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. DISAPEARED and... RE-Appeared!!! .

Yes were you wondering where is she...
arf... So many MANY things to do.

i was just busy....

But first lemme wish you a
MERRY CHRISTMAS for those who feast it, happy KWANZA, YULE etc..............

:holly: :santa:

I was away because i created my own "firm", i'm a professional now and i still be an employee in the same job. So i've many things to do and 24 hours a day are not enough.
I've an online shop that gives me many work!

I'd like to thanx AF-studios who gave me ne month premium membership.

And i'd like to give you a big hugs :hug: to YOU ALL!! I think of you.. But i'm so busy!
I've so many messages don't be angry if i don't answer you, i'll soon do it. Give me time! I've not connected to deviantART in 6 monthes!! WOW i've so many messages i will read them step by step.
But first i've any MANY CONTESTS PRIZES TO GIVE! That will be my priority i still have a tablet to send, postcards etc...

These ast monthes i made MANY jewels! My passion! You can find many in my shop : stores.shop.ebay.fr/De-Bulles-…

Under you'll find some health updates, several things changed, and at the end a "devmeet " with AelizeA that i saw this summer while i was on holidays!

And now some pics of the last week, we got snow in Bretagne :wow: so rare! Look at my kitties hehe^^

WOW it snow by karemelancholia More snow by karemelancholia But why is the ground white by karemelancholia But where are the moles by karemelancholia Hey you moles, come here by karemelancholia


Kare :heart:

:bulletpink::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletpink::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:[Bullet; White][Bullet; White][Bullet; White][Bullet; White][Bullet; Pink]
[Bullet; Pink][Bullet; White][Bullet; White][Bullet; White][Bullet; White][Bullet; White][Bullet; White][Bullet; White][Bullet; White][Bullet; White][Bullet; White][Bullet; White][Bullet; White][Bullet; White][Bullet; Pink]
[Bullet; Pink][Bullet; Pink][Bullet; Pink][Bullet; Pink][Bullet; Pink][Bullet; Pink][Bullet; Pink][Bullet; Pink][Bullet; Pink][Bullet; Pink][Bullet; Pink][Bullet; Pink][Bullet; Pink][Bullet; Pink][Bullet; Pink]

. Health .

. Fibro first...

Well i feel very well! what you have in your mind and your smile is really important.
My pain is really low, i rarely makes crisis just because in my mind i don't think in it, Fibromyalgia is not a disease, it's a state of mind. My last crisis was a few weeks ago, it's only during the 6th day that i wonder "but hey why do i have this pain?.. Oh yes that's true i'm fibro!"..
And i laughed.. because I FORGOT that i was fibro!
I can't stand these people who pass their times to complain...
Not my cup of tea!

. New disease...

Yes i cumulate, doctors laughed at me. LOL!!! So do I!
My friends says that i'm "disease worker" one disease then another one... Dunno what they will diagnostized after this...

You remember i told you that i was used to faint, have giddinesses, a lot!!
i began to make crisis with convulsions etc. Usually in my car, not funny when you drive...
well i made several vagal faintness. After such a crisis (usually no more than 30 seconds) i felt so weak, i usually takes me 2 hours to recover.

But the giddinesses stayed here, even with a perfect blood pressure.
i finally when to the hospital after 10 monthes to see a specialist...
She found a Nystagmus. yep i learnt a new word! lol.
By the way finally we found an explanation for all these giddinesses... [w00t!]
For those, like me when i first heard this word ;p) who want to know what is this exactly go here : www.lowvision.org/nystagmus.ht…
In fact it's R.E.M. YEAH!!!!!!, i have Mike Stipe in my eyes [rofl]

They also find that i have some convergences problems with my eyes. So i'm making eyes reeducation each week with an orthoptist. Arf health will never leave me alone! [Giggle]

And of course i got the Flu, oh no, not the H1N1, not this one, but another and it continued with a bronchitis... 1 week in bed, 2 weeks without voice. i only went back to job on monday.

Well until the next disease... A new one with a complicated name, impossible to pronunciate like nystagmus [rofl]

ah funny! hope that 2010 will see diseases running very far away from me!

. Isa .

I met sweet Isa this summer. AelizeA - don't miss her she's a nice being and a great traditional artist!

We met in Avignon, in the south of France.

Under the sun, we walked through the city, eat an ice cream, slurp hehe^^, discussed a lot. such anice being. i adore her!

We went to her home, such a marvelous house!

Here are some pics, isn't she a fairy?

Avignon 1 by karemelancholia Avignon 2 by karemelancholia Avignon 3 by karemelancholia Avignon 4 by karemelancholia Avignon 5 by karemelancholia

Isa 1 by karemelancholia Isa 2 by karemelancholia Isa 3 by karemelancholia Isa 4 by karemelancholia

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heidiwg's avatar
Hey girl, I've missed you!!!!
InpuUpUaut's avatar
Oh girl... Diseases love you, right? :D

I have read contact lens can help with that... Do not know if that is real or not, just to let you know.
ImaginedMoments's avatar
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas sweetie and Happy 2010 :hug: :blowkiss: (I know the feeling, not been here hardly myself ;)
Behana's avatar
:w00t: Glad you're back and to hear you're doing well.
Mathness's avatar
Good to hear from you again. Happy holidays. :D

I sort of assumed you were busy with the house, after moving in. But clearly you needed to be more busy and went pro. ;P

I wish you the best of luck and a happy new year. :party:
weida34's avatar
welcome back and marry xmas! :)
Lechtonen's avatar
Good to hear from you, Kare :hug:
artemisa-69's avatar
It's good to see you back Kare :tighthug: Take care :heart:
KirstenLane's avatar
It's good to hear from you again :hug: :rose:
AelizeA's avatar
kro bieeeeeeeeeeen t'es de retour !!!!!
Roh t'abuses avec les photos je fais le clown tout le temps :p
N'empeche ça me fait super plaisir d'être dans ton journal :D :D :D
C'etait bien chouette cette petite journée cet été !
TOn noel etait bien ? Les chats se sont pas transformés en bonchats de neige ? :p
maxi703's avatar
nice to know you're getting along with the disease :hug:
and good luck on the new job :)
Audodo's avatar
:lol: Cool !! bon retour sur DA !!!! :santa: Joyeux noël et bonne fêtes de fin d'année :hug: !!!!!
oh et felicitation pour ton entreprise !!!! :clap: :dance: !!!!
Tsabo6's avatar
Merry Xmass!
AJthe90skid's avatar
I thought you'd left here, it's so good hear from you again - have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Hope all the diseases get healed up!
Helewidis's avatar
it's nice to hear again from you, kare!!! :smooch: :cuddle:
TheJack-jack's avatar
re et bonnes fêtes de fin d'année... allez, comme bonne résolution, "je n'écoute plus la fibro" ô_o
skilla242's avatar
Take your time ;)
welcome back and merry christmas :)
AF-studios's avatar
I know how busy one can get running his own personal business.
And you are welcome hun :hug:
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