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Weapon systems by KaranaK Weapon systems by KaranaK
Armament for the working draft "dreadnought".

WIP here: [link]

А на русском тут: [link]
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JackHologram Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013
Looks like turrets that the Authority would use the game Rage. 
DPRagan Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Looka a lot more professional than my weapons concepts :) although, No plasma weapons?
clod2692 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
That remind me Homeworld games....nice work!!!
AdmiralSakai Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
Yay! Actual energy weapons!
I've gotten a little tired of a lot of sci-fi settings, regardless of the level of the rest of their technology, using bullets for absolutely everything. (That's a fairly new trend. I wonder why that is?)

Ура! Фактические энергетическое оружие!
Я получил немного устал от многих научно-фантастических настройки, независимо от уровня конца своих технологий, используя пули абсолютно все. (Это довольно новое направление. Я удивляюсь, почему это так?)
Meguy1313 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012
What are the different effects of the weapons? For example, what is the power output?
HaroldPotter Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yay! More weapons! I love the utilitarian sci-fi look you've given them.
pixelbudah Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Superb work, love the amount of details this piece has!
Owlicopter Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Pew pew pew Pew pew pew
levitan71 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
pwetty! :3
fungster Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011
that is freaking awesome
Peterkat Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Jonot Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
You should do a heavy rail deck gun some time.
Genzeo Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
so if the armaments are cool, it only means i'll drool over the main ship :P
sevenofeleven Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
Looks great.

Going to install some of these on my laptop.
Good bye thieves!
trix334 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011  Student General Artist
White-Hellion Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Your work is awesome, and the fact that you are able to provide such a large amount of content for this project is fantastic (and well deserved!).

Being someone who, while in the US Navy, worked with point defense weapon systems, I feel your weapon systems are spot on. And as a major Sci-Fi fan, you've really hit a home run. I would like to ask you to discuss your thoughts on the sensor systems you will be using, not only for the individual weapon mounts, but the ship overall. With the AA Gun mounts, you mentioned wanting to keep each mount autonomous from main ship's power. Do you want to use this approach with sensor systems?

As always, thank you for sharing with us!!
lishianthius Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
for some reason the main laser cannon makes me think it's a ship on it's own
orcbruto Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Wow! Incredible! =D
neosapian6 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Student Artist
@_@ i think im in heaven
LandRiders7th Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011   General Artist
awesome weapon
Owlicopter Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Pew pew pew
gumustdo Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Massive details, mate. Great work! Love the way you rendered out the linework.
Monopolycat Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
macrossmecha Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
You such detail cool
coragus Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
i dont like the main lazer cannon its to smooth compared to the other weapons, which are rather rectangulare and fit the the "dreadnought" name.
Owlicopter Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Pew Pew
LordKorloros Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Those turrets appear too fragile, they should have more armor.
TheGodofPegana Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
I want to know what goes on in your mind! how do you decide what to put and where to put it etc etc. Mecha is one of the things that just baffles my drawing skills. Have you ever made time lapse videos?
MrNMI Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
Part I

Welcome! My name is Alex (KaranaK), I - one of the conceptual artists star conflict'a ([link]). From today we start a series of articles "Making of" producing one of the largest units in the game. I'll show how to work advancing.
So, there is the problem: a giant ship carrier - dreadnought clan faction "of Free Planets." The ship has a length of the game - about 10 miles. Himself from himself is a carrier for small ships, which also fused multiple gun systems. That's about it today, we'll talk. But first, I will discuss how to move the development of the basic idea of appearance.
After I received the job - I just went to get "inspiration" - dig their deposits fantastic work and look at them, something that could push me to create this a monster. Proper charge and I got so went to the Internet. Went through a couple of thematic blogs, but also did not work out sensible. Vehicles of similar size and type is practically nowhere to be found. So I decided to turn to the classics - came at the screenshots and art for the film "Star Wars", where the actual and received a charge.
Then began sketching rather rough sketches of some ideas. Went through several options and ultimately resulted in all these sketches: After more or less decided on a general way, similar to previous experience at first decided to start manufacturing the gun spacecraft systems. Required to make several types of weapons, such as - anti-aircraft turret that can be controlled player, heavy gauge main ship - a giant laser turret, which must shoot enemy ships of the same type. Small laser batteries and missile towers. Let's start with the first - anti-aircraft batteries. The concept of anti-aircraft batteries sitting in my head long ago. The basic principle - uninhabited turret, which is to judge as soon as a generator of artillery beyond the control of the overall grid. Long throw the idea was not necessary. That's how it looks: Next began sketches into 3D volume software environment google sketchup. First began to make an optical unit, through which observation is from the turret. Unit itself has a few cameras that are located on different axes of rotation. Once the unit was ready, he began to make the main body, which basically has a rounded shape as in theory it is a gun inside the generator. The very same mount system is available on the trunks and the ground-based magnetic mount goes on the concave side of the generator - in a circle. It remains the last - to make the attachment to the body of the ship. Needless to mount a joint motion in the horizontal. Vertical stroke have yourself trunks. In the final stage brought a weapon on a separate sheet in Photoshop and spent his treatment (in the processing method used to reconcile the material rendering of hypershot'a and screenshots directly from Google sketchapa to speed up the processing quality of the final image) . Perhaps in a future article I will discuss this part in more detail, but in the meantime go to the next object. According to the list we have is a small laser turret. The turret is not very powerful laser. He was not able to saw a small ship in 2 parts, but can spoil fairly constant injection lives. Sketch of him looked like this: Next, I went again on Wednesday sketchapa Google and started doing concept disc. Started with the "trunk". It is located a couple blocks to the radiator heat output. The very same unit from which the laser output, is an unwinding unit. With enough speed wrapping turret begins to produce a stable beam. The next step was made ​​"box" with e-filling, for which there is a locator plate. And the last - was made ​​turret base, which is itself the trunk. The very basis of a horizontal and vertical movement of wide-angle shooting. Also it is equipped laser battery. In conclusion, dilute body detail and a little broken disc in tones. Now, as well as with anti-aircraft gun turret - I processed it in Photoshop and made ​​the concept list. It's time to the next gun. At this time the list is heavy laser cannon colossal proportions. The gun itself something similar to the main calibers mounted on modern battleships. This gun is the main offensive unit for the destruction of the ships of the same type. The idea is these guns in the game will fire an enemy dreadnought. A sketch of this instrument as follows: the instrument itself dvustolnoe. Between the trunks of the big gun is a generator. So, I started to work in sketchape. First began to make the barrel. Once the basic form of the trunk was ready, I began to slowly make the central part - the place where the generator and the accompanying attachment then made ​​based tools - was based on a platform of small guns. also walked around the body and build some of the geometry and details. The next step - once the build-up detail. For this gun is important to show the scale, so that requires a lot of details. A little more skin, important sites and voila - a weapon ready to go! final color sheet, I decided to postpone "for later", because the time to develop instruments gradually began to appear. The final list I designed this way: Last on the list of weapons - rocket gun. I decided to make it absolutely classic - box with an impressive number of holes for the rocket to rotate the blocks. I started to do with the disc of course the main box. It's simple. At the end made ​​a platform on which stands the turret itself has designed around finals as well. as the previous one. This production of arms is over. Perhaps in the future will need something else, but it's time to move on to the next part - the production of sheathing of the ship. But more about that next time ...
MattRIllustration Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
What the hell are you talking about
Durge46 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hes talking about the concept design of using an antiair turrent in gameplay where the player can control it during the game. Came thing with the other turrent. Before he goes off describing his though process behind the design idea, he mentions that they are only part of a dreadnaut ship (im assuming thats it) that he is designing for i think a game. Thats what hes talking about in a nutshell
Comraxe Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
that's the longest comment i have ever seen in my life lol
JasonYoungdale Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Nes44Nes Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
This is Nasty!! Peace~
Rhunyen Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
cinemajack Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
japanass Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
your images always look like you just do it or if you are a specialist for weapons, cars and other cool stuff - very impressive

TobyBombero Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
The shape of that laser cannon sort of reminds me of the MAC gun from Halo.
brotherseoul Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
8FtSpider Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Professional Artist
Always love your work!
Arianod Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice and cool.
estivador Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
wow dude, this awesomeness hurts me =p
MetalLearner Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Now THAT'S some Dakka!

Dakka is WH40K Ork for LOTS OF GUNS! :D
thirdeyepl Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Great design, as always :) Also thanks for posting the wip, I didn't even try to read into it ( though I can read russian) but still seeing how you work is very inspiring :)
flyaccountant Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
omg man you rock

i cant wait untill its finished.
ShowOff77 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
amazing, as usual. :D
AntonMoscowsky Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
как же вам удается придумывать такие круты штуки-то!
Treyos Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Love the designs! This dreadnought is going to be fierce!
enosphere Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice work
horakoeri Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
once more epic stuff :D
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