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If you feel generous and you want to support me and my work, please check my Patreon page:


You can become my patron and in return you get to see future pictures in progress way before they hit the internet, make suggestions on what I should draw next and other cool stuff X3

It's in construction for now but I'll also be present on subscribestar soon: https://subscribestar.adult/karbo



My comics are available on E.junkie : https://karbo.e-junkie.com/

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Just a personal list of my 15 favorite video game musics :) I made a list like that a while ago but my choices changed quite a bit since then^^ I picked only a single music per game. Some are musics I discovered quite recently while some are 100% nostalgia-induced choices XD Some are well known and some are probably more obscure. So ! in no particular order: Xenogears - Light from the Netherworld Xenogears is an amazing RPG, with a gripping and very well written story on top of a fantastic OST. Without the 1 game - 1 music rule, it would have grabbed a couple spots on this list for sure XD But if i have to pick one music from it it has to be this one. I love this theme so much ! It's haunting, majestic, foreboding, with many variations and mixes through the game according to the situation. "I'am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last".. Hotline miami - Miami Disco "Hi, It's 'Pat' from the club. We want you to DJ tonight. You're free to play any
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A Happy new year to you guys ! :D No real need to say it but 2022 was probably the worst year since a long, long time. Marked in large part by Russia's invasion of Ukraine and a war that became the largest and most brutal seen in Europe since WW2, with terrible suffering by Ukrainian people. For the rest of the world it meant a skyrocketing in international tensions, energy and food shortage, inflation etc. In one word : 2022 sucked.. badly ^^; I hope 2023 will be better, that Ukrainians will be able to liberate their country and defeat the invader, and that the word turn a corner an decide that a global brawl is not really what we need right now . Buut to be honest 2023 is likely to see a lot of turmoil as well. But at the very least I hope you and your relatives will stay healthy and that we all manage through it :) . As far as I'm concerned, If at the exact time next year I can write : "2023 was meh but at least it was much better than 2022" I'd count myself happy XD So
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Merry Christmas to you guys :) I say it in advance as i'll be taking a small break starting tomorrow to visit my family in the country and spend time with them. So have a nice one ! :D
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Karbo You should check out Ariel from So I am Spider So What series she would fit right in Felayra in looks and how she treats lesser beings as food.She would probably get along with Chalyssea.

Untitled3 20230219232713

Here's an art gift for ya, Karbo! I just wanted to say that your art is incredible and I can't wait to see more! If you have any critiques or feedback, I'd be glad to hear it!

Karbo, you have absolutely the best pics on here so far, that I have seen!!!! Congrats on your profile and your likes!!!! Have a great day!!!!

Thank you for the kind words :)

You're welcome!!!!

can I ask for a commission?

I'm sorry they are closed for the time being ^^ ;