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. Introduction .

I'll here speak in my OWN name; even if i know that i'm not alone in this matter (believe me!!!)!
I'll talk about one gallery in particular but keep in mind that all what i say is valid for other galleries!!

As many of you i'm fed up, bored to see all the "deviations" put in the photomanipulation gallery and that are NOT photomanipulations.
Here it is : adding a title, framing, changing contrast, enhancements, blur etc... are not PHOTOMANIP!!!
And lot of people take photos add a frame and basta, let's go to the photomanip gallery. It's not fair.
I'm NOT pointing at anyone, i'm NOT here to blame you but to give tips, guidelines and directions.

Who is she to speak like that, you are thinking.
I'm a photomanipulator, an intermediate more exactly. And i value a lot this COMMUNITY (deviantART).

First please keep in mind that dA is not a simple online gallery to expose your creations, it's a community with various talents.
And as a community, it is built and get its reputation/popularity (famous and recognized) thanx to US, deviants. That's us who make dA.
There are galleries that are more popular than the others (esp. Photo and digital Galleries -but not only, each gallery is important don't misread me i mean the ones that have the most numerous submissions-), these ones gather many new deviants each day, and submitting non-appropriate deviations to these galleries will DECREASE dA reputation, so OURS!
Think in that.
dA is what we make of IT!

Please just have a look at the photomanipulation gallery for example... That's a pity.
If during the last days you got one or several of your deviations replaced it is more than possible that it's because of my reports.
Again i've nothing against anyone, i do not point at you. REPORTING IS NECESSARY AND ENCOURAGED, NOT ONLY BY ME BUT BY ADMINS, reading their journals and NEWS ARE MANDATORY!

So i'll mainly speak here about the Photomanipulation Gallery, as that's the one that concerns me, BUT this is also valid for the other categories!

How to report?

. Guidelines : how to make a report? .

Use this stamp made by Marker-Guru

First the best you should do is to DEVWATCH your gallery director.
You can find Her/Him here : FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
Like that you'll be informed and be aware of any updates, news, guidelines...

Read this new article for a general explanation (and more) : news.deviantart.com/article/26….

- Why reporting?

This has nothing to do with denouncement as i told you in the introduction. Keep that in mind!
This is just about helping the community and our Admins/Gallery Directors keeping this site safe.
This is also a way to promote each one's art! To value it!

I am tired of trying to find art and i just see miscat deviation, i report tonz of miscats because people just don't read, or don't care.

- How do I report?

Browse for art, choose a category, and look.
Click on the deviation you think is miscat.
Please FULL VIEW, read the author's Description. It is important to avoid errors, reporting real photomanipulations won't help.
We are NOT here to harrass people! Forget that!

Policy Report 1 by karemelancholia
<click on the above thumb to get the full view>

This is found at the right side of the deviation's description.

Policy Report 2 by karemelancholia
<click on the above thumb to get the full view>

Your message might be really simple such as :
"This is not a photomanipulation.
This must be replaced in the "xxx" category.
If you know where the deviation must be replaced say it, but please indicate only the GALLERY DIRECTORY NOT the subcat!
For example "Photography", and not "photo > nature" etc...
And please don't get fussy over the sub-categories, reporting non-manips is greater than subcats misplacements!

- About the other types of violations :

Don't forget them!
Copyrights violations need to be reported as such because Gallery Directors need to hand those over!

How to submit in the correct gallery?

. Guidelines : what is a PhotoManipulation? .

First lemme tell you that there are various kind of misplacements, various reasons for this : Lack of knowledge and the fact that somes of us don't pay attention to the categories.
This last reason is the most common and can easily be solved, just by opening your eyes. For example you take a photo of an animal and you place it in the Nature subcat. biiiiiiiip wrong. This is valid for as well as the photography category or the photomanip. one. But such errors are really numerous in every Gallery.
The second is the reason why i'll specifically speak for the photomanipulation gallery : lot of you don't understand what REALLY IS A PHOTOMANIPULATION.
I'm going to explain it to you, even if everything is written in the guidelines!

Submit Stamp by karemelancholia
Use this stamp made by karemelancholia
Spread the world!

- Where are these damn guidelines?

You find them when you submit your deviations.
Click on submit deviation as you are customed to do...

Gallery Description 1 by karemelancholia
<click on the above thumb to get the full view>

Choose your category.

Gallery Description 2 by karemelancholia
<click on the above thumb to get the full view>

You think it's a photomanipulation, then choose this category and subcat.
See under in the yellow window the link : "View Description".
Click on it if you're unsure. Don't mind you will not have to click each time, once you've read it you will have understood and you'll know it FOREVER!
You see here it is specified :
"Please, choose a category for your deviation. If you are unsure which one to pick, you can browse categories and read their descriptions to see if any is right for your deviation. A Gallery Director might move your deviation if it appears to be in the wrong category."

- So?? What is a photomanipulation?

If you followed the above steps you must know.

Gallery Description 3 by karemelancholia
<click on the above thumb to get the full view>

And yes yes don't be shy, browse down.

Here are the complete guidelines :

"The Photomanipulation section is dedicated to digital photographs that have undergone post processing and/or editing via the use of a graphical imaging software. The extent of manipulation should be prominent and noticeable in ways where it can be clearly distinguishable from the unaltered photograph.

When submitting to Photomanipulation, keep in mind deviantART's policies regarding source image reuse. You must have explicit permission to use images that are not your own or are not stock images, no matter how much time you spend manipulating them. It is recommended that you also state if you've used your own pictures to avoid misconceptions.

Please Note : All images submitted to this section should be altered in such way that it is clear you have used techniques other than a filter and/or alteration in the colour of the original.
Rather than into the photomanipulation gallery, these pictures should be submitted to Photography or Digital Art > Miscellaneous.
Also note that drawing or writing on top of a picture does not constitute as a photomanipulation.
These deviations should go into Photography, Digital Art > Paintings & Airbrushing or the Cartoons & Comics sections for example.
Which category is best suited to your deviation depends on what technique dominates in your deviation.
If you have used a mixture of techniques, Digital Art > Miscellaneous.
Vectorized versions of your pictures belong into Digital Art > Vectors or Vexels respectively.
For more information on the nature of the other categories, please read their descriptions!

This last is important, this is the definition of a photomanipulation.
What can i say more. This is really clear!
Using only plugins, filters that are included in your graphics programs, adding a frame, text, changing lights, colors etc does not make your creation a photomanipulation.
A photo is considered manipulated when you've used your lil hand to work on it : brush tool, mouse, digital pen etc...
A photomanipulation really is a hard work, we pass hours (not to say days for the most advanced of us) to create it.

Now you know you don't have excuses anymore! :lol:


Promote this cause as it is yours!
I summon you to fave this article and other related topics. Nothing to with my own popularity but with the IMPORTANCE of this topic!
Link the news article (), or my journal entry, copy, paste, spread the WORLD!!!!!!!!

So read the gallery descriptions, and follow dA guidelines, and respect US!!!

Really... i mean it...

Kare aka karemelancholia

Submit Stamp by karemelancholia

© 2007 - 2021 karemelancholia
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VegaLightsMyWay's avatar
I'm so sorry that some brain-dead individuals feel it necessary to attack your desire to have members of DA follow the rules. It is a real shame.

I am making a new journal, and will include this in the journal in my soapbox.
karemelancholia's avatar
as we said in France : "that's life"!
VegaLightsMyWay's avatar
Well it shouldn't be. You are only asking people follow the same set of rules you abide by. And it isn't that hard!
karemelancholia's avatar
well i let them talk. someone say to me "you are anal"...
with such few use of brain i think it'snot necessary to talk with them, don't you?
VegaLightsMyWay's avatar
Yes, but it just frustrates me that people treat people like you that way.
DameStjernelys's avatar
I could say the same about the categories dealing with Minimalism.. ARGH! People put EVERYTHING in them and it PISSES ME OFF! Those fall under MY watchful eye. :)
karemelancholia's avatar
yes this can be said for every galleries!
DameStjernelys's avatar
Behana's avatar
i put the stamp in my gallery, i'm fed up too.
ys-eye's avatar
That makes sense to me... I don't understand why anyone would argue with you or be upset about it... it benefits everyone :nod: :clap:
lindowyn-stock's avatar
A-freaking-men! I've started patrolling the galleries lately because people aren't crediting their stock providers, but ALSO because of the WHOPPING insane amount of copyrighted material that people are submitting as photos and manips that CLEARLY are not their own. Band photos and such. I can tell the difference, and it's really giving dA a bad name. This is NOT an image hosting site afterall. Cheers to you for standing up. I'm right there with you, and I'm pimpin that stamp. :clap:
karemelancholia's avatar
yeah stocks without credits really make me angry.
such bands photos you pointed at i've seen many lately inthe photomanip gallery. i'm reporting them. this is also the same i see increasing amount og anime/mangas collages... famous animes you know. that aren't they own.
exactly this is not an image hosting. for sure.
i'm being attacked inthe forum for this news article.
sometimes i don't understand people!
lindowyn-stock's avatar
No matter what, in order for progress to be made, you will always come up against adversity. Just continue doing what you believe is right. :heart:
karemelancholia's avatar
kuschelirmel's avatar
:w00t: great to hear that!
lindowyn-stock's avatar
:salute: It's hard to be one person trying to ice skate uphill during an avalanche. :)
kuschelirmel's avatar
believe me, I know *sigh*
Rachzee's avatar
*Pats you on the head to cheer you up*

It will be OK. :hug: ..even if we all don't agree.. :)
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