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Xavier Light Cruiser

Game Concept
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Very nice, well put together.

was wondering if i could put a link in a story that i am writing in Fanfiction, to this ship so i could show around what i am thinking of, (the main difference is that in my story the ion cannon is part of the ship like the ion frigate in Homeworld 2, and the engines are round and there are 4 small ones and not 2 large ones.) the lines in the ship are beautiful. do you have a game with some of these ships in it and if you do is it in english as i would love to play it, some of the other ships you have made look great too.  
WoodenShipsnIronMen's avatar
So solid and well put together looking!
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Heh, IF I could "use" any of your ships, I would've used this (first) & the Zealot. (replacement, after getting enough bounty, since it's probably more expensive than the Xavier, I guess.)

However, I would modify both of them to include a small hangar bay (at least big enough to store my "Gear") & replace the Ion Cannons with AA lasers, since I would never EVER go on the offensive with either the Xavier, nor Zealot & only with my Gear.
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YOUR WORK WITh THE SHIP AND the ROBOTS IS EXCELLENT , and i like the pictures of naked womans too (very sexy )
GREETINGS from Argentina
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Really cool style man!!!

I love all of yours ships...
My compliments
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I really like this one. :D
Danath's avatar
Another nice one^^ nice... like awesome!!!
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Эх, все-таки хорошие у тебя крузера получаются...
А поподробнее про эту игру где-нить можно узнать?
Ну или хотя б на что она будет похожа?
KaranaK's avatar
Подробней - наврятли, я сам не так многое знаю, а сайт в разработке.
з.ы. ну где-то около хоумворлдовое что-то. Только с фиксированным видом камеры - сверху.
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I like this. Where can I buy one? a real one that is.
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An extra cool looking model from you!
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Not bad but theres one thing i cant stand in every single Sci-Fi. Why is the Bridge directly visible? they can send all data from the outside via Monitors but if the bridge is a direct hit it will all be damned. Like in Star Trek. They have just a Monitor for the View of the Outside but the Bridge isnt in the inside of the ship. Why the hell?
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Such setting and style. The Fantasy can be differring.
GrauerWolf's avatar
*node* Think so. But hope they wouldnt build such style in reality in future, dont you too? ^^
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Стильненький кораблик, мне нравится;)
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Спасиб )
VampireDGhost's avatar
Слушай как ты делаешь, что когда у тебя новая работа появляется, ты мне скидываешь новость об этом?)Deviations,или оно автоматически кидает уведомление,если друг новую запостил работу.
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Автоматом же. Все, за кем ты следишь - от них и идут уведомления.
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God forbid somebody attacks it from beneath...
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The Action occurs in one planes. Type overhand
SergeantBiscuits's avatar
Haha, I figured. Great design!

I would like to see a long-range sniper ship. That would be interesting.
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