminds me of frosted glass. Love the affect, love the colors, adore the figure itself.
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Looks good in your style.
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