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Gentle creek speed painting

By Karbo
Annnd the Speed painting serie starts now ! :D
Let's see if i manage to keep this up for at least 3 weeks ^^
So we start with a landscape. Yes it's not especially impressive ^^; but then again the goal is to paint quick and once I'm at the end of that session I should have made some progress :3
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Is good see a quiet place in Felarya! :aww:
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You have a very creative imagination.
Invaderkat1234's avatar
freaking awesome bro...just awesome.
ChuAne's avatar
For a speedpaint, it's pretty precise and well-detailed so it's not unimpressive at all :)
CatriamFlockentanz's avatar
The point of view is interesting.
For a change you're in the role of a predator this time,at least it gives this feeling to me.
Maybe this river will become the personal styx of this two men.
MotoNeko's avatar
having a cottage there wouldnt give a bad view :D
AmarioT's avatar
I love how humble you are with this. "It's not especially impressive", yet, it's by far the best one of the speed paintings so far in my opinion!
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How is this not impressive? You'v captured the scenery and setting perfectly, its like one of the front pages to a professional novels.
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well thank you :D
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Just calling out good work when I see it, also what you said in your earlier journals about working with things your not always comfortable with has defiantly inspired me to continue with even the more frustrating parts of drawing, automobiles and any form of architecture are always a pain TT_TT.
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Not that impressive ?
I would die to have these kind of skills in painting, great work !
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how much time are you giving yourself?

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Nice transition from dark to light...really moves you through the scene!
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Love this. Great foreground and mid-ground. Would be nice to see a little more sky through the trees. Great colour. Humanish subjects not needed. Look forward to more of you work.
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well you can certainly tell what's what, which is good. then again, considering your high skill level already that should have been expected. It looks like just a lot of basic colors organized in the right pattern. Now there's a tree in the back however, which seems like you used fine dots for it...that is a very well done tree :D

wish I could properly critique you though. I've never tried a speed painting, and even then it sounds like the goal is just to get something out quick, with as much high quality as possible so in that regard you're doing quite well :D
coolioss's avatar
I like the smoothness and consistency, very calming. ;p
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You speed painted this? Pretty nicely done.
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