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Long time no Dev.

Hope you're doing ok, I'm fine but busy :)

Love & hugs


Here's my blog about the animated film I am making.
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Hello lovely people.

I'm fed up with seeing my old entry from last January so here is a new one.

At the moment I am getting ready for an end of term presentation, but have not done enough work.

I did an animation I liked though, but that's going on a separate film reel.

Still in practice sessions for the Mutant Babies 'studio album that never was', if I could just shift the cough I've had for the past six weeks!

Hope you're okay?

Love & hugs

Here's my blog with the animation if you want to see it
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1 min read
Hi there, just had to update my journal entry so you know that I do show my face here sometimes! (honest)

In the middle of getting ready for assessments (end of half year). Hand in date is 4th Feb, so of course I am here as displacement activity and not doing my work!

Hope all is well with you?


p.s. I've got tickets for Xray Spex in at the Roundhouse in September (awwww, a bit of old skool punk!)
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Working on my final project so don't have much time for processing my photographs until July.

Watch my college blog for project updates, if you are remotely interested!

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If you haven't heard of this game before, it goes like this: If someone tags you, you have to list 6 weird habits/things about yourself and then tag 6 other people. You leave a comment that says "you are tagged" on the devpage of the people you want to tag.

I was tagged by :iconfraughtuk: and :iconkatzkab: ages ago, but I've had trouble thinking of weird things (well at least weird things I'm prepared to tell on the internet!). I've also been tagged by :iconfaction-paradox: on another quiz so am amalgamating into one. (This of course is 'final major project' displacement activity, will be cleaning the kitchen floor next!)

My weird habits/things about me:
(1) I believe in reincarnation
(2) I have an eating method for most foods
(3) I stay up far too late at night
(4) I have a belly button piercing
(5) I'm a 43 year old art student
(6) I'm an insomniac

And now the other quiz:

1. Fingers: karen
2. Chin: kmaeenb
3. One finger, eyes closed: kareb
4. Elbow: karen
5. Nose: kiq4r34n
6. Palm: kazenm

1.) List four fandoms you have:
Reading, good TV drama, Photography, Nintendo

2) Have you ever slept in the back of a car?
Yes, a few times actually!

3) Have you recently dyed or cut your hair?
Dyed yes, can't afford cut too at the mo! It was one or the other.

4) List four people you look up to the most.
Jamie McFlamey (fellow adventurer), John Bently (college tutor), Eddie Vedder (lead singer of Pearl Jam), Bill Hicks (comedian, deceased sadly).

5) How many pets do you currently own?
Three cats; Bunny, Bear & Cassie

6) Which do you prefer, white or black?
All my pictures they've been washed in black, tattooed everything.....

7) Who is your most played character?

8) Choose one or the other, not both:
Stuck on an island with your best friend -Stuck on an island with 5 acquaintances
Oh, I don't know!! Sorry can't decide! How about 5 of my best friends?

9) Write 3 aspects that tell who you are:
picky, frustrated, hopeful

10) If you could have a power, what would it be?

11) Who was the last person you talked to:
Tim, my stepson

12) Who was the last person you said "I love you" to?
Guy, my boyfriend

13) Write the first 5 words that pop into your head:
elephant, weeble, nosh, greenback, scale

14) What's the one thing you wish you could (do?) better?
Follow an exercise plan...so dull!

15) Do you like the way you are?
Better as each year goes by.

16) Choose Summer or Winter:
Winter, but Autumn is the best

17) Choose Rain or Snow:

18) Choose Water or Ice:

19) List 2 odd things about yourself:
I'm ordinary, but I've done some odd things. Here's two:
I put a staple through my finger with a compressed air box stapler and had to have it removed at the hospital.
I fed my brother pink paraffin when I was about 5 and he was 3. I wanted to drink it because it was a nice colour, but decided to try it out on him first. He had to have a stomach pump!

20) Now tag 6 people who should do this quiz:

:iconjeanlescure: :iconubiquitousjamie: :icondtw42:
:iconvmee: :iconlonebeagle: :iconphiliplim:
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