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Chidokai sunset

A bit of the change from my usual works, in order to flesh out a bit this universe ^_^

From the wiki ( [link] ) :

The Chidokai forest is a massive, thick rain-forest that spreads from the east of Negav to the southern edge of frost peak. It's also called "forest of the many hiding places" because the tall trees that grow here are narrow, have very dense foliage, twisted hollow trunks, and their roots form an intricate maze with lot of space between them and the ground. Actually, this "in between" zone is almost like a forest under the forest, with vegetation of its own. A tribe of nekos live in this layer. Even further down is a network of dark caves and more roots, mostly unexplored and inhabited by giant and voracious insects. In Chidokai forest, it's often hard to tell where trees end and where the ground begins.
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In this place, 10 years after the "Isolon purification", there will be a Cyber Sector 27, specializing in the restoration and museumification of the Old Negav. It is here, when Lea, Ramtov Telekline and Thas Voidfingers leave the Akaptor desert, a little-known scientist (and in the past - a great magician) Talbeln Veridimus will become the founder of the Resistance, which in the near future will destroy the Negavian Empire and return Felarya to its former form. Felarya finally had her own "New Hope"...

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(G-Man 1989)

This is a great piece that gives us a great look at the environmetal aspect of Felarya. It gives a clear look at what the Chidokai region is like, as well as creating a definite mood. As the sun sets, the explorers cross the log bridge into more uncertainty and expose themselves to the dangers on the other side.

I personally like how this was executed. It takes a classic formula and gives it a new look and impact. This also show Karbo's great capacity for design and mood, as well as his creativity. This is by all means an excellent piece of art.
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Looks like a fun little hike is ahead. Evil Bakura smirk 
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Why can't you make more stuff like this?
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Oh my, This makes me think of SO many games! The Legend of Zelda is the main one but, this is just too epic!
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You're welcome! ^^
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The level of detail is simply absurd. This is brilliant. 
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I love this picture.  Forests really appeal to me.  I love the level of detail in your work.  So many things to see.  Also this would be a great place for a predator to ambush you.
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Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you writing this write-up plus the rest of the site is also really good. Clipping Path
this does look astoundingly like the toxic forest from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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looks like the scene of King Kong
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is that a cat person in the picture
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Moebius still alive
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I don't think I deserve it but that's about the best compliment one can make to me :D
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What a perfect landscape :D too bad its not real......and nagas aarnt real oh but then almost every human would be in danger :)
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this place reminds me of a h. miyazaki movie =) spectacular!!
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fantastic world !!!!
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great job on this part of a location
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wow really like Chidokai sunset!
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