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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

My original character/art.

Jaharal: "Wait, are you calling me ugly because I'm a darkelf? That's racist!"
Kaevi: "Well, I'm not bad either, so stop whining."
Jaharal: "You're a thief, so bad is not wrong..."
Kaevi: "Really? And who defined him as the "good" one?"
Sagara: "Why don't you two stop complaining and just deal with the truth?"
Kaevi: "I have a better idea for the title: The arrogant, the intelligent and the whiney one."
Jaharal: "Nah. The idiot, the idiot and the non-idiot."
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Their dialogue was making the laugh so much! :D It's delightful to read their banter as they tease one another. :aww: I love their battle ready poses too!
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Hehe, thank you! :hug:

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Love it!  And the dialogue is also great!  Nice job!  I love the way your art style is developing.  I just wish I got to see more of it more often, but I suppose quality trumps quantity.  Anyway, keep up the great work!
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Thank you! It's good to hear that I'm somehow improving.

Yeah, I wish I could make more art, but it can be time consuming, and then there's also my Job, that takes away a lot of time. :D

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I love the poses! 
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I am always excited to see pictures of Sagara in our submissions, I enjoy his design so much.
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Thank you! It makes me happy that you remember him as a character. :D

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"When you have to shoot, shoot don't talk!"
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Haha, my favorite line of the movie ("Wer schießen will, der soll schießen und nicht quatschen!" in german). :D

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The picture is awesome and the description is phenomenal!!!
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Hahaha, thank you! :D

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