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Lataran temple



Another attempt at painting :)
The entrance of the Lataran temple, a place of trials, traps and riddles X3

I'm quite happy how it turned out. Lately I have really been focused at trying things at painting and speed-painting and I feel it's starting to give some results ^_^

Any critique or suggestion to improve the technique is very welcome !
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Ahhh! You have been getting VERY good at painting Karbo, and speed painting at that! I can only hoep to be a good speed-painter in my future. I like it, I really like it! And now I'll tell you why I LOVE it:

Look at the composition! Oh, its just pleasing to look at. The left side is dominated by the warm and smooth colors of the temple while the right side is full of cool greens. That white bird is such a stark contrast to the rest of the picture that it draws your gaze to those two stumps at the pictures center. From there the forest fades out nicely while the strong angle of the nearby temple divides the piece smoothly. Ah ah! I see what you did there! Using different types of brushes to create the different textures of stone. Besides the nice details on the temple you get BONUS POINTS for adding CATS!!! That my friend is the true proof of artistic talent: being able to draw cats! They are just so amazing and having them in this picture really adds that extra "awesome" to the wildlife represented here.
It is of course impossible to see or talk about everything right or wrong about a painting with my experience (or for anyone to), but if I were to point out anything it would be some of the shadows. The shadow at the edge of the temple and the top of the entrance pillar seems a bit off. The shadows of the cat creatures also don't seem to quite line up with the rest of the light. Again, these are small issues and they don't distract from the beautiful rest of the piece.

This painting is a wonderful display of imagination, the visualization of a faraway jungle is wonderful! Though, and please don't think badly of me for saying this: I don't really get a Felarya vibe from this scene. I cannot say for sure what is missing and if I were to make a suggestion it would be to have a unique form of Felarya wildlife somewhere. The animals here are good, but not really Felarya animals if you know what I mean. A Tonorian or Kensha Beast would have really said "this is Felaryain temple" you know?