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Summoning mishaps
By Karbo   |   Watch
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Mature  |  Published: November 1, 2011
EDIT : scrapped for now, I'm really not very happy with the anatomy and want to rework it entirely ^^ ;

a picture of the succubus Zycra having just been summoned and subsequently having a bit of fun :D
Apparently the summoner messed up in the summoning circle or something X3

The drawing is part of a serie of training I did on feet.
A few days ago someone asked me if I the reason I was drawing nagas was because I can't draw feet. Well obviously that's not the reason behind it but this is not a secret I'm terrible with feet ^^;
So I'm now trying to resolve this for good, with.. probably mixed results ;3. This pose and angle was pretty tough.

Zycra belongs to :iconvaderaz:
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VixsuneHobbyist Digital Artist
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KarboProfessional Digital Artist
Capes are dangerous X3
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The proportions aren't perfect -- but that makes the picture BETTER. The fact that the demon looks inhuman and a little distorted is scarier. That, plus the crazy angle make this one fantastic.
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Ifrit9Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nicely done dude :3
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artistafrustradoHobbyist General Artist
gotta hatte when your summonings never result as you want xD
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being a fan of yummy female feet and giantess..i personally think you did a fantastic job altogether and on the feet..they may or may not be perfect, but i have seen MUCH worse, like im not sure what some people were thinking or what feet they see, but those look good
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KarboProfessional Digital Artist
thank you :)
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Nice perspective.
I love it.
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Zoekin-3Hobbyist Writer

Oh you have to be so careful summoning succubi.

I love the perspective here.
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bethoncer2Hobbyist Filmographer
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AsurothHobbyist Writer
Definitely gonna agree with summoning done right XD! On that note, I now need to find a copy of Demon Summoning for Dummies along with Dimensional Portals for Dummies while I'm at it for good measure.

A very striking pose for sure here, really helps give off the feel she is enjoying toying and quite literally towering over him heh. Always good to practice on difficult things too- though I did get a chuckle out of that 'reason' for nagas being drawn so often :P. If I were to say anything though, on her right foot the toes seem a bit short- though that could be due to distance and even her possibly having curled them or something. Just kinda stood out when trying to look at em. Still an entertaining picture though heh.
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I love the work. ^_^
Although now i'm curious as to if there may be a story with this...
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Dude, Spell check accepts Cthulhu!
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If I were him, I'd try to get a few kisses on those pretty toes before I got smooshed.
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If this is a failed summoning, then what was ACTUALLY supposed to happen?
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Sexy picture is sexy! Lol :D
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Well, it's what he gets for reading "DEMON summoning for DUMMIES"!
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The summoner didn't mess up. It went terribly, horribly right.

Nice foot practice. Now we just need to get you drawing bicycles.
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KarboProfessional Digital Artist
hahaha XD
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shroduHobbyist General Artist
Now, when you say "Fun" you mean vore, fun, or "Fun"?
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KarboProfessional Digital Artist
probably vore fun X3
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