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Arachnée - My Dangerous Mistress
(the title is in French, but dA does not allow accents...)

== Dedicated to =bitchinblack ==

I thank you all in advance for all the faves! :thanks:

-- View Details here : [link] --

- Available for trade as :
  • Glossy Prints : 4x6 inches aka 11x15 cm.
  • Glossy Postcards : 5.4x8.4 inches aka 14x21.5 cm.

  • More Infos HERE


    I've always created in my soul,
    in my alive and living dreams.
    I've a melancholical soul...
    i wander away and here.
    maybe you'll cross my path,
    one day, or another.

    . w a n d e r i n g s o u l .

    | Official Website | More Goodies | Even More Goodies | t.o.s/t.o.u | Ayrton Senna |


    resources :
    model : ~arachnid15-Stock;
    textures & bg : *WanderingSoul-Stox (mine);
    brushes : ~anaRasha-stock;
    Thanx to all!!!!!!



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    ... anyone ever told you this looks like Amy Lee from Evanescence?
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    Featured you here: [link]
    Thank you so much for inspiring me to become a better artist and taking the time to make art. :heart::hug:
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    Cool, dark and gothic, but at the same time, lots of clean white. Really nice combination.
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    Featured here: [link]
    Sorry for the late reply, I ended up quitting DeviantART for awhile because of A LOT of things and now I am back. Thank you for providing such beautiful, amazing, inspirational art for people to look at and enjoy.
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    Such excellent work!
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    you are welcome.
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    i love spiders so this appeals to me soooo much!!!!
    kenofchaos's avatar
    i love em i keep tarantulas as pets theyre awesome, i have some photos of my spiders on my page if yer interested
    HouseofChabrier's avatar
    Spooky but I like it. I love spiders in a graphic, menacing kind of way. You make such interesting introspective art. It's very compelling and rather facinating! :) Annie
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    uughh.. I hate spiders :-S
    girlslove's avatar
    i'm scared of spiders ;)
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    LithMyathar's avatar
    i'm so afraid of spiders,but it looks so good!
    TheJack-jack's avatar
    je crois que ce que préfère en elle c'est ses magnifiques yeux nacrés...
    karemelancholia's avatar
    Et l'araignée alors??? :giggle:

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    TheJack-jack's avatar
    je n'ai pas dit que l'araignée n'était pas belle^^
    le dessin dans l'ensemble est superbe, mais... les yeux sont ce que je préfère ici :)
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