Skins Rainmeter Sword Art Online (Kirito)
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Skins Rainmeter Sword Art Online (Kirito)
I'm Just Mixed Desktop Rainmeter...

and Credit by Author :
- SAO Skin pack by ~rdrag at deviantart
- Project SAO by ~aerionel at deviantart
- SAO Kirito by ~milkkybunny at deviantart
- SAO Menu 刀剑神域菜单 by suixin0812 at Baidu


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Comments (80)
ConradicalClimber's avatar
how come when i click download it jsut shows me a image
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Damian57's avatar
same here
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Devianter2311's avatar
Download the things in the description...
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XxGerryxX's avatar
XxGerryxX|Hobbyist Filmographer
download >w<
so awesome!! °^° thanks >w<
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saoyopro's avatar
how i can download it?
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Ramaferdyan's avatar
tuh pkek windows 7 bs gx
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KUROROXHOTARUBI|Hobbyist General Artist
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Driclone's avatar
For those that still haven't found it, here's the tutorial: sharemulator.blogspot.ca/2012/… Pretty easy to work it out starting from there. I also found new icons for the skin: sharemulator.blogspot.ca/2012/…
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Theoverlord234's avatar
Theoverlord234|Hobbyist General Artist
is there an english version of the tutorial? cuz i think the site is in spanish for me.
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ryry427's avatar
how do i add the every thing but the wall paper
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DemonicBox's avatar
The health bars never turn yellow, help?
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ZenitHMaster's avatar
how can i add more menu slots?!
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Canard-Pars's avatar
A mini Lifebar program that shows how ur ram,C,D,an CPU are doing seems awesome...but love the part where it shows ur computers level.lol think a bar like that could be made....the level part I mean....knowing how ur computer stacks up to a pro gamer computer would seriously be useful. Even more so if it has a HINT popup that tells u what u should increase or add to improve ur computer performance.
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GerzixGamerCraft's avatar
GerzixGamerCraft|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am a big fan of SAO and this is truly amazing!
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VGHydra's avatar
How can i change the icons and where the programs are linked, apple and android is not right for this, also most of the programs do not work when I clearly have them downloaded. How does one fix this? Please help. This rainmeter is bada**
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bleachfan-dana's avatar
This is absolutely amazing!! I have always wanted this! However, could you make a MAC version or GeekTool version because I really want this but I have a Mac. 
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ViluSone's avatar
ViluSone|Student Photographer
OMG!!!! Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] 
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jessicaphantom's avatar
the password is : sharemulator
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AkitaMegumi16's avatar
What Is The Password??

Please Help Me!!
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MidoLetter's avatar
MidoLetter|Student Interface Designer
iam looking forward to seeing the next season
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Rahma08's avatar
yeah i looking for this...thanks
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BlueReelProductions's avatar
BlueReelProductions|Hobbyist General Artist
It sucks as I have this but no links in the interface work!
How do I fix this? 
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DezMarth's avatar
DezMarth|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Very nice setup man! Really loving this, and it makes accessing things such a worry-free situation. Almost have it to where I can hide my taskbar, I'm not even having to rely on it that much now!
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Lobo-Guardian's avatar
cant get file any help?
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