Should dA create a "Disable Fave Option" for Clubs AND Every Deviant? (For infos View HERE :
1532 votes
Yes sure! It will be Useful!
No, It will be useless!
What are you taling about? -- So see here for infos :…

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Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
For Clubs, totally. But for regular deviants? No way!
I can't get back to art if I don't favorite it. I also like to collect tutorials, doll bases, stamps and other things in separate collections, and if someone disabled favoriting on something I liked, I would be devastated because I'd never be able to find it!

Why even have a favoriting system in place when you aren't going to be able to add your favorite pieces of art because the artist doesn't want you to?

If you don't want faves (aside from clubs), put it somewhere BESIDES dA where they can't favorite you. >>
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It doesn't mean that Favoriting wont be available anywhere, but if some one doesn't want a work favorited, then that's their choice--for instance, I've colored linearts before, or have been asked to edit someone else's image by the original artist, and it bugs me so much when they fav my edit, and not the original. It's so disrespectful, and it makes me feel terrible that their work didn't get the attention it deserved. Perfect example: [link]
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i votes yes, because of the whole club thing, but i'm worried that if they do it some person who's really low on self esteem will say "OMG MY ART SUCKS *disable faving" when really it's a very cool piece of artwork that a lot of people would fav.
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I was just thinking about this a few days ago! I think it would be really good for clubs and such, and encourage people to comment on the original.
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It would be good...but I think that for your would be best if you just said give all accounts the ability to disable :+fav:'s...and not mention clubs specifically.
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Perhaps only for clubs, otherwise faves are good.
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Oh, I'm late. But my opinion:
For club yes, for every deviant - no.
I love my fav folders, it is for me as bookmark and reminder of great artists. Sometime I'm browsing and admire all work in my collection.
Ok, maybe for specific category - desktop screenshot or scraps, but definitely not for all.

Sorry for my poor english.
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Of course - the Fave system was great in the beginning but it's being totally abused right now...

I think there should be a certain limit, like "Top 20 Favourites" (More for subscribers I guess).

I mean if someone asked me what my "favourite" foods or bands were, I'd name four or five - not more than one hundred. Same should go for your favourite art pieces.
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Wait, are you saying we should only be able to have 20 favorites?
If you are, that's ridiculous. :|
What about people like myself who make separate collections for things like doll bases and tutorials for people to come to themselves and for me? If I could only have 20 favorites, that would be the most ridiculous thing in the world.
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Indeed, it would be pretty useful. On groups, it's ot Ok to receive favs on a work that's not in the owner's page. It would too be of a great help when one's submitting, e.g. a translated (scrapped) version of the work. It would really make sense :D
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I completely agree - it's something of a major necessity
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I´m with your opinion.
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it'd be an easy thing to make possible and there isn't really a downside to this i see no reason not to.
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I think everyone can benefit from this. This should have been done a long time ago, really.
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I'd like to add that this isn't just for clubs... People who feature other people's work as a desktop screenshot can also use this to make sure the original is visited and faved instead.
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I completely agree with this. I had some club send me the nastiest comment on my page about could I read, didn't I know not to do that. At the time I was a newbie to DA. So I didn't know! That club didn't even apologize. Freakin' RUUUDDDE! :stab:
Usually I just:+fav: lots of pieces and come back later and read the description and possiblely comment. This option so needs to go into effect asap. I think the "collect" feature should also be disabled as well for clubs.
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Yeeey 90% say yes! :D I've wanted that option for aaages. XD I hope dA actually bother taking note and doing something about it.
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I think it should only be for clubs.
Why would a deviant not want faves anywho?
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then read the link i gave : [link] and you'll understand!
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That would actually really tick me off. =/ It makes it hard for me to go back tot he art I like if I can't fav it... it would be the end of me going out and looking at nice art just for the sake of it, possibly. And even less commenting from my part. That people seem to have a problem with anyway.

Oh well.
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You're amazing. Thank you for saying that.
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The point of this is more for clubs than artists ( or if an artist wants to disable it on a scrap or something)
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