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Felarya map V2



Finished at least !  I think I never drew something this big ever ^^; Toward the end my computer was agonizing over each actions and the file when open would take 1,8 GB of memory. This thing also took me basically four entire days to complete !

But at least it's done ! :D   ( click download to see it at full size )
And this map should last a good while. It's a lot more accurate than the previous one in term of size although many elements are of course stylized or cities like Negav would be just a little dot. I wanted to have a detailed grid with distances but both my computer and my head would have exploded XD. But I'll add some indications of distance later between select landmarks. it's also subject to some changes as the world continue being updated and expanded.
You can check the wiki here :…

A big thank you to all the people who contributed to Felarya so far ! ^_^
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If the original manga has the correct dating (2068 AD), then in 30 years (2098 AD) the planet will be invaded and cybernized by its own population. A completely new system of government for this planet will come in Felarya T. VI - NEW WORLD. Long live New Negav Galactic Empire!