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RWBY Volume 4: RNJR


For once, I amazingly finished this fairly ahead of time. o: 

I drew this illustration to represent volume 4 of RWBY, though I chose to focus on the informal team RNJR/JNRR this time. I am interested in drawing several more standalone, albeit smaller illustrations to accompany this as well.

With that being said, this will debut as a print at this upcoming Anime Expo (table G47)!
I will also have my previous volumes' illustrations available as prints as well.

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3

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Stunningly wonderful! Job well done on how this looks in your style! Keep on it alright? If you want to of course (not forcing you or anything) I hope you'll consider doing a fighting scene one day. In your wonderful style i'm sure it'd be great~
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Thank you!!
I want to try to keep doing at least one neat group illustration per season of RWBY whenever I table at AX, since it feels like a tradition now, haha. I am not confident about effectively illustrating a fight scene, but it's worth considering down the line. Thanks for the suggestion!
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No problem~ Well it's up to you to give it a shot and practice. Why not look into other things to help you out? It's what I do to practice~…… or watch clips for inspiration…… it's what I would do. Look it's clearly up to you. I suggest stuff like this cause your art style is brilliant already~
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Lightning Bolt EmojiGo Go Team RNJR!Lightning Bolt Emoji 
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There are a lot of good depictions of Jaune, but this has to be one of the best. His face is much longer and lean than most artists depict it, giving him a more mature and earnest look about him that has been tempered with pain and loss. 
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!
I'm glad to hear that my portrayal paints a fair picture of the Jaune that came about with team RNJR. He has long been in the throes of goofiness and being thrown around on multiple fronts, so I am glad to see him gradually develop as a stronger character.
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It also shows off his classic Franko-Norman looks. You did a great job of pulling together his more matured personality, his medieval good looks, and the subtle hundred-yard stare of a man trying to hide his pain for the sake of his friends. That is true talent. 
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This was great.

May I have this as my wallpaper?
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ahh sorry for the late reply, but thank you for your comment!
If it's for personal use (such as desktop or phone wallpaper), I do not mind at all. Thank you for asking! o:
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Volume 5 was lit!
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This pic looks great. But sadly, it will never be the
same without Pyrrha.
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Thank you!!
And yes, it's not the same without Pyrrha Q_Q
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I cried a little since then. Sometimes
drama makes me cry.
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I actually bought this print today at Anime Expo! It was such a lovely print, I had to add it to my RWBY collection. Your artwork is amazing, keep up the good work!
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How did I miss this comment omg
But ahh thank you so much for purchasing a poster print of this from me at AX!! I appreciate it ;A;
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Hi kariavalon,

Please may I post your drawing on another Chinese RWBY fan club so more people can see your

lovely drawing, however, I have to post your name and link under your drawing, is that okay for you?

kariavalon's avatar
This is okay! Thank you for asking for permission and for crediting me.
Bonetiness's avatar

Thank you, here is the link to my poster, I have post ur name and link under ur drawing.…



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A brilliant piece of work! It could be the cover of a collected edition manga special!
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Wow, I'm flattered that you think so. ;v;
Thank you for your comment!
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