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Now it's time for the February 2008 Visual Art Features, many new art to discover!

:pointr: Run by karemelancholia since 1 year & 2 monthes.

Don't forget that many artists need to be viewed, they deserve it!
Fave Fave Fave!
My main purpose in doing a monthly feature about (to my point of view) 'the best visual art' is to put in the same level as well wellknown artists and popular creations as unknown artists and under-exposed creations.
Artists need to be supported.
So don't be shy!

Visit their pages, support them by faving, commenting, and when you see a deviation that you like also view their gallery entirely, like that you can decide if you will devwatch them or not.
Viewing only a deviation (what is great) is not enough ;-)

:pointr: You can see the news article here : news.deviantart.com/article/44…
Fave News Stamp by GoodiesForYou

And if you want to see your favorite visual artists or art selected to be in this feature for the next month, send me via note the links/thumbs!

:pointr: You can see the previous features here :

. Goddesses
. Cats
. Butterflies

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. Best of Photomanipulations 2006
. Best of Digital Art 2006
. Best of Photography 2006

Here's the Menu per Category :

Digital Paintings & Drawings | Mixed Media | PhotoManipulations | 3-Dimensional | Vector & Vexels | Traditional Paintings & Drawings | Photography | Artisan Crafts

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Distracted by mortalitas condoms by mastadeath

Digital Paintings & Drawings

__Pepper v.2__ by Pim-s Angel Hearts Break Too by MelissaDawn :thumb77432808: Guardians of Summer by Shockbolt Kemor-Egim-Maiaf by Fura-Falevan :thumb77744315: Ladybug's heart by vinegar Mermaid of the lake by ftourini WHAT. by soul-sama Hold Me Now by mckadesinsanity A Little Bird Told Me by Rachzee :thumb76696832: Strange autumn by Lanfirka Wavering tree by TheTrashCaretaker :thumb76667829: :thumb77581524: Amour a Laffut by SandraKristin Isskataa by navate

Mixed Media

:thumb78622854: a.v. by babymik :thumb78451036: :thumb78386206: In The Realm Of Destiny by PaintedOnMySoul Queen of the Dead by IdaLarsenArt :thumb77302445: Queens by dracoimagem-com No Mercy by MichaelO Gravity by cryingsorceress The Sky Falls by wroth

Mature Content

Aware by beanhugger
Winter Sleep- Collab with MW by JunkbyJen

Mature Content

Smell of Solitude by KatjaFaith
:thumb78394839: The Scientist by IdaLarsenArt


..:: Spring Twilight ::.. by frostmaster Wandering Soul by Autonoe Golden girl by CindysArt Barbarian siblings by EmberRoseArt :thumb76884093: Transplant by Nicolas-Henri Fall From Grace by thedesignchamber Globe of Elements by Donut007 :thumb76729250: Symphony by kuschelirmel Nutricis by Aimelle Atlantis is Rising by azurylipfe At the Top of the World by mirallca :thumb78757905: From Another World by Foxfires :thumb77735793: :thumb78433349: Strips by adnrey The Origin by KarimHommos


Wounded elf by bgx1 EMO-XD by akulla3D Black cat by ValentinaKallias Dark Punisher by ValentinaKallias :thumb76992969: t.C.i.m.H. 081605 by mattmillsart The Stuff of Fantasy... by vaia

Vector & Vexels

:thumb77754976: :thumb78408265: +++ YOUR GENIE by jaalondon Anger by AndersonMathias Summer Fields by sourcow RED LONELINESS by jaalondon Happy Valentine's Group by KawaiiUniverseStudio the Angel by vectoriotics :thumb76367310:

Traditional Paintings & Drawings

:thumb78718930: :thumb78332181: Heath Ledger - A Legend by InsaneKane87 :thumb78584896: Alicia Keys by NSmoerebroet :thumb78193800: Golden Wish by AnnieMsson Frost Moon Spirit by dark777fairy :thumb78460124: Memories by Katerina-Art Mischa by Anna-Mariaa 'Cheese' by LordAvatarZ Baba Yaga's Nightly Ride by windfalcon The mind of captain Sparrow by NSmoerebroet Lost in Memories by kirstinmills :thumb78605350: tigress by E777Y Head Exercise II by ThomasChien


Hold a Prayerful Smile by efrenloresco contemplations of an outlet by sophiaazhou

Mature Content

The Beads on The White .2 by lobur

Mature Content

gutta-percha by perhydrol
+ fUN on AiR + by mohdfikree KonsTrukTiOn by genr :thumb78257113: Across the universe... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria Aim High by RS-foto stolen by karae _falling to you by thephotogenesis :thumb77182240: Flowers 01 by zardin-secret Till the last drop by Mon-artifice Her kingdom by Alyz These Hands by littlemewhatever Velvet by Annie-Bertram

Artisan Crafts

:thumb78758768: Coral filigree by craftal Heorot by Thorleifr Juicy Fruits by kittenspawn Silvery Nest... by paulaspixies Baby dragon-plushie by IsisMasshiro Alien 4 by Belial28 Patio chair by artistladysmith Chalice of Earth and Sky by Eolhin If You Could See Into My Soul by Gailavira :thumb76386640: Crazy Jane Ballerina Doll by lilnymph Pop tab necklace choker by Gimmeswords Set of Element Necklaces by MoonLitCreations Pink Dangles charm bracelet by Jessewellery

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maybe you'll cross my path,
one day, or another.

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Great features! and thank you so much for the feature!
Happy to be here :D
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You're welcome!

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Thank you for the add:)
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Thank you for the feature! :love: That piece is one of my personal favorites & I'm glad that you enjoyed it.
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Thanks so much for the feature Kare! It is much appreciated, and as always you have introduced me to more great art to look at and fave! :hug: :rose:
karemelancholia's avatar
you're welcome sweetie!!!
And you know what? i love your icon ahahah :giggle:
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I love my icon too :D - thank you! Have had a few compliments on it... I have given you credit for it in my journal too, to show appreciation! :glomp:
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Thank you for add my jewelry! I love your features, lots of awesome creations.
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Aw, thank you so much for the feature! I feel so special with one of my pictures among all those wonderful artworks! :giggle:
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Thanks so much
karemelancholia's avatar
You're welcome dear!!!
And if not yet done don't forget to fave the news article : [link]


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thanks so so much! i was wondering why i had so many messages! :aww:
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You're welcome!
You deserve it!!
And if not yet done don't forget to fave the news article : [link]


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thank you so much for the feature :heart means so much to me :hug:
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Thank you so, so much! :hug: I'm honored! You've picked a wonderful selection of art here. :D
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You deserve it!!
I love your art!!!!
And if not yet done don't forget to fave the news article : [link]


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Thanks a lot or the feature! :hug:
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You're welcome dear!!!
You deserve it!!

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thank you so much for the feature, some great pieces you've shown here
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