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:+fav: Introduction

What am I talking about?

Faving art is REALLY important for artists. To get their Art view and get more expozure!
deviantART is just the most wonderful Art Community in the cyber world. Most of us have strong ties with this site and their Admins. This Community knew through the years how to built a vivid, creative and wide site!

Faving art as well as devwatching a deviant allow the artist to continue his work, improving etc. That's our way to show an artist we love him, we love his creations and that we SUPPORT him!

:+fav: "Disable Fave" Option, Why?

:pointr: Into deviantART there are clubs that have developed a lot and keep this Community more alive and creative, spreading the love and the support, via thematic clubs.

When you submit your own creation to dA, you have several options that can be found in your submission page, see at the bottom.
You have a scroll box that allows you to choose if you want to "Allow Comments", "Discouraged Comments", "disable Comments", and "advanced Critics".

I'm asking for the same option for the FAVES.

:pointr: Why?

First View these useful F.A.Q.'s :
- :faq216:
- :faq764:

As I previously said Faving Art is really important for the artists. But how can it be useful if the piece is faved in a club's gallery?
All Clubs put the link to the Original Creation in the description and make a reminder of this Policy : NO FAVE INTO THE CLUB.
All support should be directed to the artist.
A Club's Gallery is here to expoze the work, not to be popular!

I'm an admin for several clubs, in charge of submissions and Fave/Unfave notes.
You can't imagine how many faves we have. Clubs' Admins pass their days to send notes to the deviants who faved the artwork in the wrong place according to each club policies but also to fair use of art.
Sometimes we get angry answers and even insults in return.
We gently try to explain the people that there is no "Disable Fave" Options... Many deviants ask the Club's Admins to put such Options, but we are just clubs admins and NOT dA admins.

:pointr: And BTW if a single artist wants to disable to Fave Option (for scraps for example or anything else!) like the Comments, it's our free will!
There is also the fact that most deviants don't appreciate to get their art faved into clubs and not on their account (mostly because of lack of knowledge and non reading of the rules reminded in the club's deviation itself). We the single deviants usually send notes to these persons.

That's the reasons why i've created a Poll.

Before the poll i thought that for single accounts, this feature will not be used so much, and that's why i wanted to get your comments! I could not exepect that this option would be so useful. As some suggested : for scraps, ID's or stamps made by others, for creation submitted for contests for example, or WIPs, Details, Before & Afters etc. I've seen many other reasons for using this tool (if one day it exists i hope), so i really wish dA will create it!
I still gathering your opinions, suggestions, votes & comments. I'll then send a summary of this.
Definitely it seems that this options would be far more useful than we could think!!!

:+fav: Express Yourself : the Poll

I've set up a Poll. Express Yourself in the poll, give your opinion!
Pro or Cons. With or Without suggestions. Do not hesitate to write down your comments, suggestions in the poll!

What we ask is to get a scroll box near/under the "Comments" Box Options with several choices as : You have a scroll box that allows you to choose if you want to "Allow Faves" & "Disable Faves", were "Allow Faves" will be the default Option. Or a check Box "Disable Faves".

Remember this Options can be used by clubs but by Any Deviants!
We Do Not ask for a specific Option for Clubs, but for EVERY account!

And please We're not here To flame nor any deviant (we all make errors) nor dA! We are just asking for a new feature (yes yes we ask a loooooooot to dA! :love:).
Show your love to this marvelous Community! Suggestions help improving.

:+fav: In addition...

Here's a topic related to this one.
Do we need specifical clubs accounts?
It will be a really good thing if dA recognized clubs. Really.

Many clubs do important acts. There are charity clubs, diseases, artistic clubs. They help the community growing but above they are a TIE between all deviants.
We are a family, here at dA, and clubs have a big responsibility in this.

Another topic to debate. Soon...



I've always created in my soul,
in my alive and living dreams.
I've a melancholical soul...
i wander away and here.
maybe you'll cross my path,
one day, or another.

. w a n d e r i n g s o u l .


:pointr: My gallery is Copyright ©2006-2007 Wandering Soul.
All rights reserved.
All the materials contained in my DeviantART gallery may not be reproduced, copied,
edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission.
My images do not belong to the public domain.

Please read the Etiquette Policy and respect it!

© 2008 - 2021 karemelancholia
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Leytala-Velnial's avatar
I believe it should be an option...I have been fav-raped multiple times and it is NOT fun. 
Liamythesh's avatar
I think it should definitely be an option. I can't express how agonizing it is to see tons of :+fav:s every day on my gelatinous cube pixel animation while all the actual art in my gallery just kind of gets ignored.
Wolffboy's avatar
Being Moderator to several groups, it can be frustrating spending one's day sending notes to people asking them to remove the fav and give it to the original artist. So in favor of the poll, Yes!!! We most definitely need it!

Granted, there have been a few occasions that I myself have made the mistake and favored a deviation and have gotten notes from the Moderators, and I don't mind that, but do they have to be rude or even down right arrogant with the messages they leave? Some have even posted comments on the front page belittling the person! I think that the removal of fav on clubs/groups is a necessity not a want and there should be an etiquette guide for the Moderators as well.

Thank you for letting me vent.
karemelancholia's avatar
For sure, time to time it also happens to me to fave devs into club and i usually un fave htem immediately... so even for all of us this option will be very useful!

:kiss: Kare.

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gatogirl12345's avatar
It is quite annoying though. I actually proposed an account system where instead of the clubs have to resubmit the artwork, all they do is just fave the artwork...then the club watchers gets notified that the club faved an art piece...but instead it would appear as a devWatch thing linking to the art piece of the individual's account...

I heard that there has been a ' Parties ' system idea going around...but no news yet...:hmm:
karemelancholia's avatar
Yep! the most would be to create specifical clubs accounts where all faves will be RE-Directed to the original piece!

:postit: Participate to the Solidarity Project/Contest!
:pointr: Should dA create a "Disable Fave Option"?
:pointr: Looking for a Contest? They are all listed here : [link]
gatogirl12345's avatar
Even that is fine...

I really hope the Parties system is being worked upon... :(
TheJack-jack's avatar
en voilà une idée qu'elle est bonne ^^
chanceruk's avatar
Hope you don't mind but I have put a link to your poll in my journal, keep all the votes in one place!

Fingers crossed :)

karemelancholia's avatar
Nope i don't mind dear!
you'r ereally welcome. those initiaves should be really useful!!!
LadyJinx's avatar
Another post, forgot to mention this...

When I update my journal, I'll put a link to this journal in my journal!

LadyJinx's avatar
I support this. They should make one. You know how people make gift art for a certain person and five people fav it and don't even comment? -_- Or like clubs who ask nicely to not favorite the art submitted and go the original which is linked... or it's a deviation made by the deviant that's very special to them and they ask nicely not to favorite it but 5 people end favoriting it and don't even comment...

Yes, they should do this option!

We should petition!
karemelancholia's avatar
Sure at first sight we could wonder why this option? But in fact it would be useful!

:postit: Participate to my ID Contest!
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:pointr: Should dA create a "Disable Fave Option"?
:pointr: Looking for a Contest? They are all listed here : [link]
Insect-Lovers-Club's avatar
Done! I put a link to this in the journal of the club!
leocbrito's avatar
Great, great and great! I will put a link to this poll in my club *Insect-Lovers-Club to help with this! :heart:
karemelancholia's avatar
thanx a lot!!!!!!!!!!!
nyokirrr's avatar
Oui, dans le cas des clubs, c'est mieux de rediriger ver la déviation sur l'acompte de l'artiste.
karemelancholia's avatar
certain oui :kiss: de rien pour le feature tu est TRES talentueux!
TheMysteriousK's avatar
First I was sceptical about this feature, but reading your piece I can understand it if some people don't want scraps or WIPs to show up elsewhere.

What I don't understand is why clubs don't use the fav feature instead of re-posting their material - it's far quicker, easier and any faves and comments will be directed to the right place automatically. If you've submitted to a club that's there to encourage advanced criticism, it will also be far easier to keep up with comments etc. And because there's a bar "SoandsoClub's Favourites" above the deviation, it will still be possible to navigate back easily.
The only (minor, I think) downside to this is that you'll get a fave counted that's not really a fave. To solve this, a "none-counting (club)fave" or "shadow fave" could be the solution - but it's not going to happen as long as DA keeps - mistakenly in my opinion - ignoring the club phenomenon. :(

Still, for the sake of the people who want to keep their WIPS and Scraps to themselves, I'll vote "Yes".
Medusa92's avatar
:idea:you have the right idea i think =TheMysteriousK
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