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Explanations :

The Loss describes the fact that we all lost something, then we feel so lonely. It can be something or someone that made of us what we are, that made that we felt alive.
But finally all those events that hurt us so much built us, make us stronger and give us something in addition, something that will make us special! We only notice that (for those who notice it) a very long time later...

In this creation this loss is representated by the snail's cockle, like if before she was in it, this was on her back, just like when a snail leave it.
But look at her back, ya see what she got in return? Wings.
The tree branches on her head symbolize her thoughts, so deeply rooted in her mind that she cannot see the good days and hope that are coming to her! This represents our bloqued thoughts, when we feel so bad that we cannot help from having dark and depressive thoughts.
She also has elvish ears, the magicks she cannot see yet!

:pointr: So this creation is for those who actually feel bad, who have felt bad, who will feel bad. :heart:

This piece can be bought on my ETSY SHOP &/or at my Zazzle Shop various items avalaible, postcards, prints, posters, magnets...

''I give my full permission for *DeviantDolls, =dream-club, ~dreamland-club, ~elves, =Manipulators, *Fantasy-Fellowship & *keepers-of-dreams to display this deviation in the club's gallery''.

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resources :
model : ~mondkalbstock;
tree brushes : ~AutumnsGoddess-stox;
wings & sighs brushes : ~spiritsighs-stock;
texture & snail :;
birds brushes : =AzurylipfesStock
rest is painted.
Thanx to all!!!!!!


I've always created in my soul, in my alive and living dreams.
I've a melancholical soul... i wander away and here. maybe.
maybe you'll cross my path, one day, or another.

. w a n d e r i n g s o u l .

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Looks beautiful!
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Your art has been featured in my journal: [link] :heart:
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This is lovely in concept and execution. The symbolism is beautiful.

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Absolutely bautiful :) :heart:
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Amazing work :heart:
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Thanx a lot!

:kiss: Kare.

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:aww: I :heart: this one like all...
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I love it! and I like all your explanation, i cant believe i read it all haha.. well I totally agree with you.. when u loose something, for a time u cant see what good things came from that lost...
u rock! ♥
karemelancholia's avatar
:giggle: i'm so glad when people read descriptions! they are made for that!
u rock too!

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yeah i always read descriptions! although sometimes they are very loooong, as yours.. hehe.. great! =D as always, bravoo!!
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This is just beautiful! I love your writing behind it, we all have those deep rooted thoughts and we have all lost someone or something. The snail is like the shell of a soul. Great capture of human emotion both the light and dark sides. :hug:
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Thanx for your nice comment! really it's so great to see someone who read the description ;-)

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that's wonderful...

I'm happy for deciding to take a look to your gallery

I really like it!
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I've been seeing this for a while now.
LAPoetry-n-Photo's avatar
I really like your description and the meaning behind the deviation. It is beautiful art, also, as always.
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She's lovely...
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