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Felarya: My wife is a... Fairy ( II )
Chapter 2 – Fairy comportment
At Tenebra maze deep down Evernight Forrest:
Right at the very border between the Tenebra Maze with the ambient Evernight Forrest a cheerful humming could be heard, which was interrupted by the sound of a pickaxe from time to time. As if that wasn’t weird enough, a faint glowing brightened up the endless darkness that had befallen the land since ancient times. The light was hardly visible and formed a small halo around a pit. Spread around were countless equipment parts, almost a mountain of leather cloths, guns with ammo and books over books. The pickaxe stopped for a moment and a sound burp resounded for a short moment until it got completely muffled and swallowed by the thick and heavy air. “It always amazes me where that humans scramble ‘round. Well… saves pains to carry food around”, the pickaxe hit the ground once more and a head showed up. The head featured nice, yet very unkempt, orange hair which was cap
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This is big by hira-geco This is big :iconhira-geco:hira-geco 1,378 33
The unwilling Bride
"Try to see the positive things about it, you'll be rich and he's pretty handsome," Havema tried to cheer her friend Cifia up.
But Cifia hadn't had her make-up done for the third time now for nothing, she would've given away all her money just to stop it all, here and now. But even if she would try to run, said riches of both, her father and her soon-to-be husband would be enough to find her literally anywhere.
Despite her quite different way of growing up, she had always been a cheerful young woman, up to the day when her father told her about her arranged marriage. Since her family had been able to afford it, her father had insisted on a private education for his daughter, only when it was about time to go to high school did she manage to convince him to let her go to a normal school to find some friends. The new friends she made were part of the upper middle class at best, but both sides never bothered about it.
Actually, she was not even sure what to think about her marriage
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Luna's Tale: Betrayal
Luna’s Tale Chapter I – Deception; Betrayal
In a small clearing within a forest on the continent of Alislra on the planet Aslilra, laughter could be heard as four figures came out of the foliage. The beings were nagas or nagalings, as they were quite young. One child was a head of the others, slithering towards the middle of the clearing. Three of the children sped up and attempted to pounce at the lead child. Her long, slender ears wiggled slightly, before she coiled her tail quickly and sprang forward, avoiding the dog-pile.
“Awww, no fair Lunaria! We almost had you,” one of the children called out in a protesting tone.
“Hehe, I’m the nimble naga queen, bow down before me!” Lunaria remarked with a triumphant pose, smiling at her older brother.
Her brother got up and slithered over to her before placing an arm around her neck and proceeded in giving the girl a noogie. Lunaria started to flail from the skull rubbing and writhed in her brother
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The Guides 10
It was a great day the birds were singing and the sun was shining. The forest was calm and seemingly peaceful. The fairy hunters were up and packing their gear. They were 6 of them left at camp, one was eaten by Alia and the other, the eight guy, was sent at night time to spy on Zain’s company not far away. Bay their leader was waiting impatiently for the spy he sent. His anger shifted away when the spy came back.
“Your late Nimble.” The other men in the company looked for their friend he was nowhere to be seen. But then the man referred as Nimble appeared before then all.
“How did you know I was here,” asked the spy.
“You smell of fairy, and I hate fairies. But anyway what news do you bring?” Bay got on his feet and stood in attention making all his subordinates do the same.
“We can’t beat them.” That was all nimble had to say it was short and simple and somewhat true.
“What the hell do you mean you coward,” shout
:iconjohn-cable:john-cable 1 1
Mature content
The Guides 9 :iconjohn-cable:john-cable 1 0
The Guides 8
Zain took a step back, it was clear that the giant elf didn’t see him clearly and mistook him for the fairy hunter. He put his hand behind his back and materialized his shape shifting weapon (that resembled a metal staff). Without turning he whispered to Jet, “On her first move jump behind the fire we made then get Joe and Ranky to safer grounds. Thea is not far behind but we cant wait for her so act in my command.”
Jet nodded and got to his stance. He was ready for hell. The Elf got on her knees and shot her arm towards the two humans in an attempt to catch them. When jet saw her move he did as he was told and jumped behind the flames. Zain turned his metal staff into a real staff. The staff glowed and Zain raised it over his head and pointed it towards the elf. The fire in front of Jet flared into the command of Zain and grew wildly while launching towards the elf, but before it could harm the elf Zain motioned the flame to stop. He wasn’t intending to harm th
:iconjohn-cable:john-cable 1 0
The Guides 7
It was getting dark so the company decided to find a resting site. They found one near a small cliff, well small compared to predators but a sizable one compared to humans and anything their size. Thea opened her bag and got out their camping supplies.
“Ok Jet, Thea you know the routine,” stated Zain as he set up the common camp supplies. Alia was still tagging along with the group and it surprised everyone how she was able to restrain herself from eating any of the humans or nekos they have passed by.
“Um, Zain what can I do to help,” asked Alia as she was watching Zain set up the supplies.
“You can come with me to find water and other things Alia,” offered Thea as she placed her side bag back on her shoulders.
“Oh yeas! I’d love to, I needed to ask you something anyway.” The two giantess walked into the forest. But before they vanished Thea turned back and said with a motherly voice.
“Now don’t you dare forget about we
:iconjohn-cable:john-cable 1 1

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The New Blizzards out there

Fri Nov 9, 2018, 9:39 AM

Warning : a bit of a rantish journal ;3

Once upon a time there was a video game company that seemed to turn everything it touched into gold. It had an amazing creativity, a formidable amount of talents in its ranks and an incredible drive to make mythical games.  Every genre they tried, they ended up producing a masterpiece that soon became a classic of the genre.
That company was Blizzard. But that was then..

Nowadays, it seems that company care only about making more profits and shareholders benefits with some very greedy monetization They're more or less the ones who initiated the current race we're witnessing between game companies with their infamous Auction house and loot boxes. The game they create are - in my personal opinion - pretty bland, slick but soul-less and the company as a whole seems to no longer even understand what gamers wants. I'm referring to the Blizzcon fiasco where the Blizzard crew got booed on stage after their announcement of Diablo Immortal, the future Diablo game which will be on mobile.  I mean.. wow.  Between the very bad timing, the bait and switch hype, the accusations of it being a reskin of an existing game,  the clumsy damage control and censorship ( ever heard of the Streisand effect ?) That's... a mess. I'm feeling quite bad for the Blizzard employees who were standing on that scene ^^;
That video of the announcement seems well on its way to become one of the most disliked ever on youtube and I can certainly understand why.

Fortunately there are some companies out there that seem to have the same mix of passion, drive and talent that Blizzard once had while at the same time remaining humble and respectful to their customers. I'm making a little shout-out to some of them with that journal :3

-Re-logic: They created  Terraria, a sort of a really nice 2D Minecraft. It's one those games where you just try to survive, gather materials to craft new items and little by little, explore and then conquer your environment.
It's a  very rich and very attaching game with a ton of love and passion put into it ^^ There are small little details everywhere and a very large panel of things you can do or create. It's the concurrent of Starbound, another 2d exploration-driven game but this time in space. Both are pretty similar and very good but I would put Terraria a bit ahead for the attachement you feel to your world as it start to evolve through phases and events and because of your presence and how you start to feel you know it. It's that kind of games that tells a lot of little stories as you play ^^

The game got updated  many times throughout the years with a crazy amount of new content for completely free. That's the definition of a work of passion imho :)

-Digital Extreme:  They created Warframe. It's a pretty unique one I think. It's a shooter but almost entirely cooperative, in which you play some sort of space ninjas ^^  It has a nearly perfect gameplay in my opinion with very crisp controls that make you feel like you can do anything. It has also a surprisingly rich universe with a deep and captivating story and some unforgettable and emotional moments.
Shooters are usually not my thing at all but this one took me by storm. It's a rather tough game to get in, not very easy to learn at first but as you play you start to feel there are a lot of things in the background and you discover little by little a very rich universe with a really good story that surprised me  repeatedly . I think it's an excellent game that gets a ton of things right and it's entirely free to play ^^  despite having a quality that blow out of the water 80% of AAA titles out there imho.

They just released a large update adding a whole new area and ton of contents, again for completely free. If you like the idea of controlling a  space ninja, running on walls, infiltrating ultra-protected places, fishing, and travelling from planets to planets or you just like a well made sci fi universe with a great lore, this one is definitely worth checking ;3

-Grinding gear games: They created path of Exile which is now clearly holding the title of the Diablo 2 successor imho ( I didn't play Grim dawn though )
I actually discovered the game several years ago, right after the enormous disappointment that was Diablo 3, but I wasn't too caught by it back then. It looked really rough on the edges despite some great ideas and a bit bare-bones.
A while ago I decided to try it again though and wow...  It evolved so much since then. Those guys have a ton less budget than Blizzard had for Diablo 3 but they have ideas and they have passion. POE is now a very solid ARPG with a crazy amount of depth, much better improved graphics, excellent and memorable musics and the gameplay has been improved greatly as well. it no longer feels clunky like it once was. To me it's the true successor to the Diablo 2 throne ^^  Oh and yeah it's entirely free to play as well, with very frequent updates. So yeah if you like ARPGs /H&S and you don't know it already, go check it ! :D

These last couple years, those studios have become among my favorite for their work and passion. I feel the game industry as a whole has sadly become extremely greedy and soul-less, producing many games that just feel so bland and safe..  So it just feel so refreshing to play games where you feel the creators were out to make something great they clearly enjoy playing as well . Games from gamers to gamers ;3
Those are the names that jumped to my mind as I wrote. There are many others fortunately. Don't hesitate if you think there is a game studio out there I didn't mention and that deserve some shout-out for their great work :)


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Sorry about what happened to your patreon. Man that sucks. I really hope you get it back soon.
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Karbo Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist

I hope so... It really sucks : / No prior warnings, nothing and at this point I'm not even sure why exactly the account was suspended in the first place... Hopefully it's going to be resolved soon but that's stressful.

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So you don't even know if you did anything wrong or if someone just reported you for nothing... damn. hope it all works out - might have to pester them a bit before they do anything, though. 

Just sorry it had to happen on the holidays. This year really didn't seem kind to you.
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i have a feeling it might be political. for a while theres been a bunch of "perpetually offended" types that go around reporting anyone on multiple platforms just for making "sexually explicit" stuff. i wont go into it more because this isnt the place for politics, but i realy hope karbo gets his (or her, ive never actually seen karbo's gender specified now that i think about it) patreon back. ive mentioned several times that karbo is my favorite vore/micro artist and id hate to see the adventures in felarya come to an end. cg17 is my 2nd favorite and he already got half his stuff taken down by his local law enforcement. first him and now this? :(
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If you have a ticket opened with them, tweet to at Patreon and @PatreonSupport as they will ignore your ticket otherwise. I've had a ticket open with them for months that they STILL have not responded to. You might get faster service for being a creator rather than a patron like me, but better to be on the safe side. That and being public about it will force them to work with you. Quite frankly I'm shocked that they haven't been sued yet. To cut someones income off with no notice is inhuman, to do so during the holidays is even worse. I hope everything works out!
Karbo Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist

Than you very much for the advice ! I will be doing just that :)

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Don't know if you celebrate it, but Happy Thanksgiving papa Karbo!
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