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Feet and Sunlight by KarinaDreamer, visual art

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Hello, my name is Karina!

You should know me by now. But maybe you are new here ;) I LOVE FEET!!! So years ago, I started taking pictures of my feet, first for me, then to show them on the internet. Just to know if people like my feet. Now it makes me so happy that I can make you happy with my feet pictures. And to give you a good feeling if you think that foot fetish is something strange. No! It is not. You are all awesome!

I do not have monetary intentions, I am showing my feet for free to you. But if you like my work, it would be nice to support me, maybe with an Amazon coupon. I would like to buy some stuff I need for new feet pictures. Thank you! But that is not a must. It also would make me happy if you not only watch, but also leave some comments to the pictures you like. This is something that keeps me alive :)

SOME RULES: - please be nice to everyone - if you contact me, please write something more then "Hi" or "How are you". Please consider that you feel like you know me for years. But I do not know YOU! An introduction would be nice.

- You are an artist? Wow, I love it when people create new art from my pictures or use them as a reference. But please provide a link to my original picture or my channel. I want just want to see it and leave you a comment. Thank you! - I am very open-minded and you can tell me almost everything. But do not be rude and do not talk to me as your object. - Please be also respectful to all the other women who show their feet here and to the photographers. - Have fun!!!

Thanks to all of you! Enjoy my feet!

First of all I am so overwhelmed that so many people here comment and favourite my pictures and that there are always new ones who begin to watch my site here on DeviantArt. Big thank you for that!!! Before I go on further, a bit about me. Over a year a go from now, I have decided to close my blog and to slow down my "feet related" activities, because it has been too much for me. "Just do only DeviantArt. I liked this community from the first day on." That were my thoughts. What happened now...over 4.200 watchers, are you insane? No. Maybe I am the crazy one.;) Why do I write this? You know I somtimes need my time for myself. But then I miss you all and you give me so much back for every picture I take. So please tell me why you still like my work here. It is just my feet. Over and over again. It would be great if you would link a picture or more and tell me what you like about it. I am just confused for today! But I am so thankful for all your love!!! Thanks and Kisses Karina
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Hi my dear friends!!! First of all, I am so happy that still so many people enjoy my pictures here. New ones and of course my very good friends, who are all always with me. A lot of you wrote me that they miss me so much, and I have to tell you that I miss you too. I am sorry that I did not write you back. But after moving to a new town, familiarizing with a new job and everything else, I did not find the time to keep up the conversation with everyone or for taking new pictures. I am honest, this will take some more time. So please do not feel sad, if I do not answer your messages or comments. New pictures? I would like to take some new but I do not know when. But I have some more from older shootings, I will show you in the meantime. My DeviantArt-Friend Raoh also had sent me some great giantess pictures to release them here on my DA. I like his work. Check out his channel too!!! I hope this all will be ok for you at the moment. Thank you and kisses to my favourite feet and
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Hey my dear 4.000 Friends! Thank you for commenting, watching, making art from my pictures or loving feet just in general, Now I have the attention of 4.000 Watchers, I know that many of them are not active anymore, but I think 100 would be able to answer my question. Do You? Why do you love feet? You need some time to think? Ok. I go first. Bare Feet look sometimes innocent and sometimes tough. I do not have a "fetish" about feet but feet have a special attraction for me. They look cute and beautiful in my opinion. And they show me that somebody loves his or her entire body . Why do you love feet and what about them? What makes you happy when you see bare feet? I also noticed that a lot of you saved my pictures along with anime pictures. Where is this connection with feet and anime? I just want to know so much more! Please feel free to answer. I do not judge. I am so happy to have you all here and I love you! Happy hugs and kisses, Karina PS: I would like to make an AMA again.
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Love your pics as always.

You’re welcome

Is it ok to collage your photos? :heart:

Heyo Karina, may I post a collage I made with one of your pics? If I credit you, of course. Love you💓

of course. I would like that!

So do you like it?