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Lataran temple

Another attempt at painting :)
The entrance of the Lataran temple, a place of trials, traps and riddles X3

I'm quite happy how it turned out. Lately I have really been focused at trying things at painting and speed-painting and I feel it's starting to give some results ^_^

Any critique or suggestion to improve the technique is very welcome !
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Ahhh! You have been getting VERY good at painting Karbo, and speed painting at that! I can only hoep to be a good speed-painter in my future. I like it, I really like it! And now I'll tell you why I LOVE it:

Look at the composition! Oh, its just pleasing to look at. The left side is dominated by the warm and smooth colors of the temple while the right side is full of cool greens. That white bird is such a stark contrast to the rest of the picture that it draws your gaze to those two stumps at the pictures center. From there the forest fades out nicely while the strong angle of the nearby temple divides the piece smoothly. Ah ah! I see what you did there! Using different types of brushes to create the different textures of stone. Besides the nice details on the temple you get BONUS POINTS for adding CATS!!! That my friend is the true proof of artistic talent: being able to draw cats! They are just so amazing and having them in this picture really adds that extra "awesome" to the wildlife represented here.
It is of course impossible to see or talk about everything right or wrong about a painting with my experience (or for anyone to), but if I were to point out anything it would be some of the shadows. The shadow at the edge of the temple and the top of the entrance pillar seems a bit off. The shadows of the cat creatures also don't seem to quite line up with the rest of the light. Again, these are small issues and they don't distract from the beautiful rest of the piece.

This painting is a wonderful display of imagination, the visualization of a faraway jungle is wonderful! Though, and please don't think badly of me for saying this: I don't really get a Felarya vibe from this scene. I cannot say for sure what is missing and if I were to make a suggestion it would be to have a unique form of Felarya wildlife somewhere. The animals here are good, but not really Felarya animals if you know what I mean. A Tonorian or Kensha Beast would have really said "this is Felaryain temple" you know?
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Thank you for that feedback :D
I hear you concerning the Felaryan feel and I'll work more on that in next works ^_^
( though those red cats are actually Kowo cats XP )
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Overall, I think it's wonderful. It has a great sense of scale, depth, and weight. It's a scene, very well established.

The only comments I would add are very minor and not necessary. One, you might want a few more vines/signs of decay. However, this might be a more recent and still-in-use temple so it might not apply. The second thing would be to use some purple in the shadows of the jungle to help separate the temple from the background or add some purple to the darker parts of the temple (the doorway, side of the staircase, etc.) to separate the levels and bring out a few more details (or the illusion of details). It doesn't have to be an obvious purple, it could be more grey-purple or brown-purple but it's just color-wheel stuff that can quickly help make areas sharper, clearer or stand out a little more without doing any more work than you'd normally do.

As I said, these are minor and not necessary. Good job!
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Thank you for taking the time to write that feedback :)
I think you are definitely spot on. The temple is supposed to be abandonned and it's way too clean. Clearly the picture can use more work. i also agree for the more purple shadows ^_^
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This is impressive. I am mostly drawn to the colors, shadows and the depth.
The details aren't quite as stunning as your previous works but compared to most it is still very good, for example the little cracks in the stone or the birds in the distance.

Unlike a lot of drawings you can get a sense of time from this picture. Most of the time the color is rather flat, as if it were just always mid day, or even under un-natural light. But from this I can get the feel that this is either early morning or perhaps late afternoon. The light has this nice yellowish color, and the shadows are angled very artistically...something that I love to see when capturing photos.

If this were a photo of mine (photography is really the only visual medium I am familiar with) I might try to boost the contrast just a little. For example you might get some better details from the vine or tree branch climbing the side of the temple if the shadows were a bit darker. Also the large crack just above that vegetation would benefit from some darker colors.

Anyway I hope this helps, I'm not skilled at all in drawing but I hope this helps ^^...once again very nice picture, you really do put together a unique image of Felarya.
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It certainly help indeed :)
Overall I think this picture could use some additionnal finish. The temple looks a bit too clean and you are right concerning the contrast. Thank you for the feedback ^_^
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Well I'm glad to be of service...I am a huge fan of your stuff so its a little difficult to be critical XD...but it wouldn't be a critique without it.

I'm also terrible with any sort of visual stuff other than photography, so really I guess I can only do so much as a critic.

But I'm always glad to offer some insight.
Very Nice
i think it needs more ivy and tendril around the Pyramid, but it's awesome already too.
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Dear Karbo

your art is absolutely great. I really love it. The atmosphere and feelings that it elicits is as watching a cool hollywood movie :-) (Smile)

Beautifull ...

Two friends and I founded a tiny startup that is ambitious to create app games which feature really awesome art from great artists - far from what is standard at the app stores right now ...

If you are interested in general and would like to get in contact with me for further discussion of a possible cooperation I would be excited to hear from you.

Please mail me at

Looking forward to hopefully hear from you,

all the best


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serious EPIC, love it :D
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yet another wallpaper,this temple is awesome work!
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Love this!!!!Really really beautiful...
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the lightning and the shading looks great! nice painting!
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A temple~
Okay now I just want to walk in and explore it...and try my best not to go into a Riddle room.
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a piramid of the aztecs?
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Woooow!!! :wow: So great painting! :love:
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You're welcome! ^^
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this place has one of the greatest feels for me =] all the temples seem to
go on youtube and listen to andy mckee - gates of gnomeria... it captures the essence of this place amazingly ^_^
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Great job with the scenery man, you made the jungle looks humid like it's supposed to be. And great job with the temple, getting all the cracks and outgrowing foliage is just fantastic.
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