Commissions 2020! [CLOSED] -Paypal/Points-

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Comision by KarasuTenguProyectos

Hi all, open commissions.
Interested contact by private message :D (Big Grin)

I Accept PayPal! by Needle-Mouse  I Accept DeviantART Points! by Needle-Mouse

Star! Will draw:

tick by DiegoVainilla Fanart and OC's
tick by DiegoVainilla Icons
tick by DiegoVainilla Telegram Stickers
tick by DiegoVainilla Banners
tick by DiegoVainilla Logo / Business card
tick by DiegoVainilla Shounen ai / Yaoi
tick by DiegoVainilla Furry

Star! Won't draw:

x by DiegoVainilla Yuri / Shotacon / Lolicon / Hentai / Yiff
x by DiegoVainilla Gore

Star!Commission Progress!Star!
1) / In progress...!


Star! CHIBI Star!

Simple: 15 U$D / 1500 :points:

Animated: 20 U$D / 2000 :points:

(added characters will be charged +70%)

Todoroki - Chibi by KarasuTenguProyectosHitoshi and Koe by KarasuTenguProyectos Tamaki and Shinki by KarasuTenguProyectos 
 Chibi BOOM!! - Animated by KarasuTenguProyectosKUKI by KarasuTenguProyectos
 KIRIxTSUGI by KarasuTenguProyectos

Star! ICONS Star!

SINGLE: 15 U$D / 1000 :points:

DOBLE: 20 U$D / 1000 :points:


Star! INK Star!

Bust: 20 U$D / 2000 Points 

Half Body: 25 U$D / 2500 Points 

(added characters will be charged +70%)


Star! COLOR Star!

Bust: 25 U$D / 2500 Points 
Half body: 30 U$D / 3000 Points
Full body: 35 U$D / 3500 Points

(Added characters will be charged +70%)
(Added simple background: 10 U$D)




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Hello) This commission still open?