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The contest is over and we have our three winners :judge: :dance: I have to apologize, the voting system was a bit messy and not the most secure out there. The strawpoll site was not working and was still unusable three days later as far as I'm concerned o.o So our three final winners are : -Vivian in first place ! It's a large and rather expected win :winner: ( To be honest I would probably have been in trouble otherwise ! XD) -Anko scores a very honorable second place with a lot of votes. More reasons for her to be smug :D -And Anna made it third after an intense battle with Crisis ! Not totally sure the grumpy naga herself is thrilled about that result but well XD Congrats to the three winners ! They gained some bragging rights and yes, there will be a victory picture ;) And thank you guys for your votes !
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On much lighter news, the Felarya defense game just got a new update ! https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=79&t=60775&start=140 and this is a big one ! It adds a whole new level with a really neat game mechanic and three new preds including two certain ladies with long tongues and a new cut scene featuring one of them XP What i especially liked here is how the game ramp up in difficulty ^^ Previous levels were tricky in their own ways but personally I managed to pass them once I found a strategy that worked with my style of play and sticked with it. However that new level is clearly harder and tell you to carefully consider the tools at your disposal and consider using things you might have overlooked before. It makes finding your own solution all the more satisfying. This is very appreciable in a tower defense game :3 I can only recommend to you to check it if you haven't already ! Yes it's a vore game but besides the vore, there is a surprisingly unique and well
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2 min read
You might wonder why i didn't post anything in a while.. The answer is I'm just not in the mood ^^; I'm.. tired, anxious, full of worries I have trouble to sleep and I don't have very productive days, checking constantly the news about Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the enormous shockwaves it caused across the world... I'm a slightly anxious person even in normal times but nowadays it's of the chart. We went from a pandemic to rather credible risks of WW3 :/ Things seem to be spiraling a bit out of control right now, to go too fast. One momentous event follow the other, like we entered one of these part of History everyone will read about in the future but instead of reading it, we're living it... I really wish all of you guys to be safe. And if any of you guys is from Ukraine, you have my deepest sympathy and also my admiration and respect. You are showing to the rest of the world what it's like to fight for your freedom but your people is also paying a terrible price for
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Hey Karbo !

Will you ever do a tome 6 of your Felarya Manga ? Or you won't continue this story ?

Would love to know what happen next ! ^^

Cheers !

Felarya Mouth contest roster predictions:

1: Crisis

2: Anna

3: Melany

4: Caylin

5: Menyssan

6: Chalyss

7: Meralimexia

8: Dryla

9: Anko

10: Tina

11: Plum

12: Vivian

13: Iridan

can i talk about what to do for art trades, please be you busy i'm sorry man

do you have a size comparison sheet of the different sized preds and prey?

There is this one yes :


Question: if we want to make Felarya stories that can be accepted into canon, do we have to message you for permission? I made one where Crisis decides to take in Anna since she feels responsible for her transformation, along with explanations to make getting eaten physically painless, naga anatomy, and naga origins; and one where Anna reunites with her brother, who both eventually draft and finalize a peace treaty between Felarya and Delurah, with a bit of Crisis Among Us action at the start. If it isn't too pushy for me to ask, do you want to take a look and see if they can be accepted into canon?

I'm also thinking of making detailed backstories for Crisis', Fiona's, and maybe Katrika's childhoods (I think the latter two aren't your characters, but I believe Katrika's creator deactivated their account), but I want to get permission for the future in case these can get accepted and put onto the wiki or something.