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ccs x umineko - sakura + maria

Goodness.. this took far longer than it should have taken. ;A;
I learned how to use the 'layer clip' option in paint tool sai though~ that was awesome.

Anyway, here is a crossover between Cardcaptor Sakura and Umineko no Naku Koro Ni's Maria. I even added Keroberos and Sakutarou for further comparison haha. If you don't know yet, Umineko no Naku Ni's Maria and Sakutarou have many similarities to CCS. They're probably designed to give a homage to CCS.

I originally was going to use a original render of a clow card, but that sounded too much like a shortcut so I drew the card on my own in a quick and shoddy fashion because I no longer wanted to work on this fanart anymore orz.
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Wow, the resemblance is actually a little scary.Sweatdrop... 
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Haha, in Maria's case, I wouldn't put it past Ryukishi07 to deliberately design Maria and Sakutarou to mildly resemble Sakura and Keroberos. xD
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Adorable picture, the colors are really soft and nice! Great job!
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Oh, I never thought of that, but they're really similar, indeed! :XD:
Sakutarou looks lovely with wings~ >w<
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Yup! C:
And yeah, Sakutarou does look cute with wings~
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kawaii so cute !! love it xD
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oh snap. i didnt even notice until i read the comments that sakura and maria switched clothes o_____o its like, perfect. but imagining if the characters really were to switch places in the show would be......

way different <__<
creepy smiling and laughing maria in CCS
energetic, gullible Sakura going "HOOOEEEEE?!??!" in Umineko...
oh the wonders xD
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Indeed, their representations would be very different if the swap actually occurred. Your descriptions are spot-on lool.

Yes, the wonders are aplenty. For Umineko, it kind of helps that many scenarios are found in oh-so-many kakera/shards. The only issue is that only "wanderers" (the with class Bernkastel and Lambdadelta are in) can search for them at ease.
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Nice job and you're right they are a reference to CCS I heard Sakutarou was even originally going to be named Sakura, but they changed it because it's a feminine name
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Thank you! C

Yeah, I remember that name scheme in the sound novel. It's been a while since I've played it, but it was pretty blatant that Sakutaro's name was derived from Sakura. The ending suffix was changed because "Sakura" isn't a standard boy's name so Maria removed the end suffix. She replaced it with -taro, a common suffix seen in boy names.
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Awwww, that's so cute~ Great job on this! I love the colors and I think you did awesome. :3
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Thank you~~

I was hoping for someone else to do this (somehow)... but that never happened so I went ahead and made my own. xD
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xDDD Well your own may inspire other people to do this! [or maybe because CCS isn't so popular out here anymore? D: They make great Tarot-for-dummmies though. ]
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xD a Umineko x CCS crossover OP video appeared lool. So I think my work has inspired another to work on it or something since my first picture of CCS!Maria was posted prior to the video development journal entries.

For the western side.. CCS's recognition dwindled down somewhat due to age and lack of regular known re-appearances.
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Who'd have thought their clothes would compliment each OTHER so well?
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I know. o: Who knew that they would appear well in each other's clothes? Ryukishi07 definitely designed Maria's witch outfit with CCS in mind in some way. xD
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This is so nice! Now, i keep imagining a psychotic Sakura. XD
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Thank you! And with this comparison, it shouldn't be long until someone comes up with one as a parody to the When They Cry series. xD
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