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8 random facts about Kara 

Tagged by :iconfarawolfdog:

#1. Post these rules.
#2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
#3. Tag 8 other creators.
#4. Post their OC's name along with their creator's name/avatar.

  1. Kara was created in late 2016 and was a lighter blue colour. Over time, she has gotten darker and darker. She was also a cabbit.
  2. Kara never actually had parents until recently, although her birth parents abandoned her in favour of her twin sister, and her adoptive parents are dead.
  3. Kara was raised wild. She is a leader of a “pack”.
  4. Kara met her best friend, Desire by chance whilst patrolling her borders one day.
  5. Her birthday is on July 11 2000.
  6. Kara is small. Most of the others dwarf her.
  7. She was born with a genetic condition that turns the sclera black (the white of the eye)
  8. Kara has an extremely short temper.

I tag whoever wants to do this.
Please be honest!
💫 - I want to be friends with you!
🎀 - I consider you a friend already!
💖 - I have a platonic/QP crush on you!
💕 - I have a romantic crush on you!
💌 - I’m not currently crushing on you, but I would date you/be QPPs if I had the chance!
🌸 - We don’t talk, but I appreciate your presence on my dash!
🌷 - We don’t talk, but I would like to!
🌼 - We do talk, and I’m glad we do!

🌠 - I think we have a lot in common!
🌌 - We don’t have much in common, but I appreciate you!
📷 - You have a nice aesthetic!
🌙 - You have a good sense of humour!

💙 - I think you’re cool!
💘 - I think you’re cute!
🎼 - I think you’re talented!
💟 - I love you!
🌟 - You make me happy!
☀️ - You inspire me!
🌈 - You’re gay
After thinking long and hard about this, I’ve decided to open requests. I will open 10 slots for now. Don’t worry if you don’t get accepted, there’ll be more in the future. I will do: almost anything, but I won’t do: NSFW, or humans. If you would like to request something, please comment down below. I’m looking forward to seeing your requests! 

1. duallygirl178 
2. GlaceDianeGlacia 
3. KingSillySmilez 
4. Open
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8. Open
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