The Best of October Visual Art!

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Deviation Actions

Fave Art Stamp by GoodiesForYou

Now it's time for October 2008 Visual Art Features, many new art to discover!

:pointr: Run by karemelancholia since 1 year & 8 monthes.

Don't forget that many artists need to be viewed, they deserve it!
Fave Fave Fave!
My main purpose in doing a monthly feature about (to my point of view) 'the best visual art' is to put in the same level as well wellknown artists and popular creations as unknown artists and under-exposed creations.
Artists need to be supported.
So don't be shy!

Gallery Stamp by GoodiesForYou

Visit their pages, support them by faving, commenting, and when you see a deviation that you like also view their gallery entirely, like that you can decide if you will devwatch them or not.
Viewing only a deviation (what is great) is not enough ;-)

And if you want to see your favorite visual artists or art selected to be in this feature for the next month, send me via note the links/thumbs!

:star: You can see the previous features here, in the Index i've created!

Here's the Menu per Category


Digital Paintings & Drawings | Mixed Media | PhotoManipulations | 3-Dimensional | Vector & Vexels | Photography | Traditional Paintings & Drawings | Artisan Crafts</b>

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mas o menos by irishconnection Crescendo by rougeux freezing flames by grinagog

Digital Paintings & Drawings

:thumb100334240: toy by czarnystefan Prince Lion by Kipestshin elf_girl by Anghhe9 Portrait of a Mouse by Sussi1 :thumb101459076: Fishing for Hopes and Dreams by Cristle-Drake

Mature Content

hairdo by wilgaworld
:thumb99875134: Mr. pumpkin by AlMaNeGrA Lost in Thought by depingo forgotten dream by moonywolf The Melody of Heaven by maril1 :thumb101851876: Asian Poppy by TheArtistDarklady The things I cannot understand by greaterorlessthan Night walker by dothaithanh Seras by Cocodrillo Highway by vmoldavsky :thumb100821215: Dawn by meluseena peace power by OscarCelestini Chaos Mage by Sergon Yeniffer by Lanfirka Trouble in  Paradise by Flockhart

Mature Content

Vellamo by TheMinttu
LOTRO: Galadriel at night by Gorrem 'catch a mermaid' by PaMtRIck :thumb99684477: Nora Night by voodoomaggie

Mixed Media

Mature Content

Poison Ivy by Jesar
Charites: Spring by iizzard Hush Juliet by jsmonzani The Hunt for October by Belleza-Xenno :thumb100340473: Pandora Box 155 555 by nell-fallcard The Peacock Collector by IdaLarsenArt Mishka by lilnymph __Ode a la nature__ by Pim-s :thumb101269125: Autumn's Whisper by FrozenStarRo ::Punkin's Wish:: by JunkbyJen El Renacer de la Guara by EAMejia Mistress of the Deep by InertiaRose :thumb100811976: Escaping the Sun by AagaardDS The Lady of the Lake by meluseena Wasting by sygnin


march of the colossi by TeeAl V i d e - Tridimensionnel by Friday-13th :.The Strangeness .: by Eyliphca Vitamin C by Pixelnase Desire by sanity-illusion Shattered by mashina Red Ran Amber by randomstarlight A Brighter Day by mskate A century waiting you by tatucito So Long, Scarecrow by Shinobinaku Renaissance fall. by agnesina Halloween Fairie by pixievamp PINOCHIO by Uot-Mi The Gray Horse by jggy I will be your eyes by Kechake Nagrand by Felissauria the molting mask... by vortexture

Mature Content

Egosantrizm by UFUKNAYMAN
grass by abundantmoon The Day You Went Away... by Ioneek Spring Love by jenepooh

Mature Content

Out of the Depths by InertiaRose
The Fairy Maker by Wildfire2003 arrow master by JenaDellaGrottaglia Dream Way by ChristasVengel :thumb99960660: :thumb99958124: Wood elves by EmberRoseArt


Pretty n'Pink by lilnymph The Journey by Gflady Mother Nature by 3Caps Shax by k3-studio Silver Leaves by joannastar

Mature Content

MORQANA for Adigun by RainfeatherPearl

Mature Content

CRYING FOR YOU by cucujo
The totem by EhsanA :thumb101560183: Heaven's Sword by Art-By-Mel-DA Dancing With Moonlight by kissmypixels somewhere in the north by tredowski Ball Chair chekerd by djreko Autumn Fairy by TaniaB

Vector & Vexels

JUmp by bboypion Crystal tear by Vikasuperstar Heart of Gold _Color_ by zv3zda :thumb100122212: Sphyla Nella Solitudine by Vashtastic IN SEARCH OF THE HEART by Xelenne :thumb101109441: Fairy tale 'Geese-swans' by Anhen1 Guitar by Julliversum Bloom by Th3-Maartyr Life is a... by Kegg :thumb100229485: MUSE indeed by theSIGNer :thumb101685030: NightWish by AloeVeraO


Mylady by Silecia Mayakovsky by ANTONINA-art

Mature Content

123 by AmeliaPhotography
:thumb101927708: c u r l s by EllyNimphadora Return to Peninha by SilverSidhe

Mature Content

the blushing bride by devilicious
:thumb101465773: burning away by VaggelisFragiadakis Bouqete by Radiatr :thumb101171305: Throne by SilentHowling Thought by Annie-Bertram 112... by feryal :thumb99853368: Miss Junior by zlty-dodo :thumb101627774: Schleiereule I by Schoelli autumn fields by ellegabri Grazing by DPasschier :thumb100796462: We never forget by carlzon Girl in Pearls by TruemarkPhotography dylan and mommy by scottchurch B32 by willow32 :thumb101285665:

Traditional Paintings & Drawings

Missing Child 35 Detail by johnpaulthornton Fall - reworked... by anubis :thumb100070287: Fraud by carts Dream Priest II by TrollGirl

Mature Content

night.. in my town... by siudajSTEJ
Tonatzin Summoning The RainGod by lilitus Babel Tower by A-Q-U-A-R-I-U-S :thumb102245475: The Winter Queen by SashaFitzgerald Teeney O'Feeney by bridge-troll :thumb100345051: :thumb102059564: :thumb100897103: 24-hour Art Day - Cover by windfalcon :thumb101082810: Within White by MichaelShapcott Mr. Bill - drawing by dizzykid :thumb100240846: I'll be just fine. by illogan Precious Things by astarvinartist :thumb99680516: dulzura by aixado The Ballad of Ol' Matt Lane 1 by SeanDietrich Anatomy Head No6 by fxEVo Butterfly Effect by Delfinoui

Artisan Crafts

:thumb100375228: A Parasol for Agatha by blackeyedsuzie Twilit Forest Pendant no. 12 by sojourncuriosities cookie hoez madls by JasonJacenko curtsy: exoskeleton by rainycanary Rufus ate a Fae by InnerFaeCreations Aquamarine tear by OlgaC :thumb101298631: The Fawn by cdlitestudio Wendy dreams of Neverland by dreamleaf Catholic kitsch cross by janedean Erotica 02 by Shaxpi :: Choker black rose :: by Liek Seasons necklaces by JustOldPurpleAngel Coffee Quartz Earrings by 1337-Art Heavenly understanding pendant by bodaszilvia Dexter Goes Trick-or-Treating by melkatsa :: Choker black tear :: by Liek The Bride of Frankenstein by Marina-B