I summon you to help a DEVIANT!

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:heart: s u p p o r t s ! :heart:

:bulletred: I summon you to help AngellesArt

She really needs all of us.
Please read her journal : angelles.deviantart.com/journa…

I knew she had some health problems but i didn't understood it was so bad.

:iconlove: :iconnuzzlethx: :iconlovehug: :iconiluplz: :iconkissmeeplz: :iconlove:

You want to suggest a deviant? click HERE and give me the link.
And logically i'm not here to promote your gallery or store sells!!!!

:pointr: There are communities that spread the love over there (listed here the active ones) :

This is a club for autistics, the friends and families of autistics, and anyone else who supports the concept of Neurodiversity- support and acceptance for all people, regardless of how their brain functions.

You can give to this club some of your creations, they will sell them for a humanitarian/social cause.

They are here for the benefit of people who suffer from some form of mental condition or emotional turmoil. This is a place where you are in the company of others who will understand where you are coming from!

They are here to help you as the artist gain exposure.

Circle of Friends is a group that will readily offer any type of support, and friendship to people on DA that are having problems and might need to talk to someone. It is not your typical club, but we feel it is of great importance to show support to our fellow deviants when they need it.

We want to strive to creating a well organised deviant sister program. Just see it as your own personal Sisterland.

This is a group, designed to bring awareness to the major disease called cancer.

This is a community created to support the artists that suffer with eating disorders, like bulimia, anorexia, compulsive over-eating and the artists who have depressive behaviours like harming themselves, suicidal thoughts and sadness. You'll find information about eating disorders and depression, their symptoms, consequences, causes and some help in how to do deal with them.

Heart-Club exist to promote an environment that influences artists to create art in any media that expresses love and care for others, be it another human, an animal, or anything else personal to the artist. We are a HEART-ART-GIFT-GIVER Club and we invite all carers and givers who appreciate the Heart to join us in our indeavors

This Club is for everyone who has a problem, who needs/wants advice with something, or who needs to get something off of their chest.

Through this group, we will be able to express to one another through creativity while inspiring each other, as well as be able to find each other more easily for those times when you just need someone to talk to who gets it. This is not a support group, it is a subcommunity among a larger community of artists. First the art, then the illness, and above it all, us.

Charities for Africa.

The-Heart is a gallery of "Found Hearts" at DA, run by people who love the heart, and where other lovers of the heart can have a home to showcase their heart shape deviations. The selection of Found Hearts will change from week to week, but older features will be archived for you to enjoy whenever your heart desires!

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I think DA Loving day is really lovely!
I never had the chance to participate in anything last year...
I hope I'll be a part of it this year ^_^
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Thank God for DA Loving Day!
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I've just read her journal
thank you! :thanks:
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I'm going over to read her journal now.
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I dedicated a piece of work last year for DA Loving Day and I was very happy to be a part of it. I think DA Loving Day is a wonderful thing and that it really does make a difference for people :D

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I think this is one of the most wonderful things I've seen on dA. :clap:
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This is wonderful, thats so awesome of you to support these groups and people. I think i'll get involved, thanks! :hug:
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Thank you for helping me to spread the word about Steven, hon'. I appreciate it so very, very much and I'm sure his family does, too. Big :hug:! :heart:
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:hug: Merci beaucoup mi amor, but could you take my name from that list? :hug: I barely have time to reply to comments now... :( Much less read them all!
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i putted you in my all time support journal feature. keep it up with spreading love:ahoy:
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~Waves~ and :hug: You do such a lot hon :hug: ..... wish I could do more!
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