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Vore police squad by Karbo, visual art

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You can become my patron and in return you get to see future pictures in progress way before they hit the internet, make suggestions on what I should draw next and other cool stuff X3

It's in construction for now but I'll also be present on subscribestar soon: https://subscribestar.adult/karbo



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Happy new year everyone ! My best wishes to you all and may 2021 be a great year for you and all your relatives :hug: Needless to say 2020 was NOT a good one with its pandemic, multiple wars and attacks across the planet, rising international tensions, political dramas, big economic crisis and social upheavals.. : / It's a ruthless year that I think shattered a lot of illusions and made things we took for granted during all our life appears pretty fragile after all... Personally I take it as a warning shot of sort. A sign to refocus on what is really important and maybe a call for our increasingly complex and hyper-connected modern societies to come back a bit to the basis, seek to de-complexify themselves and build themselves more for the long run. It clearly changed my outlook on many things. In the end, if 2020 can end-up making us more prepared for potential troubles in the future, pandemic or others things, it might even have been worth it ? Hopefully it will go down in
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A merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all ! :hug: My best wishes to you and your family :) I hope you will all have a good time ! I say let's have all have our revenge on this rotten year by making its end a time of happiness and enjoyment X3 Meanwhile, don't get eaten by a dryad ! You know they get cranky in that time of the year when some people tries to decorate them  XD
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Hello, Well those last couple days I have been feeling a bit unwell : mild fever, shivers, cough, migraine.. Yeah it's a flu ^^; It's not a particularly strong one although it's the kind of moment where you can feel your body clearly telling you you should just lie down under your blanket Hopefully it won't last long. But yeah... please bear with me, folks ^^; EDIT: I'm still a bit under the water but getting better :3
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I have a question, when is Karbo's birthday?

If you tell me, I think that various people can send congratulatory comments and works on that day...

Hey, do you ever plan to do commissions anytime soon?

Yes I will announce it in a few days :3

Awesome, I hope I'm able to get a slot :)

The Lulu link doesn't work anymore. Just thought you would like to know, pal!

did you try it again ?

Yup and it works now! Thanks for taking the time to look!