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“The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.”

~Maryanne Williamson

It was nice to look at my dA artist's page today and find myself pleased with all my "newest deviations."  Usually, I find myself wincing at one or another, thinking about what I didn't like and what I could have changed.  But today I surprised myself and felt only contentment.  Maybe it's because I haven't had much time to render -- less quantity, more quality and all that.  In any event, it was a nice moment.

I can't believe we're in 2015 -- and that we're almost 1/12th of the way through it already.  My twins turned 11 just before Christmas!  I'm going to pretend that I will age more like fine wine and less like smelly cheese... though I'm from Wisconsin, so that might not be the case!  Anyway, my resolution for the year is to not have resolutions!  I'd very much like to be more mindful and in-the-moment than I am now.  It's nice to have plans and all, but I feel I could benefit from letting go of my schedules and expectations.  I'd like to see where the year takes me.  After all, you can't be disappointed if you have no expectations, and I think I'd be happier if I could live by that idea.

As always, I have some wonderful art to share with the world!  Check out these amazing artists...

Featured Artist: : parrotdolphin

:iconparrotdolphin: parrotdolphin has long been a favorite vendor/artist of mine for her terrific commercial texture and material products.  Not surprisingly, she is also gifted outside of her virtual shop, delighting us with gorgeous 3D renders and dazzling fractals!  And while you visit her artist's page, be sure to check her journal and offer your condolences on her "untimely demise. "  (Read her journal and you'll understand!)

Featured Artist: : jacktomalin

:iconjacktomalin: Speaking of amazing 3D content creators... jacktomalin is a god among men when it comes to modeling AMAZING 3D architecture and scenery.  I have no idea how he manages to be so prolific without compromising on quality.  (But I'm sure glad he is!)  The art in his gallery isn't just rendered beautifully, it's modeled that way, too.  (Be sure you download the images for the full-resolution experience!)

Featured Artist: : BJPentecost

:iconbjpentecost: When I first stumbled across the amazing gallery of BJPentecost, I was blown away by the incredible detail displayed in every breathtaking image.  She is truly a master of visual, digital art!  I can't possibly express in writing how rich, emotional, and glorious her works are -- and I don't have to because they speak for themselves.  It's also worth noting that her comments are nearly as delightful as her art!  She has a wonderfully down-to-earth voice that is both humorous and thoughtful.  

Mature Content

I will not be coming back this time by BJPentecost
:thumb437254218: Book Of Lies by BJPentecost A Green Boak by BJPentecost Figure Drawing Class by BJPentecost The Story of Tamacier by BJPentecost :thumb470919771: The Mystic Flutist by BJPentecost :thumb441423946: Pentecost Rainbow Gryphette (Old Version) by BJPentecost

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Proud of our Wisconsin teachers. When the product of your labor is a child's future, you must stand up for what you know is right. Funding my publicly-educated autistic son's paraprofessional should come before funding freeway interchanges. Period.

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mustakettu85's avatar
Happy New Year!!
parrotdolphin's avatar
Thanks for the feature!! :hug:
Kachinadoll's avatar
Sounds like a plan hon!  Great feature too! :)
jacktomalin's avatar
Hey - thanks a lot for the mention and kind words!

Sat here pulling my hair out on the newest creation, so it's brightened up the morning dramatically.

BJPentecost's avatar
Thank you for the feature and also for the very kind words! :) I deeply appreciate it. <3
karibous-boutique's avatar
You are very welcome!  :D
kittenwylde's avatar
I wish you luck with your mindfulness. :)
karibous-boutique's avatar
Thank you -- I wish me luck too, lol.  It doesn't come naturally to me at all!  But I'll keep trying!  :D
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