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Save Water

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Save Water, Save Earth , save lives...

Because as you know, soon countries will fight over water, if not already happening.


Stock : sxc.hu

Hope you like it!


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if you want to see video of the day of earth (ist just in french but) tap on youtube "jour de la terre quebec" ist very sad
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Saving water is a redundancy..
encourage water conservation is good and all, but what we should be encouraging along with it is how to extend it's supplies. Cant conserve your way out of a drought.
We should be more enthusiastic about desalination, it's getting cheaper each year and while it's still more expensive than ground water, in Cali, Australia, mideast, africa we should encourage the technology to proliferate.
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this looks so cool!
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That has a real meaning. Very great! :)
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Very powerful piece. Well done.
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niieeesooo...plz gimme some tricks so that i can get a good job in graphic designing coz i dnt wnna lose my gf
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Dear Karim,

I’m writing on behalf of The MY HERO Project. www.myhero.com We are a not-for-profit project-based learning resource on the internet that celebrates the best of humanity.

With World Water Day fast approaching, (March 22nd) we are looking for hero-themed art to feature in our Gallery homepage.

May I have your permission to feature your piece entitled "Thirsty"? Your piece would make a beautiful addition to our collection of heroes.

We work with over 40,000 classrooms the world over each school year and get over 3M hits per month. But exposure to your work (with a link to your website) isn’t all we offer. As a member of The MY HERO online community, your art and your thoughts about heroism would serve to inspire young artists everywhere. Here are some professional artists who have agreed to share their art with our online community:




Please write me at david@myheroproject.org and let me know if this interests you.

Warm Regards,

David Kemker
The MY HERO Gallery
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Hey man, great cause, thanks for letting me know about it.

As long as there is a reference to my website, you can use my work for that kind of stuff.

Thank you very much.
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Wow this is amazing. Please may we feature it in our group NatureWeb which is all about saving the planet and it's nature.
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Sure thing ! Thank you very much !
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this is a great concept :)
can i copy it to post it for my bulletin board contest? please :D
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Sorry, can you be more specific, what do you mean by copy it ?

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