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Cherry Blossom Shawl: (koishi)
Full bloom Hairpin: (koishi)

Koishi the Riolu

- A mischievous girl who can't stay still. She loves to pull pranks and often Ornstein is the one that suffers for her tricks.

- Part of a noble family. Though it doesn't mean very much in this time of age, they still uphold the tradition.
Trading was their main source of income, however they were more known for their collection of object with special properties than their trading abilities. But due to the collection of these special items, her family was often targeted by thieves. One of which was the infamous Dysmas, the one eyed thief.

- Dysmas and his men attacked her home. Her family being overpowered, Ornstein and her fled into the woods to lose some of dysmas' men that pursued them.

Ornstein the Bisharp

- 6 feet tall

- A very serious guy who follows the knight code of honor. However, he loses his cool when trying to talk to females. (with the exception of Koishi)

- His family has been under servitude to Koishi's family for many generation and naturally had spent his childhood with Koishi.

- During that unfortunate night of the household being under attack by Dysmas and his men, Ornstein was order to flee with Koishi. In result of shaking off their pursuers, the two got lost in the fog.

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