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My first real photo of 2007.

I'm pleased with it it but I had real trouble with the following decisions:

a) Should it be colour or b&W?
b) Clouds or no clouds? (the original had white sky but looked dull, I thought)
c) which way up it should be (I tried all four ways)
d) The border, although I think the black was the right choice as the clouds on the right merge into a white one)

So I encourage advanced critique on this one if you have any thoughts.

Don't be shy now! :hug:
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800x556px 262.79 KB
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1/200 second
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34 mm
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Date Taken
Jan 9, 2007, 12:18:40 PM
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Yes, this way up is definitely right, because of the drainpipe leading us "up" into the composition, surely?
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I think you are right!
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Obviously it will not surprise you to read that I LUUUURRRRRVVVVVVEEEEEEEE this shot! Would be interested to see in colour...a bright blue sky with clouds might be a powerful contrast to the bricks. It reminds me of a shot I have on a postcard which I shall hunt out to show you [who am I kidding, I know exactly where it is!]
karenbirch's avatar
LOL, yes I'm sure you do! You can show me it next time I'm over yours.

Thanks chiglet, I'll email you over the colour one :hug:
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Happy New Year =) I have a vertigo :P
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Happy New Year to you too, hope your vertigo gets better! :laughing:
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I concur with Nitsch! LOL.... :D
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Thanks me deario!! I guess it was alright after all.

I think I had guilt today (as I was supposed to be doing college work and not dicking about on here), maybe that was making me question myself! :laughing:
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LMAO!! I used to feel the same way when i should have been doing my job rather than browse devart.... but then devart was barred so i couldnt do it anymore!!! LOL!
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Tsk, corporate fascists! LOL
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LMAO! Spoken like a true student! ;-)
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I agree with the other comment. It's difficult composing an image according to the 'rules' when there is no obvious focal point. I spent a day in the 'big smoke' recently taking similar shots (not as good as yours) and had all sorts of similar dilemmas. I think you definitely need the cloud detail, as that's where your eye is drawn to.

If it were mine I'd have probably cheated and 'shopped a tiny bird into the sky as well. Yes, it's probably obvious and probably cliched, but obvious and cliched are my middle names.

Crazy Obvious Cliched Eyes
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Thanks Crazy Obvious Cliched Eyes (LOL!), I really appreciate the comments, it all helps.

I think that in the end I imagined myself shinning up the drainpipe (yeah, right!) and thought that must be the right way up.

I have another friend (~UbiquitousJamie) who hates it when a bird gets into his photos and usually 'shops them out. I quite like it if I get one tho!
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Woah! Makes me feel giddy just looking at it! ;-)

1. B&W is a good choice here IMHO.
2. A bit of detail in the sky is needed, I like what you've done here.
3. I think it works well how you have presented it. I think it works well 90 and 180 degrees counterclockwise too, but I don't like it 90 degrees clockwise.
4. The border is spot on!

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Thanks ever so much for that, I feel a lot better about it!

What I didn't say before is that the sky is from a photo I took in Kenya, I thought it would be fun to put a bit of Kenya over London :D
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