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A world out of tears

By KarimHommos
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um living, just living..
a body with a dead soul..
i have nothing to cry for anymore..
my world is a world out of tears,

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12/3/08 >> 1st Place in the "Dark Feelings Contest" by =freaky665 [link]

Stock used:
the eye, and the globe: sxc.hu
BG of the painting by: =Falln-Stock
brushes used in the painting by: *asunder
roses by: ~ShadowSTOCKCat--~burningtherosesStock--~RD-Stock--*pakkano
frame by: ~ilargi-stock
chain brush by: *redheadstock
vase by: ~stock-kitty
table by: ~NefletStock
BG by: ~darkrose42-stock--~seiyastock

Thanks a lot everybody for your support, n' thanks a lot for faving my piece, appreciated! :heart:
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© 2008 - 2021 KarimHommos
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Thank you for sharing your wicked creations with all of us to see.
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This piece is truly sensational, this speaks to me a lot. Behind the eye is a soul, a tormented soul that has been tormented and the wilted roses add to that effect. To be perfectly honest I can relate to this piece, in ways that only my heart can speak. Although my heart will not speak, in fear of being judged and tormented even more. This represents the pain and the sorrow that lay deep within our hearts. I can't look away, this piece is simply marvelous and astonishing.
:star::star::star::star::star: out of 5
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Hey, I just joined deviant art after I saw your work. I'm studying visual arts at school and we were told to get info on any artist whose work we enjoy and to kind of gain inspiration from that. I really enjoy your art and we have to present a biography about the artist who we've chosen. Do you have a biography on here? I don't think I've seen one. *I don't know*.

Thanks for presenting your great art to the world.
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you been featured [link]
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Your beautiful art has been featured in my journal: [link]
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Lovely concept and yes a world without tears would be scary and numb to live in. :l
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Hello, I am a Brazilian writer and I really enjoyed that picture, I used it to illustrate a text in my blog. A reference link to it is present in the text. All the best and congratulations on the image: www.tiagoav.blospot.com
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I am a young composer. I wrote a song recently and I am trying to find a picture relative with the name of the song... It's called 'Tears of a Painting' and the moment I saw your picture I realized it's the best and the the only one close enough to it... This is the link to my track in soundcloud: 

 Listen to it and please let me know if you agree on using this photo for uploading it on youtube...

 My e-mail is given at soundcloud
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beautiful and real
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Whoa! Great job! Creative and beautiful and sad with a bit of gore :D
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Superperfect manipulation. Love how you made the pic bigger, and not just the eye manip, but making it a scene in a scene.

Thank you so much for adding your work to Digital Delicacies! :heart:
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thank you Kiya, glad u like it.
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This has been featured here - [link]
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I set an image of yours to a youtube video that i was working on just for fun.

This "permission" to use your work is long over-due :S To be fair, i DID give you credit for the image in the description box.

I REALLY hope you don't have a problem with that because it goes great with the idea/the music.

Nevertheless, if you object to the use of the image. I have no problems to remove the video.


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nice job.
and i don't mind using my piece, as u credited me.
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This is beautiful and stunning.
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