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Fave Art Stamp by GoodiesForYou

Now it's time for September 2008 Visual Art Features, many new art to discover!

:pointr: Run by karemelancholia since 1 year & 8 monthes.

The Solidarity Contest Stamp 1 by GoodiesForYou

Don't forget that many artists need to be viewed, they deserve it!
Fave Fave Fave!
My main purpose in doing a monthly feature about (to my point of view) 'the best visual art' is to put in the same level as well wellknown artists and popular creations as unknown artists and under-exposed creations.
Artists need to be supported.
So don't be shy!

Gallery Stamp by GoodiesForYou

Visit their pages, support them by faving, commenting, and when you see a deviation that you like also view their gallery entirely, like that you can decide if you will devwatch them or not.
Viewing only a deviation (what is great) is not enough ;-)

Fave News Stamp by GoodiesForYou

And if you want to see your favorite visual artists or art selected to be in this feature for the next month, send me via note the links/thumbs!

:pointr: You can see the previous features here, in the Index i've created!

Here's the Menu per Category :

Digital Paintings & Drawings | Mixed Media | PhotoManipulations | 3-Dimensional | Vector & Vexels | Photography | Traditional Paintings & Drawings | Artisan Crafts</b>

:heart:  This Month Special Love is directed to... :heart:

.I Love You. by MissNooy

Digital Paintings & Drawings

-Breathing Mountains- by darklaela :thumb97589922:

Mature Content

Grudaecia - Guardian of Cranes by AmberCrystalElf
She Plays With Us by Iridescence-art :thumb98010698:

Mature Content

Warrior by mahirates
October - detail by ceruleanvii Sea Nymph by anotherwanderer :thumb97046760: Voices by JasonJacenko Little butterflies by Ioneek Window by Adelaida o0oGOCHYAo0o by edinorog angel of light by ftourini :thumb98826702: Nude I by TheMinttu Forgotten_Forest by dothaithanh __I wish I could fly__ by Pim-s Mellit by arventur Mushroom Factory by AmitSadik The nature of Magic by Mantina Raindragon by ginee butterflysGIRL by siudajSTEJ Pumpkin by EliJ156

Mature Content

Sleeping dead bauty by Nephyla
:thumb97636879: :thumb97624372: Where Will You Go? by Sabrine alice by ma4u4a

Mixed Media

When the Evening Falls by Belleza-Xenno Page of Cups by PaintedOnMySoul The Bubble Maker by Gflady Don't fear the reaper by Em-j-akahana Four Of Pentacles by PaintedOnMySoul ::Summer Warrior:: by JunkbyJen :thumb97621612: Undressing of the heart by phantastes :thumb98689093: :thumb98506503: Time Upon A Once by PaintedOnMySoul :thumb97407020: Sunday Morning by Ecstatic-ectsy Stardust... by Gflady :thumb97484978: Illuminati by ImaginedMoments Gotcha by myaki-ru Let's Party by LizWymark


+We fly together+ by moroka323 harvester by TeeAl :thumb97219376: +The Atlantis+ by moroka323 Soul by anthony-g Infinite by cryingsorceress birth by vimark :thumb97219376:

Mature Content

Regeneration of angel by mastadeath
:thumb98341692: your every color by Yayoi-Matsunaga :thumb97968399: m o t h e r by Mahenks The Night Folk by jggy nacht und traum by AigneisVolven :thumb96819200: :thumb98825574: :thumb98685151:


Courage, My Sister by Radthorne

Mature Content

I Need a Kiss by RGUS
Miss Pain by goor Invasion by ValentinaKallias Marielle by Bloodredsangre :thumb99071060: The Midas Touch by HarleyBliss Urban noise by EhsanA KinDzaDza Battle by arsenixc Angel by oddpixels Sword of the Sea by WrenStormbringer Speed Comp 06 - Bottle by mogcaiz :thumb97831586: Little Lady -TEST by ValentinaKallias Chess Player _ Roman Noir by dopaminart Fish by tredowski Dayala by vexiphne

Vector & Vexels

:Wind Witch: by Asher-Bee Cupcake by ssst Lille 3000 by ntamak You're beautiful by Ahmad9292 :thumb97517840: Village lady by satishverma Kuki by 3ahia Elisha Cuthbert by VinshArt lemon tea by yudhiecavalera :thumb97529343: Just a dream by NaBHaN she's insult me by AYIB Butterfly by Applemoment :thumb97175748: :thumb99403125: :thumb99335670:


:thumb97489115: Frog by Snyki There is still hope.. by NorwegianAnette Black shadow by fb101 Collecting Resources by ironmanbr :thumb97737809: FuryInTheSlaughterhouse by RaMiBru :thumb97486024:

Mature Content

Rockette by Mfenberg
:thumb98862155: Face To Face by Aderet :thumb99305848: watz by amaia :thumb97731041: About the Light XXIII ... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria :thumb99051962:

Mature Content

Hold Me by evanhwong
d a n d e l i o n _f a i r_III by Wilithin :thumb98753244:

Traditional Paintings & Drawings

Let's play a game, a Prologue by empatia So sweet the tears by empatia :thumb96991464: :thumb97662153: :thumb97179929: Parfum de fee by lestoilesdaz Moonlight Rhapsody by sherley-natasha :thumb98297848: Eyebleed by yara001 :thumb97817171: Conversation by AniaMohrbacher Lucid Dream with Pears by Jose-Garel-Alvoeiro Green Tourmaline by orafaerygirl Forgotten Traveler and... by FrodoK :thumb99371787: playing the wing by ENERGIA1 :thumb96903667: + Hybrid Rainbow + by A-Xofia The Scaredy Soldier by maina Tiny Souls - Anchor by darklyartistic System detachment by MarianKretschmer :thumb97708736: Insert Coin by STF-Wooly Innocence by IreneShpak confession by semraturkmen Morning Lift by LindaRHerzog Still life - Chinese Ink by splendidriver

Mature Content

lost things by siudajSTEJ
:thumb98204822: :thumb96734928: Pregnant Fairy by andressanchezart Velvet Dress by mwford

Artisan Crafts

Mature Content

Rapunzel by Sleetwealth
:thumb98766229: WISIOR 'PENTAGRAM BIALY' by bizuteria-bizu4u Devil Claw Western Dragon by ART-fromthe-HEART full view 25 by vankuilenburg Heart of the forest by OlgaC The Tooth Fairy by PaperTales Queen Maeve by fairiesnest Galding's Runesmith Armor by farmerownia :thumb98757992: :thumb98985476: :thumb97297664: Peeling Teapot by rebootmaster2001

Mature Content

Moonlight Butterfly Faerie 2 by wingdthing
Morning in the forest by julishland organic screen door guard by artistladysmith Devil Claw Gargoyle by ART-fromthe-HEART Charmed Chimes by enchantress13 ++SOLD++ Purple Heart by popnicute

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fucking amazing , fuck its great ... fuck fuck !!!!!!!!! i love it , wow
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thanks for karemelancholia..
and thanks for dhona.. for her participation.. :D
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thank you....
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thank you so much :heart: !
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I am so honored to be included in this amazing group!!
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Thank you!!!
Very nice taste in art! :)
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Thanks again for including me with such great works :blowkiss:
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awesome stuff!
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thank you so much for the featur1it's an honor :heart:
great artists here, will sure check the out!
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Thank you very much for adding my picture! :aww:
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Wonderful features and such great talent to be among. Thank you so much for including me! :hug:
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:hug: Thank you so very much for the feature! :hug:
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Thanks so much for the feature! :love:

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weee thank youuu!!!!
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thank you kindly for the feature!! :D :hug:
they r the best
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Thank you for the feature :hug:
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Fantastic selection! Thanks for your support! :flowerpot:
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thank you so much for featering me here !!
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Thanks for the feature!
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