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ID Contest WINNERS</b>

There's a tie!!
We have 2 winners. i could not decide!

DA ID for Karemelancholia by MzFrkD & Karemelancholia '1 .anim. by morgu3

They both win :

- 1 Big Glossy Postcard of The Visit… or of Poupée… from karemelancholia
- 3 Prints (postcard format photoquality) from karemelancholia
- 1 Custom Stamp & Icon from GoodiesForYou
- Journal Feature from karemelancholia


ID Contest</b>

Yep, I need an ID. Would you make it?

:pointr: Make something creative based ONLY on my deviations! you can take one or several, as you want. Be inspired by what i make, browse my journal to know me (if you don't yet know me a bit ;-)).

:pointr: I'll be the only judge.

:pointr: Deadline : March 31th 2008.

:pointr: 3 entries max per deviant!

:pointr: You must credit me in your description (on your deviation page) and link to the deviation(s) in my gallery you used. (I think it's normal :giggle:).

:pointr: :faq168:
So the size should be : "no more wider than 400 pixels".

:pointr: :faq200:

:pointr: The entry must be made for this contest only (In your description you must link to this contest - THIS journal entry link).

:pointr:  To enter the contest you must send a note with a link to the work - the subject 'Entry for ID Contest' - to this account karemelancholia. Or directly click here!.

:pointr: Prizes</u>

1 Winner ONLY! :
1 Big Glossy Postcard of The Visit… or of Poupée… from karemelancholia
3 Prints (postcard format photoquality) from karemelancholia
1 Custom Stamp & Icon from GoodiesForYou
Journal Feature from karemelancholia

:pointr: ENTRIES

ID contest Entry by mygzus :thumb79532236: DA ID for Karemelancholia by MzFrkD :thumb79757110: :thumb79759517: Wandering Soul... ID1 by animegirlfroggy Karemelancholia  ID by viaviolet karemelancholia ID by Dreamypunk :thumb80821897: :thumb80826039: :thumb80826264: :thumb80848329: :thumb81179675: :thumb81179789: :thumb81182651: :thumb81383361: :thumb81354523: :thumb81354675: Karemelancholia '1 .anim. by morgu3 Karemelancholia '2 by morgu3 Karemelancholia '3 by morgu3 karemelancholia by mygzus ID for Karemelancholia. by katt-25 :thumb81591067: :thumb81576175: Karemelancholia ID by vaniergt89 :thumb79456721:

Fairy name?

Mine is Hex Goblinfly!
I'm a bringer of riches and wealth.
I live in places hexed and tainted by black magic.
I'm only seen at midday under a quiet, cloudless sky.
I wear black feathers and rose petals.
I have gentle green wings like a butterfly.

Wanna know yours?

:pointr: Then check out this poll and click on the link of the title of the poll. And lemme know!!!!!!!!!!!!

And soon a new name for you to know... hehe^^

. love . support . loneliness . TRUTH .  

News about Me!

Some lil updates...
I've a bronchitis. Funny it has been so many year since i got this. For the time i'm really tired, weak and fever... a bronchitis when you're a smoker :ohmygod:

Care about a BIG project that will take place for many monthes. shhhhhhhhhhhhh It will soon be set up!!! It's a very special contest i wanetd to launched  in last december, but with the sickness and death of my grand-mother i could do it before. really it's something dear to my heart.

My life will certainely make a turn. i'm thinking in reorientating my professional life. I'll soon get a website, but above with the heritage of my grand-ma, not so much but maybe enough to go back to study. I want to come back to what i'm made for. At the uni i studied International Rights and Esp. Humanitarian Rights. Now i want to go back to social. To find a balance in my life i need to be here for others. Working in a call-center (customer services) is not for me. I change of firms each two years. Too instable. I need to find a balance. So maybe i'll go back to study. But there are exams to enter into the school to be a social assistant. Let's see.

SNAP Magazine!

I'm really happy!!!

I've been featured in SNAP Magazine!!!

It's in their 007 Issue (hu i'm a james bond girl :giggle:).

You can see it here, to read the article you need to purchase it (makes me more special ;-))
Or you can dowload the free lite version.

See here : www.publishing.forbiddenwhispe…

Some clubs...

Clubs where i'm an admin


More clubs where i'm a member

:icondeath-chicks::iconeliteartists::icondesigningdivas::iconmusical-manipulators::iconmanipulators: :iconroomofangels:
:iconelitemag: :icondeviant-arcade: :iconfuture-art-magazine: :iconcollab-da:

:pointr: View here ALL the advised clubs (i belong to many ;-))


--I'm Available for Commissions--

Do you want a portrait of Yourself in a fantasy way with vivid imagination?
Then GO here for informations!

--Je suis disponible pour des commandes--

Voulez-vous un portrait de vous-même de façon fantastique, magique?
Voyez ici pour plus d'informations!

Fave Art Stamp by GoodiesForYou Gallery Stamp by GoodiesForYou Stamp - Deviant Pride by MauserGirl Support the FAQ stamp by electricjonny Dark by GoodiesForYou:thumb30732206: Give Peace a Chance Stamp by GoodiesForYou Be Proud Stamp by GoodiesForYou:thumb57189155: Stamp, Manga Fan by Icetrix

View all my stamps collection and the causes i support HERE!

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Wandering Soul. All rights reserved.
All the materials contained in my DeviantART
gallery may not be reproduced, copied, edited,
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My images do not belong to the public domain.
Please read the Etiquette Policy and respect it!
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maxi703's avatar
i'm starting to feel with no chance of wining've got such good entries
ImaginedMoments's avatar
Nice entries! I'd love to try but right now not sure if I will have the time. I've been real sick for 3 weeks now and lack energy and creativity ...... :hug:
karemelancholia's avatar
you still have 2 weeks!
simgreensoul's avatar
can you show me please the link from where i can take photos for contest
karemelancholia's avatar
it's my gallery...
Alvarune's avatar
I make a deviantion for you for the countess :P I hope you'll like it a little bit :P I sended it yesterday :)
rubytuzday's avatar
Your place is always a fountain of beauty and information around DA! Thank you!
M-I-R-I-E-L's avatar
:wave: Hello there! I just want to let you know that I've added your contest to my journal - [link] :)
karemelancholia's avatar
many thanx dear!!!
M-I-R-I-E-L's avatar
You're so welcome, sweetie. You're so wonderful about letting everyone know about dA contests that it's nce to be able to do it for you! :hug:
narutofan2011's avatar
me would lovwe to enter:D
cocacolagirlie's avatar
I pimped your contest in my journal: [link] :hug:
karemelancholia's avatar

Many Thanx!!

:postit: Participate to my ID Contest!
:pointr: Looking for a Contest? They are all listed here : [link]
cocacolagirlie's avatar
ImaginedMoments's avatar
Can't wait to see what people come up with ........ :)
karemelancholia's avatar
so do i.. i'm desesperate..........
maxi703's avatar
i want time to make an entry :tears:
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