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Tales of the Unexpected

This is quite old, and my favourite fireworks picture. I've no idea why I've never posted it before. It's at Eastrop Park in 2004 or possibly 2003 (no EXIF as it was my film camera)

It always makes me think of the opening credits of 'Tales of the Unexpected', hence the title (sorry if it means nothing to you!). I saw this on UK gold or something the other night and it was sooooo crap :laughing:

Have put under waterscapes, as it is.
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Thank you sweetheart! :hug:
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Hehe, no problem <3
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Wow, marvellous! :eyepopping: That looks like lava. Good color, nice contrast! ;p
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Thanks Ricardo, I think you're right, it does look a bit like lava!
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this picture is sooooo awsome! it makes me feel warm, scared, and happy at the same time D:
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Thanks! :hug:

When I first did it I thought all the people were spoiling the shot, but now of course I realise they make it better!
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I think when you first showed me all the photos you took at the time, i remember saying this was my favourite. Glad to see it up here. :D
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Thanks ever so and for the :+fav: :hug:
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No problem... :D
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Film? What's that?

Great shot

(I really must get a slide scanner)
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Yes I know I'm a luddite!

But I guess you must be too if you've got slides :laughing:

Thanks C.E. :hug:
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Love the reflection of the flames with the silhoettes of the onlookers. You really captured the moment well Kaz! :)

BTW The title is cool! I remember seeing that intro at some point too. :)
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