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Stones ores and gems

A picture to illustrate the mineralogy page of the wiki ^^  (… )
It's a bit different than what I do usually but it's an interesting exercise. Rocks are more complex and fun to draw than they look XP

The Yellow and orange glowing Crystal is Scintilla, the crystal below it emitting cold is Boralite, The big greenish Quartz like block is a chunk of Victulate, the small orange block below it is Tazarin, The pale yellow gem on the right is Mazhir, the small black stone in the middle is Actinite, the teal-blue stone with red veins running through it is the ever precious Ascarlin and the block on the lower right corner is Takrit :3

If you like my work and you feel generous, you can support me on Patreon .:Bullet:. Patreon by FreakyEd Any contribution, even small is very appreciated ! It helps me a LOT to bring you guys more pictures more often, and you can get some cool stuff in return and see my work long before it hits the internet ;)
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You should check out bismuth crystals when you have the time

They're super cool and weird
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What about the ones not named? Are you going to add them to the minerology page?
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excellent work!
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Again you  intrigue me good sir, these type of gems are they more valuable then gold? and  could they be used  to increase one's own magic prowess in the process for some of these gems?
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*grabs a few* hmm
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Nice work.

Art is great, and it help a LOT with understanding the worldbuilding!

Mining is cool.
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Thank you, yes it's a big part of the fun :)
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I love the details in this. ;^;
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Thank you :3
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You're welcome. I really loved your art since 2011, I am glad you are still on here. Also, I read most of your comics, you are really good at it. :>
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very nice XD , is rare that you see people using the full variety of crystal structures to portray fictional crystals , i was recently at the museum and i can say that you've really covered alot of the variety here you did well on the shading and lighting on those rigid surfaces :) i really like the purple one and the victulate :D
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Thank you, it was surprisingly fun to draw =p when I was little I used to collection stones, so it was sort of a throwback :D
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oh hats a really cool bit of nostalgia, the old interest shows :D
Sweet Lightning gem on the right there. 
Hope you leveled Faith :P
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ah what do you mean ? ^^
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I think thats a dark souls reverence ;D
because if you enchant a weapon with lighning, Faith will increase the damage i think ;)
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It's fun seeing how many different kinds of rocks and minerals can be done and all their unique textures and shapes varying so wildly from each other too heh (with even that lower left one feeling almost fungusy/organic in looks, but a hard looking texture).  The different elemental properties in each one too are fun to play on each of them too mixing with how they could possibly seem like in their environments- I imagine boralite or scintilla being hard to find simply by nature of the frozen/volcanice areas they're a part of usually heh.  Ascarlin stands out interestingly of the bunch being the most recognizable of a 'gem' shape that comes to mind instantly relating how valuable it is hehe.  Fun stuff though between all these!
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thank you :D afterward I regretted not putting a floating one for Eidoron rocks XP
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