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Legends Never Die

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It seems someone's getting a treat...)  

..I get some when my boyfriend needed to get away from roleplaying telling me: "afk one minute. cover me sweetheart!"
After that my smile stretches from ear to ear and I start yelling like insane trying to imitate Julio Cedillo's accent while lavishly handing out headshots: "Whaaat?!! How'd you call me, amigo? He he he he...  sweetheart! Bloodwing, did you hear that? A ha ha hah... HA HA *drooling*... SWE-E-ETHEART! ahaha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! "
and so until he comes back ^_^

You know,  more I play Borderlands 2 then more I realize how deep and soulful was the first one. Gentle thrill of nostalgia just like to get from the shelf an old worn book "There and Back Again" after avidly reading all six Lords of the Rings. The second is a real epic, but the first one is the beginning of beginnings, the journey to the lonely mountain in search of a mysterious treasure, adventure which changes characters' lives forever...
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2nd-officer-chicHobbyist General Artist
All your artwork is amazing!!
HeartlessRose6's avatar

also, can someone give Mordy a damm sandwich plz
Skully-Keys's avatar
Skully-KeysHobbyist General Artist
Love it, man! :happybounce:
chaos-aveugle's avatar
Странно, что я до сих пор не фавнула. Офигенно же!
Paladinofgoodwill's avatar
rest in peace you magnificent son of a bitch..

*salute* ;_;
TheLastIronMan's avatar
TheLastIronManHobbyist Writer
On a whim I played Borderlands again. God DAMN was mordecai skinny. Like wholly shit, how did he not fall over in the wind?
KarinaKruglova's avatar
KarinaKruglovaProfessional General Artist
Heheh... balls of steel compensates his weight :]
TheLastIronMan's avatar
TheLastIronManHobbyist Writer
Musta been big fuckin' balls.
KarinaKruglova's avatar
KarinaKruglovaProfessional General Artist
Heeell yeah... О_о
Puppetter1's avatar
Nice pick which gives off the vibe that you were commenting on.
Shy-Sniper's avatar
Shy-SniperHobbyist Digital Artist
Dear Mordecai,
Hugs and Kisses,
Shy Sniper
rarityisgay's avatar
rarityisgayHobbyist Digital Artist
oh my god, i love this image so much. it's so beautiful and i just love how happy they look. probably one of the best pictures ive seen so far. :love:
ChewieCookies's avatar
ChewieCookiesHobbyist Writer
Fucking awesome image!
Kabalstein's avatar
KabalsteinStudent Digital Artist
Wow, i didn't know Mordecai was that skinny :P
KarinaKruglova's avatar
KarinaKruglovaProfessional General Artist
He didn't know too... Before he scratched config folder on his ECHO device decided to look at himself from the third person.. oh man! how could you bring yourself to this?? How these bones may hold a rifle at all? Seems on Pandora is really low gravity... Mordecai, do you even remember you were chubby beefcake in early beta version? poor sick creature... :}
Vee-ika's avatar
Vee-ikaHobbyist Digital Artist
This is freaking amazing! Cool idea, and great artistic skills thereee
PhaseChan's avatar
PhaseChan General Artist
I love this - excellent style and colouring! Oh Bloodwing.... <3 <3 <3
frogben's avatar
wwait a minute mordecai isn't dead!
or did i miss something in the 2nd season of dlc?
KarinaKruglova's avatar
KarinaKruglovaProfessional General Artist
Yep! He says that never dies. Better not argue with him!
Actually, finishing the art I recalled some track by Xzibit, B-Real & Ea$y Money.. so i called it same
I just want to remind for everybody who are the real heroes of the borderlands!
who opened the Vault, who saved the world of  Destroyer, who made salad  of Crawmerax the Invincible ...course Mordecai and his best friend Bloodving! ...and some vatos who sometimes helps to get up when mighty truxican warrior is too busy to watch over his health :) (Smile)
Newcomers should appreciate and respect the veterans no matter how they drank, eridium junky, or finally gone mad... I dunno how Roland could keep sanity so long with this assholes...)
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AleushadrakeProfessional Traditional Artist
this is gorgeous, you did fantastic work man!
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MrsChipiHobbyist Digital Artist
I love it! Heart 
lethe-gray's avatar
lethe-grayHobbyist Writer
Oh this is *fantastic*.
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