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French Presidential Elections : Results

Results : Sarkozy : 53,06% - Royal : 46,94%.

Yep i made my duty as always.
I voted.

5 years of Sarkozy, such a pain.....

Participation : 85%, the only good point.

Ah non l'OM a battu Monaco hier soir, ma seule bonne nouvelle de la soirée... C'est déjà ça de pris!

1st Round

==== 2nd round : May 6th ====


Sego contre Sarko.
un sondage, ben vi déjà.
Le report traditionnel  des voix étant faible pour la gauche puisque le vote utile a déjà été fait voici ce que donnent les sondages pour le second tour :
Sarkozy : 54% - Royal : 46%

Report des voix traditionnelles du premier tour :
Sarkozy : 43.5% - Royal : 36.5%
Vous l'aurez compris le reste c'est Bayrou...
Bref si vous voulez élire un type qui drague les terres du FN vous prendrez vos responsabilités...

Présidentielles - Résultats :

- Done : Nicolas Sarkozy termine premier avec de 31,1% des voix et Ségolène Royal deuxième avec 25,8% des voix.
François Bayrou est troisième homme avec 18,5% des votes.
Le leader du front national, Jean-Marie Le Pen termine quatrième avec 10,4%.

- 19H35: C'est désormais certain. Royal sera au second tour face à Sarkozy. La troisième place reviendrait à François Bayrou même si certains sondages donnent encore Le Pen à la troisième place. Mais, après une campagne qui a été passionnante, c'est bien le duel gauche-droite attendu depuis le début.
- 18H53: premiers bulletins dépouillés. Sondage IPSOS: Sarkozy 30% Royal 25% Bayrou 17% Le Pen 10%. On note la dégringolade de Le Pen et la présence de Bayrou en 3eme position qui sera plus que certainement l'arbitre du second tour.
- 18H34: Tous les sondages à la sortie des urnes montrent Segolène Royal et Nicolas Sarkozy au second tour avec une confortable avance sur Bayrou et Le Pen.

- Participation :
Environ estimé à terme à 84,6%, historique, cela ne c'est jamais vu!
Les bureaux de vote dans les grandes villes sont restés ouvert au-delà de 20h00 sinon tout le monde n'aurait pas pu voter!

2nd Tour : 6 Mai.


2nd Round : May 6th!

-- Results :
Sarkozy 31,1% - Royal 25,8% - Bayrou 18,5% - Le Pen 10,4%.

Sarkozy vs/ Royal for the second round!

Estimation for the 2nd Round :
Sarkozy : 54% - Royal : 46%

Well if they want to elect such a man...
See under for precision about who really is Sarkozy...

- A reminder :
Sarkozy : Liberal/Right flirting with Far-Right;
Royal : Social-Democrat/Socialist/Left.
Bayrou : Center.
Le Pen : Far-Right.
During the previous Presidential Elections the second round was between the Liberal/Right Party and.. The Far-Right Party... What explains the important numbers of voters.
I'm proud, the Far-Right is low now.... Safely. But Sarkozy...

- Participation/Activity/Voters : 84,6%!
About 15% more than the previous presidential elections!
And it is also historical, we NEVER in our HISTORY got such a high numbers of voters!!!!! GOOD, very good!
Incredible we got so many voters this time, the voting offices stayed opened AFTER 20h00 in the biggest cities, otherwise not everyone wouldn't have been able to vote!

2nd Round : May 6th!

French Politics

I have to say my words about this.

That will also allow me to forget a bit my problems.

Next sunday there will be the first round to elect our next President, here in France.
Two weeks later second round with only 2 candidates.

Things are turning into such disgusting feelings.
What's happening???

Forget the country of the human rights, France is far from this now...
I've made summaries of articles under (in english few typos...).
I don't say vote for this one or this, but i say don't vote for these ones, then choose amongst the others. But extremism is NOT a solutions, nor populism!

We are about to elect one of the most disguting person. What the hell?

Read under. you'll understand!

This is just my opinion.


Sarkozy is a pain... Open your eyes!


Sarkozy, the conservative candidate, is leading in the polls, and Royal, the Socialist (Social-Democracy) party candidate, is in second place. But with so many undecided votes, analysts say that another candidate could easily bump either Sarkozy or Royal to make it to the second round of voting.

Francois Bayrou, a horse farmer and historian has made it to third place by proposing a coalition of the left and right-wing political parties.

Jean-Marie Le Pen, the leader of the far-right National Front party who surprised everyone by making to the second round of voting in the last election, has also been picking up support in the past few weeks.

In total for these elections we have 12 candidates, only two will go to the second round.
Two of the fourth mentioned above and certainly sarkozy in first position...
But who is this man who is about to be our next president?
Don't eat please or you'll vomit...

.more precisely.

Sarkozy, 52, is the son of a minor Hungarian aristocrat and his maternal grandfather was a Jewish doctor from the Greek city of Salonica.
France's former interior minister and "top cop", before he was the finance minister in 2004...

Those who have worked with him all remark on his manic energy, his near-evangelical powers of persuasion and his relish for a political fight. "Nicolas has a mad talent for communication.

This is the man the nation's amateur psychiatrists want on their couch, a man whose febrile personality and driving ambition has become a crucial election issue.

Economically, Mr Sarkozy is the most liberal candidate on labour market reform but also one of the most protectionist on trade. He is a consummate political insider, first elected mayor of super-rich Neuilly-sur-Seine at the age of 28, who has yet managed to present himself as an outsider.


His multi-sided campaign is reflected in his complex personality. The teetotal, 52-year-old lawyer has developed an almost cult-like following among party members who admire his Thatcherite rhetoric extolling hard work and risk-taking. Yet he is also feared by many voters thanks to his tough performance as "top cop" at the interior A portrait of Mr Sarkozy has been painted by Azouz Begag, a fellow cabinet member. In a recently published book, Mr Begag describes a row he had with Mr Sarkozy at the time of the rioting in the urban ghettoes in November 2005. Mr Begag publicly criticised Mr Sarkozy, then interior minister, for stigmatising the rioting youth as "scum". He recalls a furious response of Mr Sarkozy telephoning him to scream: "You are an arsehole. A traitor. A bastard. I'm going to smash your face in." Mr Sarkozy has denied this.

His critics say he is a dangerous power-hungry "little Caesar" with a complex about his height, scarred by his parents' divorce, troubled by his foreign-sounding name and far too keen to use the riot police to bring law and order to France's streets. This week, Azouz Begag, the lone minister of North African origin in the outgoing government, claimed Sarkozy once threatened to "smash his face in". But supporters say he is the only man strong and brave enough to force France to reform.

One veteran political observer says there is a potential risk in electing such an impulsive and headstrong man, who is subject to migraine attacks and has a volcanic temper. But he adds that there is perhaps a bigger risk of not electing the most conspicuously talented politician of his generation at such a critical time for France.


Mr Sarkozy also has his right eye on Mr Le Pen (far-right party). Pollsters give Mr Le Pen 15%, but as many potential supporters are embarrassed to say they will vote for him, his real popularity may be higher than the polls suggest. Thuggish though he is, his anti-immigrant message appeals to some voters. Mr Sarkozy has tried to become a more palatable hard-man. He is popular for his hard stance on crime and hooliganism—acutely sensitive topics in France since an outburst of rioting in late 2005. Mr Sarkozy, who was then interior minister, risked accusations of flirting with the far right. Two words he used then—racaille (“scum” or “rabble”, used to describe the rioters), and “Kärcher” (the make of a high-pressure hose he said he would like to use to clean the streets)—have become permanently associated with him.

Sarkozy seems to be preparing the ground, saying that all the main candidates have moved further right - with the sole exception of Le Pen, implying that Le Pen is now more moderate, and adding “Just because Le Pen touches something does not mean it has to be forbidden.”

With the race tightening, sparks have begun to fly on a wide range of issues. Mr Sarkozy told a philosophy magazine recently that paedophilia and and even teenage suicides, was genetically pre-determined, provoking sharp criticism from Ms Royal and Mr Bayrou.
Shock, horror, the opponents said. "Sarko" believes in eugenics (or genetic selection). How neo-fascist.

In their own ways, left and far right were trying to exploit the paradox of this campaign. Sarkozy may be in front, but hundreds of thousands of French people, even many natural centre-right voters, feel deeply unsettled by the idea of a President Sarkozy.


The left - and many perfectly law-abiding people in the suburbs - have repeated those words to convince themselves that Sarkozy is a crypto-fascist. This could come back to haunt him.

A President Sarkozy would polarise the nation. Any economic reform by Sarkozy would be opposed on the streets. Any police-versus-youth clash in the suburbs could spark new riots.

France needs a courageous man (or woman) to move things forward but also one capable of projecting a sense of steadiness and fairness. Sarkozy may or may not have the courage. Even many people on the centre-right doubt his capacity to generate calm.

In the Fifth Republic, a president is supposed to be someone who unites the country: a "rassembleur" - not just a political leader but an uncle-confessor, with a mysterious spiritual-theatrical capacity to guide and reassure a fractious, perverse nation.

Sarkozy has, for all his success in the polls, failed to audition successfully for that role. He remains an Iago seeking to be an Othello.

As a reminder during our previous Presidentials elections in 2002 in the second round we had the choice between : Chirac (liberal - right party) and Le Pen (Far-Right).
Where is France going....
I just don't understand....

thanx to The Economist, The Independant, CNN, The Echos...

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heidiwg's avatar
desolée my friend :(
Galeiliante's avatar
parfois c'est bien d'être expatrié. J'ai le droit de vote pour les municipales et les européennes en Belgique.

Pour une fois que j'ai un truc qui m'arrange dans le fait d'etre une petite francaise vivant en belgique.
karemelancholia's avatar
t'en as de la chance!
Galeiliante's avatar
j'y suis allée par amour ^^

pas pour la poliique francaise ;)
InpuUpUaut's avatar
I am sorry about that... Do not worry please... :hug:
karemelancholia's avatar
InpuUpUaut's avatar
Maybe we can :backstab: him... :D
moofied1's avatar
at least he isn't a [link]?!
Torquinox's avatar
I've been following the election online. Last I read, Royal was trailing by 10 points. It's disconcerting but not surprising that the conservative candidate is leading. It seems we live in conservative times, though in the US, Conservatism has become a bit distorted. Our so-called conservatives have not been acting like conservatives, especially at the highest levels of the government. Kind of funny that Royal predicted rioting if Sarkozy wins. Could happen, but... Glad you went to vote and that France has high voter turnout. :nod:
karemelancholia's avatar
10 points??! Oh no never.
dunno where you got these results, it's more 53/47%.
Conservative. Well it's not the right word for sarkozy.
He's ultra-liberal, we can agreee or not with that.
Individualist, populist (he claims to be that it's not a bad critic from me), eugenist, want for that people get a solution for their problems they go to the tribunal and attacks other even the State/ aministration...
we really don't have the same view of the society nor of what the human respect means.
We are dealing now with this during 5 years.
For sure he will make new laws, he's an hyperactive.
Not only Royal predicted Riots if Sarko wins, what he has done, lol-). But everyone... sarko and everyone know that all this will happens, now or later.. It will.
Riots there will be, demos etc. The people will speak, we will not be lazy for sure.
Now companies will get help, lower taxes and we workers.. Well we will work in an individual society.
Like Sarko said : It will be the Society of the merit, no more solidarity, each one will work and act for itself...
mmmmmh not my point of view of the society, certainly not.
Each one has his view, France has chosen...
Torquinox's avatar
Hmmm... I think I see what you're saying. I will be interested to see how well a "society of merit" works. Supposedly, we have that idea here. In practice, it becomes "Old Boys Club" and social hierarchy. You're right about the final results. I was referring to the poll numbers and projections going into the vote. The gap closed, but Sarko still won a pretty decisive victory - Not a landslide, but leaves little room for vote-counting controversy. I'm still impressed with the voter turnout. For better or worse, the French people have spoken. Here's hoping things go well for you despite all this.
karemelancholia's avatar
oh yeah the polls.
Wellyou probably talk about the first poll the night of the first round : 45%-55% Our president is elected with the absolute majority so : at least 50,01%, then the night of the second round means nothing, we have to wait several days for correct polls.
BTW sarko is a lil 'thatcher' ya see the society we will get...................
The participation for sure is just something really great, we have a strong democracy, in one month we have the legislative elections....
CarloValente's avatar
w sego from italy
ImaginedMoments's avatar
~Waves~ Thanks for the update :)
Attila5617's avatar
Ce qui est quand même étonnant dans ces élections, c'est que des gens non concernés par l'immigration , votent pour Le Pen parce qu'ils trouvent qu'il y a trop d'immigrés en France... Beaucoup de gens ont compris ça, il y a eu beaucoup d'émissions dessus, les Fatals Picards ont même fait une excellent chanson dessus : "Et Puis Merde, Je Vote A droite" dans leur dernier album.
Il faut que tout le monde réfléchisse un minimum à leur choix , afin d'éviter de rejouer le même scénario qu'en 2002!
Enfin bref...
karemelancholia's avatar
of là tu sais j'en connais un rayon ma famille est immigrée espagnole -je suis de la première génération, et a famille vote le pen ou le neuneu du puy du fou . Et j'ai vécu à l'époque "brune" à... Vitrolles...
Attila5617's avatar
Et beh! J'espères que ça n'a pas créé de conflits dans ta famille au moins!
karemelancholia's avatar
lol ma famille et moi on est pas très proche. Juste un peu avec ma mère mais moi j'suis en bretagne et ma mere dans le var donc...
puis j'ai l'habitude de la voir voter le pen....
Attila5617's avatar
Oui, c'est sur que dans ce cas, c'est moins difficile!
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