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Last year I got an inspiration to try something different than drawing on a paper.
You can find the results here:…

I wonder what there is to conquer this year :)

Looking forward to this year :)
Haven't drawn alot lately. Actually I've only finished one picture in the past 4 months :( Haven't been very creative. Well summer is coming and I'm walking around with my simple camera. Hopefully I can catch some good moments.
Well, I scanned 3 pictures few days ago. The latest one and the 2 others from the last year. Enjoy!
I've been browsing deviantart for few hours now and there's just so much excellent and amazing works on display that I feel totally overwhelmed. Well, I guess I just have to get used to the fact that I don't have time to check them all out :)
I'm pretty new to this drawing thing altogether. I've drawn some pictures every now and then but never have I had much thought in it. In december 2005 I tried to draw few a3 sized picture and the second drawing worked out so well that I can hardly believe I've drawn it! (It's this one here:… ).
Well, needless to say I'm pretty enthusiastic about drawing and more drawings will definitely come out in the near future!
If my drawings rose any thoughts I'd be happy to hear them. Also all kinds of comments are welcome!