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Childhoods' End

The arrival of the Overlords. From the book Childhoods' End by Arthur C. Clarke.
Poser 5 and Vue 5 Infinite.
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It looks amazing! Fanart of Childhood's End is very rare...
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Circa 1953. Take that, both V and ID4. Darned copycats.
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Arthur Clarke fanart is not something one expects to see here, and finding this was a real treat. :D Beautiful rendering of the scene!

(While I really like the expanded, novel version, I like the original short story even more because there was more punch to the ending - ie. where Stormgren catches a fleeting glimpse of Karellen - ... if that makes any sense).
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It does indeed, have both versions.
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Cool! I like your style, and it's very well applied to this novel. Nice work.
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Wow... thats great! And I would have to agree that Independence Day did indeed borrow from Childhood's End.
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I've never read that book but I'll be sure to look into it. This is a great picture, and makes me very interested in it.
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I love Arthur C. Clarke!! I think he is working with SETI@home project now :D. This is a great work :nod:.
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Seeing as the book came out some 20 plus years prior to the release of Independence Day, I think its safe to think that one borrowed from the other.
Glad you like it :D
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Great job, kinda reminds of a scene from Independance Day, excellent.
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