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dA is...

dA is the widest and most popular Cyber Gallery.
dA is the best place to expoze your creations, to get recognition, to discover other's art. And for many other reasons you may be happy to be a Deviant.
dA Admins (volunteers or not) are REAL persons to who you can easily talk. dA is NOT a website managed by unpersonal admins...
dA is yours, dA is a vivid comm-unity. dA is what its members make of it.



Because of all this dA have bugs. It happens to many websites, the most popular they are the most bugs they have.
That happens.

What to do if you think that something is bugging?

  • Search for a thread that can describe the bug you're experiencing.
  • There's a thread :w00t: Read it.
  • There is no thread ;-( Then go there to report the bug and select the correct category "Bug Report".
  • Anytime don't forget to use da FAQ, where you can find all the latest Help & FAQ News!
  • Finally : worship the dA technicians! :worship:
    Be sure that they are working hard to solve a bug and to avoid most of them! :crash:


Yes, you are bored. i see you behind your computer... It's understandable, but...
  • Bugs are "internetally" natural!
  • Complaining leads to nothing. Be constructive.
  • The bug(s) will be solved, be sure of that. So be patient, because patience is a virtue...
  • :pointr: Follow this link.
    "If you love dA as much as i do... Say NO to dArama!"
    [linked & quoted here without the autorization of it's author :spank:]

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chilipalmer's avatar
Well written and to the point.
Aegis-Illustration's avatar
Well, after almost 2 years suffering of the same bugs in my account, now I really couldn't care less about them :)
HuyLy's avatar
I wonder...how can you become an admin?
karemelancholia's avatar
as i said in this news article (and if you read it it was one of the purposes of it), use the faq (don't be shy it does not bite ;-)) :
FAQ #25: Can I be a deviantART administrator, or be on staff?

:kiss: Kare.

:postit: The Solidarity Auctions are Opened : 4 days left!
:pointr: dA bugs??? Well read this!
HuyLy's avatar
thanks ^^ it helps
catluvr2's avatar
:icondeviantartloveplz: :salute:, and a big :iconhuggleplz: to all of the Admins!
Sharomii0's avatar
no to dArama! I also thought the mudkips were cute :)
Hitman-el33t's avatar
The dA techs do a wonderful job. Just look at the server side coding, ajax, scripts, css, all this excellent functionality... man... you guys deserve a round of applause :clap:
pulbern's avatar
You're awesome! We need more people pimping good causes and clearing things up for new members like you! :love:
CatONineTales's avatar
:lol: I've been patient for months, my browser bar is getting a workout (can't use menus in firefox) but hey I get where I'm going.
nanorayn's avatar
I totally agree, the bugs makes the site feel soft & human, not robotic and cold.

The site is perfect because it ISN'T perfect. :)
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