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Zealot Light Cruiser


Class - light cruiser
Length - 240m

2x Light Ion Cannon, high shield overload rate, low rate of fire
2x Blaster Cannon, average damage and higher than average reach and armor-piercing rate.
1x Laser AA-defence system, low reach.

The vessel's powerfull engines and high-end shields make it an ultimate battle vessel, a jack of all trades. On the other side, however, is the huge production cost, and the low hull armor make the "Zealot" weak against shield-piercing weapons.
Use carefully.

translated by ~shinigami195 :iconshinigami195:
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I would have seen much of a EVE online ---> Miner assault cruiser or battleship............... ;-)
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Отличная форма и пропорции. Твои корабли гораздо лучше чем в EVE.
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Ну тут несколько разного жанра игры, хоть и обе про космос, но спасибо. EVE я неперевариваю напроч.
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Beautiful design but I think she could use a few missile launchers (I like missiles)and weapons on her underside
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I LOVE your technical stuff dude, top notch!
It's perfect from a 3d standpoint, I don't know how you do it lawl. How did you learn to draw with such precision?
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действительно,с каждым разом все лучше и лучше )
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Do you ever sleep? How do you manage such an amount of concept output? Admit it, you don't sleep ;)
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I like a lot of the stuff you've done for this "Peripheral Wars" thing
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Very nice design.:clap:
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