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Alright is possiblythe last QNA session thing...I havent yet checked the poll on wether I should do another one...but I will check on that after this to decide weither or not to make another...anyways this game's winner was Vu...who barely managed to beat Jewlia by 1 here she is...the adorable French Wraith girl...Vu-Deja...
Vu-Deja-  ...Hello everyone...
Me: I know you dont like being out in the open with all these people here vu but it is what the fans wanted...sooooo...
Vu-Deja- ...I understand Miss Enemene...
Me: well then...lets get started on these questions...
Valandil asks: So how did you end up turning into a Wraith Girl? Were you killed by something?
Do you enjoy being a Wraith?
What the heck is that thing connected to your hair?
How do you come up with so many good pranks?
Where do you get the stuff you use in your pranks?
What was, in your oppinion, your greatest prank?
What do you think of Aurora, Seliky, and the others?
Finally, do wraiths
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"Ok... Hello. I heard there's a few people wanting to ask me questions? I guess answering some wouldn't hurt. Anyways who's first?"
1st through 4th questions are from Mint:
"Why did you get those tattoos?"
Nikita looks down, "why? Because tattoos are cool of course. I mean it hurts when you get them, but it makes me more unique I think. I mean how many predators do you see with tattoos?" she grins.
"Like all spider people, do you go out of your way to enjoy people of the same size as prey, if so why?"
She twitches, "Egh... not really. I'm not too fond of liquid diets..."
"Do you hate bigger people and folks like me and Aniya?"
Nikita gets a flustered look, "Hey! Aniya isn't THAT much bigger than me! And if they don't plan on attacking me or anything I don't mind them, I mean practically all the predators I know are bigger than me."
"Why is Iggy always winning your fights?"
Her expression then becomes extremely annoyed, "How should I know?! He's a freak of nature! Damn annoying lizard..
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Fel's bio
Fel Lynn
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Neko
Hair Color: Golden Blond
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Other Characteristics: Spots on cat Tail
         Fel is a farily young Rosic Neko who never returned to her tribe during he quest to sooth a predator.  She failed her quest and was nearly gobbled up by the giant Slug Girl. Fortunetly for her, a group of people managed to distract the slug girl with a series of smoke bombs and cut Fel loose from the slig girl slime and carry her to safety. It just so happen that the people who saved her were a band of Bounty Hunters who were passing by from their failed attempt to cash in at Ur-Sagol. They decided to take in the young neko girl and allow her to join their team. Taking advantage of her species natural agility, they taught her to be the "theif" of their group, using her speed and cleaverness to steal up items from Bazaars in Negav and other locations in Felarya. Eventually, Fel decided to
:iconemmalynn1:emmalynn1 2 13
Caldswell's Bio
Name: Caldswell Southsmith
Race: Neko
Gender: Male
Chrono/Bio Age: 60/34
Height: 6'3"
Hair Colour: Black
Fur Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Predation: Safe
Caldswell is a neko man who lives in Nekomura, travelling to Negav every so often for food, to sell something, etc.. His most notable feature is his thick, grizzly beard on his chin and jawline. He has a large, muscular build, and a gentle yet rather intimidating appearance. He wears a wrinkly, olive green dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his biceps, with a brown vest with pockets overtop. He also wears a pair of well-fitted blue jeans that has various scuffs and tears, and average adventurer's leather boots. He wears a belt around his waist with a couple bags and pockets on it for tools and emergency equipment. His arms sport black stripes that don't appear to be in any particular pattern, which resemble battle scars. His black hair is short and little bit unkempt, and he has gentle, yet strong blue eyes.
Caldswell is a ki
:iconnyahahameha:Nyahahameha 1 3

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Seeking confidence as an artist

Sat Feb 16, 2019, 8:04 AM

I was speaking with a friend the other day. He's an artist who is going through some rough period of self-doubt and questionment. 
It's something every artist out there face at some point, that big, scary and sinister question : "Am I fit to be an artist? is it really my path ? my art seem to be so lacking compared to that other one" etc  It's very easy to get obsessed by those questions, to torture yourself and ruin your motivation over them.

I can tell every single ones of my artist friends faced it themselves and some continue to from time to time, even after they became professionals.  
Doubt in art ( and probably any creative field ) is completely normal. It's part of the job one could say.
And imho a large part of managing to become successful as artist is to bring down these doubts to an acceptable level ( you will never completely get rid of them ) and find confidence in yourself and your art :)

In my case it happened like this. Years ago I was very un-secure about my own art. I kept telling myself again and again I was not up for it and I came close a couple times of completely quitting.
Then one day, after many unsuccessful attempts and rejections I got my first illustration job ! A big thing ( that actually wasn't that big at all ^^ ) that I didn't expect and that overwhelmed me and magnified my doubts even more.
nonetheless I focused seriously on it and, somehow, managed to do in time and my customer told me afterwards they were satisfied. And after that everything changed !

just managing to finish it sort of unlocked something in me. I no longer was uncertain. I knew from now on I could do it. And after that my whole outlook on art and drawing started to become a lot more sereine. When you stop posing yourself those questions all the time, then you can focus purely on your art and you start to improve by leaps and bounds.
I started to be able to take on bigger works , draw progressively larger and more and more complex pictures. The questions in my mind were no longer "am I fit to even be an artist and a pro? "  and more practical and specific like " ok I need to do that in that angle. but the perspective is tricky, how am I going to pull that?"

unrelated picture but yokohama kaidashi kiko is awesome so there.

Here is a little advice I gave to my friend and that could work for you if you're an aspiring artist ( it has really worked for me with comics )  :3
Scale your work.
Set yourself objectives. You start with small ones in small projects. You achieve them and then you set the bar a little higher for your next one. What it's going to do is increase your confidence in yourself.  The important point is to manage to achieve the objective in question. You're not looking to produce the biggest masterpiece ever yet, you just want to achieve and finish it and reach the bar you have set for yourself. Once you do, you raise the bar higher, slowly. If you mess up, no problem !  you just decrease the bar a bit and you go again.
In my own case with comics the goal was actually to manage to finish them at all. at first I did two pages comics, then 5, then 10, then 20 etc
what it did for me is once one tier was passed, I knew I could do it and no longer worried about it. Without that process I simply would never have been able to draw large 100+ pages mangas for instance because it's such a scary and overwhelming prospect if you haven't prepared yourself for it. its a very psychological thing.

So yeah, the important thing to keep in mind is doubts for an artist are like art blocks ( made a journal about them here : What are art blocksI was speaking with a friend a little while ago about the dreaded art block.
It happens sometimes : you feel demoralized about your work, you feel that no matter what you try you are stagnating, you have lost your momentum and it turn your motivation off.
It's a pretty bad feeling but there is an important thing to know about art blocks :  They are a  totally natural process !
I don't know a single artist that don't have them from time to time. There are just days where all you do feel like crap and just the idea of drawing is painful.
I had my share of them so here is my personal take on them and how to fight them :)
The first thing that is important to mention is I don't think it's actually possible to stagnate when you draw regularly, let alone regressing.  Each time you draw, you become a little bit better , it's really as simple as that ! :D It varies from the type of drawing you do of course but there is always something you pick while drawing : you become faster a
They're completely normal and part of the process ! :3
If you're an artist, sooner or later you're going to run into them. If you manage to bring them down and find your confidence, then there is very little things that can prevent you from going very far and realizing your dreams ;3 


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