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Harley vore


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***Warning this pictures contains giantess VORE. If Vore Offends you, don't enlarge it***

This is probably the effects of Harley taking Titan :D

Somehow I discovered Batman the animated serie only a while ago ^^; and I really loved it ! Especially the infernal duo : The Joker and Harley Quinn X3 They form a fascinating pair with such a quirky, funny but tragic relationship. I had fun making this scene, somehow you could almost imagine it happening XP

"Come on harley, open wide !"
" Yay ! thank you, Mr J !! "

Seeing how the episodes happens though, it's pretty safe to say Batman would come to the rescue in the end, even if he was tied in chains, frozen solid, trapped in a fortified safe buried 50 feet underground ^^
Overall this serie had some awesome characters, unique and memorable. i might do a portrait of Mr Freeze at some points too :3

Thank you also to all those who gave me advice during the WIP, it was very helpful ;)

Harley Quinn, the Joker, Batman, Robin, and Batgirl belongs to DC Comics ( if I'm not mistaken )
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If that hot cup of chocolate licked that tiny womans face I sure would have busted out cum. Its so hard for me to go without jacking off to giantesses licking tinies