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'Bodygaurds' 2 Contest
         Rev picked up Darania from his picket and place the little TombThumb on his shoulder.
         "Come Darania...If we hurry now we might be able to reach the Ascarlin Mines by dark." Rev said with a smile. Darania nodded and started humming the song that she was singing to herself earlier as Rev packed up the camp supplies.
         "GO AWAY YOU LITTLE MONGREL!!!" Krista screamed. Celina sighed and gave a cold stare.
         "Krista, It's not nice to yell at the person who can just take you to Miss Manyassan...I've heard she's been dying to taste you..." Celina replied.
         "You would'nt dare!" Krista yelled.
         "Well...maybe...but I promissed Markie I would'nt..." Celina laughed.
:iconkikijonson:Kikijonson 3 16
Aurora Written Bio
                                                     Aurora: The Earth Naga
Age: 49 years old
Hight:74 feet
Element: Earth (or mountain...depends on how you see the elements)
Aurora is a young Naga, her upper half looks as if she was 16-18 years old. Her tail is brown and has a typical desighn on it (similar to a Ball Pythons pattern) and at the very tip of her tail she has a small hard ball with 3 lone scales on it. She has brown hair that reach just alittle below her shoulder and she wears two wraps in the fron of her hair. She has 2 diffrent color eyes. Her right eye being Purple, and her left eye being green. Her size is a bit odd too, she is relativly smaller than other Naga's. She's small but still is catago
:iconkikijonson:Kikijonson 8 32
Katrika: Oh, Crikey by arconius
Mature content
Katrika: Oh, Crikey :iconarconius:arconius 193 74
Arissa by JessicaElwood
Mature content
Arissa :iconjessicaelwood:JessicaElwood 2,565 312
'Body Gaurds' PT 1
         The angel named Krista, sat on a branch of a tree furious. She was angry at the fact she had to endure another day of being the "Guardian Angel" to the TomThumb girl Darania. The only thing keeping her from going bezerk on everything was the sound of Darania's lovely voice singing to herself, which was clearly better than her owner Rev, who was still asleep. Krista turned away, a bit exausted from the previuse night, having to despoze of 3 snakes that took a liking to little Darania, 4 spiders and a Kensha Beast which she lore away from the camp by creating a fake sent of blood leading away from Rev and Darania's camp site. Krista sighed as she tapped her mace on the bark of the tree.
         "Man...babysitting these lowlifes is soooo annoying...once I "prove" myself to that idiot sister of mine...errrr...I'll give her a peice of my mind!..." Krista thought to herself as she slammed her
:iconkikijonson:Kikijonson 7 12
Aurora's Delema Part 7 by Kikijonson Aurora's Delema Part 7 :iconkikijonson:Kikijonson 7 25
Meeting of Former Earthlings
Meeting of Former Earthlings
Planet Earth, a reclusive world in a backwater dimension.  This world was widely unknown contrarily to others such as Delura.  This might be due to being in a extremely stable dimension.  This planet was very mundane technologically, and magic was known to them only in fantasies.
However, what if fantasies were real?  What if those "Nagas" and "Fairies" existed not only in stories for children, but in another world?  This world do exist, and even stable dimensions can become fickle in moment's notice.  Twenty one years ago, experiments on a mysterious artifact ended in disaster.  The former scientist Jora was turned into a giantess, and during a moment where the dimension turned fickle, she was transported to another world: the world known as Felarya.  A few months later, a teenager by the name of Sean Okotami was wisked away to Felarya; the
:iconseanokotami:SeanOkotami 2 3
The Land of Giants pt30
          TLOG: Story of Rick Crusher    
                                  Chapter 10 Recap
“What’s going on,” Frankie asked when she loss her balance from a huge wave knocking against the ship. Before Frankie fell onto the flooded floor, Accro barely caught her by the back of her shirt. “Thanks,” Frankie smiled gathering her composure as she grabbed the bars for a series of turbulence. Both ne
:iconmonsterdrawer:MONSTERDRAWER 10 34
Mature content
Finding Oneself: Chapter XVIII :iconsephimink:Sephimink 2 4
A gift to Crisis by JohanSutherland A gift to Crisis :iconjohansutherland:JohanSutherland 3 5
Chaos on Felarya III
Part III – Soda and too much humans
“Look Rev I’m pretty sure there is no need to introduce myself to these nagas, really. I mean … we could do so much stuff and erm … nagas are always  a bad idea, a really bad idea!” Darania was protesting while she sat on Revs shoulder.
“Do you have fear?” he laughed “You? The brave Darania? Come on … I told you they won’t harm you and I promise it. Nothing will happen to you and you see a little more of Felarya.”
“Oh yeah … a tree which isn’t hundred times bigger, noooo … hundred-thousand times bigger and also nagas who are also in such a size … yaaaay, I always wanted to meet such creatures.” The little tom-thumb mumbled and crossed her arms.
“I promise you, you’ll like them, and I think they never saw something like you before … especially Katrika will be amazed if she sees you, I’m pretty sure.”
“Mhpf! Okay Re
:iconravana3k:Ravana3k 9 19
Aurora's Delema Part 6 by Kikijonson
Mature content
Aurora's Delema Part 6 :iconkikijonson:Kikijonson 7 18
November has Come
“Nekosmith was composed of Ziggy Moondust, the lead singer who also passed the Rosic test with flying colors bringing back a small shard of crystal from a crystal mermaid, his childhood friend Joan Jhett, the skilled bassist who brought back a fang that she swore up and down belonged to a vampire, the stoic Ellwood Peart, a quiet drummer who wordlessly turned in a rather large chilotaur leg, and of course the infamous Eddie Holly. For several years, the band of musicnekos gained in popularity as the played their way through Felarya. Starting in the area of Rosic, they soon became good enough to travel, and travel they did, moving west. They would play for tribes of nekos, human towns, individual predators, and a few odder locals too like the time they were stuck at a slug girl village, literally. But those are entirely different stories that I’ll tell you some other time.” Gol laughed heartily as his companions sat around the fire listening closely.
“Nekosmith trave
:iconsilenteric:SilentEric 1 7
Lunchtime in Felarya by Mickilla Lunchtime in Felarya :iconmickilla:Mickilla 6 5
Chaos on Felarya II
  Part II – About cigarettes and nekos
Lilifae was flying over the jungles, her eyes were closed and she sighed. This wasn’t the way she hoped to enter a new world, why the hell Maradua wanted to do it again?
With horror she remembered the last world they entered. The illusionist created many illusions and brought chaos all over the world, it didn’t take very long and the whole planet was on a completely chaos, nobody could do something against it and with every destruction, every unplanned acting Maradua felt better and became stronger.
And after her power grew enough she left the world without any concerning about their inhabitants. Lilifae and her master never turned back into a world they already visited and so the fairy couldn’t find out if the worlds recovered themselves or not. Lilifae wasn’t able to travel back and her master didn’t want. She always said that these worlds were lost and nobody should travel to them.
The fairy was l
:iconravana3k:Ravana3k 9 19

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Operation done !

Wed Oct 10, 2018, 1:09 AM

Well just to say I had my operation and it  went well :) 
That kyst has been removed and, besides a lingering pain for one or two weeks, I shouldn't have more complications. Hopefully this was the last of my health-related woes for a good while ;3


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I love your art style 
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Thanks again for all the Favs!
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Hey karbo I would like to ask you something? What ever happened to Annas Brother? Nothing is ever said in the wiki so I thought I should ask. Think it would be interesting to see him enter felarya in search of his sister
JustSomeGuy100 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2018
Got a question I've been wanting to ask for a while:
If crisis encounters a human child (say, 6 years old), will she just see him as an extra small snack and eat him or get curious by his naive behavior and not eat him?
DevilNaga Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
In the story crisis and scare crow that karbo did the cover art for and I believe gave his blessing to be punished, crisis indeed eats a young child.
Gekkou25 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2018
Here's a question for you. Why haven't your characters have aged? I've notice no real time aging. Wouldn't be more story driven to age your characters up a bit. Crisis still can't still 60 by my estimate she should be at least 70 years old. It's your story and you do with it what you want but aging or time skipping your characters to mature them or learn more serious life question is a part of life. But that's just me mind you.
nexgenration Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2018
i believe this is explained somewhere on the wiki, which was written mostly by karbo. nagas in particular dont age the way we do. they just get bigger. the wiki says some of the oldest nagas are immensely massive. also i think i recall something about the magical felaryan soil keeping people young looking, just as it has healing properties and helps rejuvenate your energy when tired
Gekkou25 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2018
Ok thanks I didn't know that.
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Fuck me! I was just a little off! 
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