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The Lovers

“There are two sorts of romantics: those who love, and those who love the adventure of loving.”
~ Lesley Blanch

Gah. This was one of those... "creative block" episodes. I could NOT get these pesky Lovers to in any way look... lover-ly. I think my inability to articulate The Lovers in image form stems from my somewhat conflicted feelings about love, in general. Romantic love is, of course, a vital component of the human experience. From a personal perspective, however, that kind of love has been as painful as joyous. The Tarot card is meant to symbolize being "in love," making contact with a "true love" and, usually also represents finding happiness and satisfaction in this arrangement. However, in my own life, the only perfect and flawless love I have ever experienced is that between myself and my children. Perhaps that is why I found representing "lovers" to be so challenging. My own heart belongs to a different kind of love. And so, instead of portraying passion, I tried to show the innocence and sweetness of love in its purest sense with this card.

Rendered in Poser Pro 2012. Postwork in Photoshop.

All resources used in the production of this work are owned by, created by, or licensed to me for personal and commercial use. They include: Avaricefor V4 (kaleya), Cray Belle II (3D-Age), Fantasy Ranger for M4 (Xurge 3D), The DesertRose skirt (Arki), Mynastropole 1 (powerage), and Ron's Angel Dust(deviney).

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Eidolon1's avatar
Not often I see great looking pictures of couples just being romantic.
karibous-boutique's avatar
:heart: Thank you!! I struggled with this image, so your kind words are very much appreciated! :)
dragondoodle's avatar
This is adorable . . . I agree with mycirest14 about their expressions, but it's sweet :aww:
karibous-boutique's avatar
Lol. Thank you so much! I have to agree with mycirest, too, now that I look at it. I'm glad you like it -- have to say, I'm sick of looking at this one!!
Galen-Ihlenfeldt's avatar
Is this deck actually going to be printed when you've finished all the cards? You're doing a wonderful job! (what i wouldn't give to have all of the poser content that you have! :O )

Keep up the great work!
karibous-boutique's avatar
I doubt I'll print them, mainly because I'm only planning to do the first 22 Major Arcana cards. The full 78-card deck might be a LITTLE bit much for Muse to tackle, lol. As for my content addiction... Lol, I have been accumulating content for a loooooooooong time. And, FOR CERTAIN, my Poser People are better dressed than I am! Hands down!! :D

Thank you!!
SquallLion1's avatar
lovely! I finally get it so, you render tarot cards..
rah... I can't fave tarot cards...
karibous-boutique's avatar
This particular series of renders are, indeed, tarot cards. I normally do not render anything this structured, though -- and I certainly don't limit myself to ONLY rendering tarot cards! I understand the religious objections that some people have to the tarot, but for me they are a visual inspiration, not an "oracle." I find the cards a way of reflecting aspects of myself, my thoughts, my beliefs, and my spirituality and faith. The tarot as secular works of art contain many interesting visual symbols. I have enjoyed using these symbols to show who *I* am. :) Thank you for the comment!
Kachinadoll's avatar
This is awesome!! I love how you have them posed and their expressions. I think they appear to be very much in love. I want that outfit he is wearing. Is that from Xurge? The textures look so cool. I really like her outfit as well, especially the transparency. Gorgeous render sweetie! You did an excellent job with this emotional card. Your series is looking very cool indeed and this is yet another lovely image to add to it. Yea! :iconbananadanceplz:
karibous-boutique's avatar
Yes, that is a Xurge outfit! (To die for, yes?! LOVE everything over there -- if only I could afford to own more of it!) I did the texturing of the outfit pretty much on my own. The skirt is made entirely of procedural materials, created in the material room! I :heart: the material room! :D

Thanks so much. I was ready to beat these darn "lovers" into a pulp at several points in the creation of this image. I'm very glad it is DONE!
Kachinadoll's avatar
He really does create awesome clothing! I hear you, I could easily buy everything in his store. hehe ;P

You did a great job with your texture's. That is my favorite part of the whole process too. It's so fun to play with those nodes. haha But I have to say playing in Photoshop is my all time fave thing to do. haha I could live in there quite comfortably. ;P

Your most welcome! :) I hear you, I've had characters that made me nuts like that as well. It's so clear in your head and they just make you keep messing around with them until you hate it and start all over. I'm telling you, they are evil! haha :iconevilplz:
ctmrocks2435's avatar
They look so cute together, the expressions are quite good. Can't wait till the whole deck is done :) You'll have to read my fortune.
karibous-boutique's avatar
They will probably never exist on paper! :) It has been fun creating them, though. Besides, I only have plans to create the 22 "major arcana" cards, not the whole 78-card deck. THAT would be too much! :)
mycirest14's avatar
He loks "smitten" with her in his expression, she has a more "wary" look. But I think the two expressions go well together for love in their future. Good job!
karibous-boutique's avatar
Lol... That was not intentional, but... Yes... it does look that way!! My subconscious has reared its head in my render! :giggle:

Thank you for the lovely comment! :)
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