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Melany Jack-O challenge


*** Warning this picture contains implied giantess VORE. If vore offends you, don't enlarge this picture ! ***

You might have seen that pose trending on twitter and others places lately ^^  It comes from the character Jack-O from guilty gear who use it and made an effect on a lot of people who started to redraw others characters in that same pose XP

Melany just had to give it a shot and she even has a reason to do so. She's just showing a tiny who lost sight of his friends where they currently are X3
Yes she's quite flexible and contortionist :D 


Melany : April by Karbo

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Victorious trio by Karbo

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The bottom of things by Karbo

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A snack in a trap by Karbo

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I absolutely love the figure work here, though my only qualm is that I wish Melany's vulva had a bit more volume to it. It seems rather flat, and while her skin and such are drawn pretty tight in this pose, I feel like the sides of the labia majora (the skin to either side of the slit for her labia minora) would have more volume and mass to it. It seems like such an odd detail, given how rounded and full her legs and torso are in this shot.

Of course, you're stuck with the challenge that, under "real world" circumstances, spreading her legs that wide would open her whole vulva more than we see here. We can't show that here, though, so you have to figure out a way to show that fat and muscle spreading apart without breaking the rules. It's a tricky balance.

With all of that said, this is a really fun piece. Melany's expression is delightfully playful - and, of course, hungry. :P

Burksaurus's avatar

I have been seeing this pose is popular lately since I have not played the Guilty Gear games since I was a kid. But that does look like a sexy pose for Melany posing like that in front of that man letting him get a nice view of her thick and flexible body.

This is just so hot!

danger-the-ranger's avatar

You know that is a great get fireballed in! 🔥😚

Jeskai-JagrASS's avatar

I feel fat just looking at her do this. How does a giantess get that limber?! :cries:

Burksaurus's avatar

She's probably just naturally flexible given she can stand in that pose.

bring-back-felarya's avatar

Bloody fine work you've penned up here, Karbo. Took a meme and dialed it up to Melany. Cheers on showing us she's more than a bum a fairy!

hassel-n-da-castle's avatar

That pose is out of this world.

geo-goatson's avatar

That view is too much for a humble goat boy. **Does the fainting goat thing**

Just wondering, I know this probably isn’t your kinda thing whatsoever but I’ve been curious for a while…Do these girls completely digest whatever they eat regardless of the amount? Do they even have to poop? 😂

david-dent-jedai's avatar

The biological side of course excrete waste but some do not digest in the biological sense (angels, demons and elementals to name a few) that's the lore side.

The actual answer is disposal isn't a subject that many write about or have much interest in within the group as a majority.

This is VERY nice though, I love it.

Stringsartz's avatar

haha yeh this looks awesome!, another great mix of your flat coloring combined with some shading, as much as i love your old "painted" style picture of her i think this one is taking its place. lol i mean the pose helps as well! Great job on the breast squish as well i actually dont think ive seen that degree of softness portrayed before, or at least very often in your pics. except maybe once of twice on vivan =3, its working really well here! the little bit of sheen on her wings really communicate the glossyness too, and its quite an easy approach to give it that extra polish =3. And congrats on being able to pull off that pose, haha not an easy thing to draw and make look natural.

2Ron2R's avatar

When I first saw this I thought "Melany made a trap out of--herself?" After all those thighs look like they're under a lot of tension and he's standing in about the right spot.

I don't pay attention to twitter, so I was unaware of this trend.

terreal61's avatar

She has incredible elasticity for a fairy. Are we sure she's not t least part Chaelana?

Burksaurus's avatar

I don't think she is. But she is really flexible doing that pose looking like she can do yoga.

Nefariousness176's avatar

Would say 'run' but if she can bend into this pose the chances for escape are a flat zero.

dispurited-blueflame's avatar

I would ask why he doesn't run but I find even my greaves are magnetized to the ground picturing what she would be like from that perspective... ... a beautiful and utterly impossible to conquer mountain of woman. Felarya is truly the best place!

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dispurited-blueflame's avatar
Nefariousness176's avatar

Error. Making fun of people is highly crude and not a endearing trait.

terreal61's avatar

Fourteen year olds are often like that.

Nefariousness176's avatar

Inquiry. This statement has no ID vector. What is the context?

Burksaurus's avatar

I think terrea61 is saying that nyxkitt33 is being a troll even though dispurited-blueflame is saying he would not mind being in Felarya since Karbo's main appeal is giantesses though you would up devoured even though they are sexy kaiju like mermaids to fairies.

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