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I'm happy because with the last event initiated since many years by Moonbeam13 : against breast Cancer, i've given to a french association (ligue contre le cancer) and also to another french association that fight against AIDS (Sidaction); this illness is the one i want to fight more against, i dunno why, i know none who has this sickness, probably because i think this one is full of injustice, when i see sopme religious leaders saying "no condoms"... I'm completely shocked. when i see the poor countries (most of all in africa) where no pills, or unusuable pills are distributed, i'm so revolted. i'm so angry against this.
My generation is the one on the divorce, the financial crisis/recession, of the AIDS. Stop now.

:pointr: See this news article please : news.deviantart.com/article/34…

Thank you to our wonderful Project GD : shell4art :heart:

Over 25 million people have been lost to AIDS so far, and 4.3 million people were infected with HIV in 2006.  The spread of HIV is quickening, with more people infected in 2006 than in any previous year.

Information, education and communication are among the most important elements in the response to AIDS.  To be effective information must be understood and believed and it's no surprise to anyone reading this that there is a negative stigma associated with this disease.

For more infos about AIDS and Awarness see this news article : news.deviantart.com/article/34…

So participate & donate!

Many thanx!

How Can I help?

I'm glad you asked, there are several ways:

:pointr: For the americans you can support EveningDownpour in her Philadelphia Aids Walk

:pointr: For the frenchs like me i advice you to give to this association, like i did :  Le Sidaction.

Don Sidaction by karemelancholia <- Proof that i gave here!

:pointr: You can sport the stamps and help spread the word in your journals by directing people back to this article

:pointr: Read the information in the links below and educate yourselves, educate your friends, your family, whoever.  Get the word out about the truth and help us break the stigma.

:pointr: Steal the CSS and post information about this cause in your journal

:pointr: Sport the avatar AIDS Avatar by de-Mote


:bulletred: AIDS Walk 2007
:bulletred: AIDS Mythbusters Contest
:bulletred: AIDS.org
:bulletred: Center for Disease Control and Prevention HIV/AIDS Fact Sheet
:bulletred: U.S. CDC HIV/AIDS prevention
:bulletred: National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (7 February 2008)
:bulletred: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services: HIV/AIDS Days
:bulletred: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services AIDSinfo
:bulletred: National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (15 October 2007)
:bulletred: AIDS/HIV Awareness.org
:bulletred: CBS Cares: HIV
:bulletred: amfAR: The Foundation for AIDS Research
:bulletred: Avert.org: World AIDS DAY (1 December 2007)
:bulletred: The AIDS Memorial Quilt (The NAMES Project Foundation)
:bulletred: UNAIDS: The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
:bulletred: NetAid (an initiative of Mercy Corps): ACT NOW: HIV/AIDS
:bulletred: Red Ribbon Foundation
:bulletred: KidsHealth.org: HIV and AIDS
:bulletred: HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, NIAID/NIH
:bulletred: The Office of Minority Health: Minority HIV/AIDS Initiative
:bulletred: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (SAAC): HIV/AIDS Awareness in the African American Community
:bulletred: National Catholic AIDS Network
:bulletred: What Does the Catholic Church Say About HIV/AIDS?

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comment on fait pour utiliser le "timbre" :) ?
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c'est une déviaiton comme une autre : tu copie et colle le "thumb" mais c'est possible que pour ceux qui sont des "subscribers", ce qui n'est pas ton cas!
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niark je peux rien faire alors ... :(
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Very worthy cause!!
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Woohoo! great thing this...fight aids...well, you have my full support, and if you need any help with anything let me know...
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