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CONTAGION movie poster

This is not official poster for the upcoming movie. Just my interpretation.
And some other use of this theme
main picture: [link]

All photos and materials come from my private resources
Prints are available via my website, section SHOP: [link]


© Copyright Info
None of my artworks can be copied, reproduced and used as a stock photos. RESPECT THE RULES !!! DON'T STEAL OR MY AGENT WILL GET YOUR ASS!!!
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© 2011 - 2021 Karezoid
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I find it better than Outbreak!
This was such a great and eye-opening film. Excellent work.
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salskjfbaslekjfb USAMRIID logo on the suit! I see what you did there.....and I approve so damn hard. That was my only complaint for the entire movie, that our buddies at RIID didn't even get a namedrop, not once. That is a fantastic poster, and the stock is badass. I love it!
Jesusdragon737's avatar
It may not be the real poster, but when you Google the movie, this is one of the first images that comes up. It looks great.
Looks better then than real poster!
shabuegah's avatar
very nice!

what is that font called that youre using?
mightyparg's avatar
Hate the implementation of the names up top--stands out, yes but detracts a little I think. Otherwise pretty awesomely great! I love the image.
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awesome poster. congrats! wish all the success to you man.
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congratulations, pale :)
Karezoid's avatar
thanks, dude :)
Cykotik0ne's avatar
haha, had to go to IMDB to see if it was legit, and it is, in fact, a real movie.. love this poster.. love soderbergh.. i hope its all a sign of a great film.. but with that cast.. i'm kind of doubting it.. great poster though man.. another fave!
Caruccia's avatar
congratulations! but your job is to make the covers of the film?? that would be cool ...
My dream !!!... but when this movie comes out??
RichardTheRough's avatar
Very good poster and absurde suit you have found to dress the model.
Faved and featured again [link]
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One hell of a picture and one hell of a line up!
Princess-of-Rose's avatar
wow.... it looks like an actual movie poster.
darkcrystal1209's avatar
this is a really well done design - this should be used as the official movie poster
llamathief's avatar
awesome work man.
and, i love your disclosure :D
RickCharlesOfficial's avatar
Starring MATT DAMON himself.
kabaniuch's avatar
nice composition :)
Diaphonos's avatar
Damn sexy. Goodjob!
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