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Published: May 2, 2011
Welcome to my commissions page!
This is the entry where you can learn about my services.
  • Please note that the rates listed are for personal commissions only.
  • Personal commissions = Personal use only
  • Services with the intent of using final artwork(s) for professional or project use will require further consultation.
  • Professional commissions will have much higher asking rates. I highly recommend telling me what your budget is if you happen to be working with one, so that I could explain what I am willing to do with that rate. Thank you!
  • I may include some personal commissions in a portfolio, both online and offline.
In addition...
  • Unless you request otherwise, I will post the finished commissioned artwork at my deviantART, art websitetumblr and other relevant portfolio accounts. I will properly attribute the commission as much as possible.
  • If you share the finished commission anywhere, it would be great if you could tell me where.
  • I suggest that you credit me, the artist, if you choose to repost. Thank you!

With the above in mind, please examine and read everything below carefully.

STYLE: Digital (Color)
This type of artwork is usually drawn and colored in the style typically seen throughout my gallery.
  • I may choose to some draw elements in a experimental style, but I will usually inform you beforehand.
  • Due to my relatively inexpensive starting rates, there is a possibly that I may omit and/or alter some details. 
  • I will usually inform you beforehand if I find difficulty with particular design aspects of the subject matter. 
  • Asking for increased accuracy will affect the total asking price.
  • If there are complex details in addition to asking for increased accuracy, then the final price will be much higher than the minimum starting rates listed below.
Some samples:

Commission: Atelier Morie by kariavalon  Commission: As Harmonia Sisters ~ Mariel and Morie by kariavalon  Commission: Ganju by kariavalon  Commission: Jibril by kariavalon  Commission: Astrologian Tochi by kariavalon

-BASE- RATES begin at:
  • (1) waist character ------------ $37+
  • (1) 3/4 character -------------- $41+
  • (1) fullbody character --------- $45+
  • Additional characters ---------- $??+* (typically the same price as base rates)
  • Background -------------------- $?? **
  • Additional ---------------------- $??+ ***
All price determinations depend on the difficulty of the subject matter.
BASE rates are based on the lowest level of difficulty in a commission.
Most commissions I have worked with in the recent past commonly have [several additional aspects] that raised the overall price. Please take this into consideration!
Additional characters: Additional characters of similar form to the first character will cost the same as the base price. This is negotiable.
** Regarding Backgrounds: Please consider that the background will only be enough to depict what is asked. In other words, they will likely to appear painterly if based on my current style trend.
*** Regarding Additional: additional requests that are generally markedly difficult or serves as a additional atypical character that doesn't fit the standard additional character spot, animals, props, and so on will also affect the final asking price.

I prefer PAYPAL! 
I have accepted other forms of payment in the past, but I find that Paypal is the most convenient.

WILLING TO DRAW :bulletgreen:
Anime-styled works with...
  • Original Characters (your creation)
  • Existing Characters (from existing series)
  • Elsewhere (ie: MMORPG chara)
  • Anything I appear to specialize; check my gallery for more thorough samples. It should be fairly observable where my specialties lie. It's fine to challenge me, but I cannot guarantee that my interpretation will be as good as one who is more experienced/skilled in that field.
WILL NOT DRAW :bulletred:
  • porn
  • realism
  • unfamiliar styles (negotiation is possible, though)
  • yoai/BL, yuri/GL (may be negotiable)
  • typically, characters without reference images (otherwise expect a uptick on the final rate)
  • mecha/machinery
  • most animals
  • complex backgrounds
Please fill out this form and send it to me via NOTE if you wish to commission me.
  • Character(s): name(s), and basic information about them.
  • Style: digital
  • Size(s): for example, choose from waist, 3/4 or full-body
  • Background: yes or no? If yes, please provide details.
  • Specific details?: Do you have a specific pose in mind? Details? Please make note of it here.
  • Reference Materials: Post links here. If possible, please include supplementary references for specific details. There is a likelihood of higher asking rates if I find that I have to conduct additional research.
After I reviewed and approved your commission ticket:
  • I'll produce a watermarked rough sketch and show it to you for approval, discussion, and payment determination. 
  • After your approval with the sketch and agreement over the price, please send your payment. 
  • Once I confirmed that I received your payment, I'll resume working on the commission and will offer progress checks whenever possible.
Thank you!



  • 10/27/15: I rewrote parts of this page, and raised base rates. Added extra size rate tiers in the event someone is interested in it.
  • 8/25/15: Reopened!
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kariavalonStudent Digital Artist
ahhh sorry for the late reply ;;
Due to my current situation, I am booked.
I don't mind looking at your form if you are interested in seeing if I am willing to undertake it.
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A-Are you still open for commissions? ; w ;
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kariavalonStudent Digital Artist
I am!

 ;A; I'm almost done with a large one and shall start tackling the smaller ones shortly.
XAerifyX's avatar
Oh, alright!! I'd be most interesting in commissioning you!! :3
kariavalon's avatar
kariavalonStudent Digital Artist
Ok! *A*

I'll look forward to it~!
WickedLoveless's avatar
Woah your art is so amazing! I'll have to get a commission from you sometime when ive got the money for it.
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kariavalonStudent Digital Artist
Thank you~~ :heart:
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MeranniHobbyist Digital Artist
Do you take com points ..?!
kariavalon's avatar
kariavalonStudent Digital Artist
Sorry, I don't. And even if I accept points.. I can still imagine my rates being very high. ^^'
Meranni's avatar
MeranniHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh so you won't accept point's ?! ^^;
kariavalon's avatar
kariavalonStudent Digital Artist
Yeah, I don't for the reason being that I don't have anything I want to get with points. ^^' Sorry~
Meranni's avatar
MeranniHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh I see well thanks for your time x3
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